3 Day Liver Cleanse Diet

Liver cleansing diets could be classified under the umbrella of ‘detox’ or detoxification diets. They declare that the body (in particular the liver) wants cleansing so as to help it work better. Liver cleansing diets regularly think about eliminating toxins that penetrate our systems through the food that we eat. They also state to help you in weight loss.

The diet

The dietary ideas of liver cleansing diets are generally consistent with a healthy eating plan. The diet programs frequently suggest avoiding sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and fatty meals, while rising consumption of grains, water, fresh fruit and veggies. In particular they focus on eating unprocessed foods. Processed meals (foods that are not anymore in their natural state) may incorporate additional additives (such as salt and sugar) as well as preservatives (synthetic or natural chemicals added to meals to stop spoiling). Liver cleansing diets tend to be time-limited, and therefore give an attractive short-term way for individuals trying weight loss.

The tonics and supplements

Liver cleansing diets often recommend supplements to aid in the cleansing mechanism. There is a range of totally different supplements available. Most have a mix of herbal or plant-based components.

How does the diet help with weight loss?

According to proponents of liver cleansing diets, a change in food plan can lead to a more efficient functioning liver. It is the improved liver performing which is intended to lead to weight reduction. Current medical and scientific opinion about how the liver operates doesn’t suggest that the liver has a main role in weight control. However, nutritionists have noted that the diet itself, regardless of its purported results on the liver, have to result in weight loss in the short-term. Liver cleansing diets tend to recommend low calories meals. Consuming less energy than the body requests is a scientifically well-evidenced and accepted procedure for weight loss.

What is the evidence that liver cleansing diets work?

Most ‘evidence’ in help of liver cleansing diets is unclear. That is, proponents of the diets will outline victory testimonies from personal patients or individuals. As outlined at the top, the liver cleansing diet may lead to weight loss due to the consumption of a healthy and well-balanced diet. However, there is little evidence to suggest that the liver may be cleansed by consuming certain foods, or by taking supplements or tonics.

Scientists rely on stringent criteria to evaluate whether a particular supplement or diet ends up in its claimed features. One way to indicate that a supplement functions, in the way it is supposed to, would be to conduct a clinical trial.

Clinical trials could allow scientists to carefully monitor what occurs to the livers of patient once they consume these supplements. However, so far, there have been no clinical trials or any other peer-reviewed studies that show how the diet or supplements influence liver operating.

Frequently Asked Questions

    My acne! :( Please help?
    A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis and was hospitalised. Before that I had been on many drugs, anti inflamatories, anti depressants all sorts.

    After going through virtually ALL of the OTC supplements and facial regimes, I decided to take a deeper look at my acne. I figured, since I had been on so many drugs, I may have a fungal overgrowth in my body. I had a ‘hair test’ done and the main stressor in my body, was indeed fungal in nature. Possibly candida. I went on a three month candida diet, excluding almost all sugar, the only sugar I ate were natural occuring sugars in vegetables like spinach, drank a hell of a lot of alkaline filtered water and took garlic and pau d’arco supplements.

    I think thought, I may naturally just have an excessively oily face. So I started taking vilantae B5 from evolution X. I must admit, this did clear my acne a small amount. At the same time I was using Acne Free skin care routine. This combination did not rid me of acne, but it cleared it up about 40%.

    I then decided I couldn’t afford this anymore. £30 per bottle of vilantae is far too expensive!
    I thought, maybe due to my colon and digestive problems in the past, I may have a toxic colon, or my liver my be struggling to get rid of toxins, thus it is excreting them via my skin.

    So I did a 5 day liver detox (very unpleasant) and then went on to do a three day apple cleanse, taking anti fungal enemas everyday (the same as acne free in 3 days routine). The result? I noticed ONE pimple dissapeared, the rest stayed and my face stayed the same.

    I then decided to do a colon cleanse, and purchased (cautiously) the colon cleansing kit from blessed herbs. I did the whole cleanse, and although it did work, nothing has changed with my face! Infact, today my face has broken out even more sad.gif.

    The colon cleanse involved a completely raw diet three days up to the cleanse, then five days of apple juice. I am now still eating a raw diet but my face looks terrible!

    I have been on accutane and all the others…I dont want to go back on medication for it. The accutane messed my liver up.

    I really don’t know what to do anymore, I am at my wits end. Someone please help sad.gif. I am so frustrated and lost so much self esteem.


    • ANSWER:
      i have severe acne too… the best face wash supplies i have found are the Clean and Clear Advantage line… its a 3 step program.. a wash, lotion and spot treatment… there is other parts you can buy like a toner, an exfoliating scrub, a scar treatment and a few others i recommend starting out with the 3 piece kit using that for a few weeks and then adding in what you feel your skin might need…

      when i started to use it my skin began to feel much better. it was softer and just looked better… within a week people were noticing that my face was clearing up

      you can find the products at a walmart or any pharmacy

      hope this helps

    The only cure for the Psoriasis?
    Hi All,

    OK this is how I cured my Psoriasis. But please read my suggested book titles aswell as i think it is essential that you are also self educated about your particular case of Psoriasis as everybody is different and often respond differently to treatments (as mentioned in my previous posts).

    Let me first describe what was my particular case of Psoriasis and symptoms: Chronic Scalp Psoriasis was my main symptom, also small patches on nose folds, ears and eyebrows (mainly during flareups). Also infrequent small patches on my lower legs and groin area. I also had a minor form of Gastritis/IBS which gave me constant stomach bloating. I also was increasingly becoming more intolerant to different foods (a sure sign of an intestinal imbalance and an unhappy Liver).

    I cured my Psoriasis by working both from the outside aswell as the inside as follows-:

    Outside (external treatment): Regular application of healing cream to Psoriasis spots (2 or 3 times a day). Also use only Natural shower gels and shampoos that do not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (most good health shops stock this). SLS is a harsh detergent that will only slow your healing process.

    Ingredients: 2 Parts pure Aloe Vera Gel, 1 part Jojoba Oil, enough to fill a small 50ml/50g jar. Then add the contents of a punctured capsule that contains either liquid Vitamin A as Retynil Acetate or Palmitate (ask your pharmacy), or simply fish liver oil as this also contains pure Vitamin A&D (the smelly option). Also add a few drops of pure tea tree oil to the preparation. Keep a jar handy for regular use. Once your patches disappear you can use the same cream but without the Vitamin A as a maintenance cream. Or the Body Shop Aloe Vera daily soothing moisture cream is a surprisingly good maintenance cream aswell. A Great face cream too!

    Scalp Psoriasis: You should apply this preparation once to your scalp and wash it out in the evening. It is a very light gel cream that is easy to apply even to the scalp and simply looks like you have used a wet look hair gel. Wash it out with an organic Apple Cider Vinegar before using an all natural shampoo that does not contain SLS (most health shops stock these types of shampoos. Avalon is a good choice). Apple Cider Vinegar is great for killing the yeast fungus on your scalp and restoring your natural acid mantle. It is also incredibly effective against dandruff and much better then any commercial product like Head & Shoulders. The first week you should use it every other day and then just once a week after that or when your scalp feels itchy or flaky. Directions: Apply about a cup full of Apple Cider Vinegar to your scalp (use an empty water bottle and make a hole in the cap) and gently massage it in to your scalp (you can add some clove oil and/or tea tree oil to cover up the smell on your hair). Then cover it up with a towel or plastic hair cap and let it sit on your scalp for between 1/2 to 1 hour. The longer the better depending on your time available before rinsing out.

    Inside (Internal Treatment):

    1.Liver Cleansing Diet
    2.Anti-Bacterial, Fungus & protozoa course
    3.Juice Fast Weekend
    4.Immune restoring diet course

    Using Liver Tonic and natural organic multi-vitamin tonic

    All with regular exercise and massage to help toxin elimination

    Week 1&2: Liver/Blood cleansing and elimination diet:

    Wake up: Two glasses of warm water (not too hot) with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice in the second glass.

    Then 2 capsules of Evening Primrose oil

    Breakfast: Fruit only- Apple compote (or stewed apple without sugar), Bananas, Kiwi fruit, Papaya, Pineapple, (no citrus fruits).
    => If you are prone to a sensitive stomach or some form of IBS then stew your fruit first by simply cooking on low heat in a saucepan with a cover for about 10mins with a little water (this will avoid the raw Cellulose and starches irritating your system)

    Teas: Lots of Camomile, Peppermint with honey teas during the day

    Lunch: Liver green salads (which include: Cress, Lambs lettuce, Parley, Raw Garlic) or cold cooked vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables (cooked the night before) with a lemon and virgin olive oil dressing (must be home made).
    => IF you have a sensitive stomach avoid raw salads and opt for the cooked vegetables.

    Teas: Lots of Camomile, Peppermint teas with honey during the day

    Early evening Liver/Skin health drink- Home juiced: Carrot,Beet and Celery juice.You can add some fruit juice to taste if you like.

    Dinner: Fish or organic farm chicken (cooked in lemon, olive oil and garlic sauce) with fresh ginger or fresh herbs (choice of: Dill, oregano, basil, rosmary) and steamed cruciferous vegetables (choice of: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage)

    Snacks(between meals): Apple Compote (or sugar free Stewed Apples), fruits, Rice cakes dipped in olive oil.

    Also use a good liver tonic to speed the process up like: Swedish Bitters (a world renown natura

    • ANSWER:

      This sounds much easier to do, and less expensive too, only about a day.

      This is a demo video to watch for the eczema cure as seen in Japan. It is not used in Hospitals all over the world yet – but as more people get this water then they will all see that Eczema is curable.

      You can try to get free alkaline water – place a wanted add on http://craigslist.com Place a add to ask for 8.5 PH drinking water, and hope that the person can also make 2.5 PH water. Drinking the alkaline water will help, even if you can not spray the 2.5 PH water on your skin and hair.

      I have been helping a friend get rid of his psoriasis’ on his skin, it covers about 2 square feet of his arms and hands.

      He has been spraying on 2.5 PH water for about a month now, and it is working. He is also drinking 9.5 PH water. His wife has MS, and is also drinking the 9.5 PH alkaline water, and is doing much better.

      Good Luck!

    Is this diet a sensible one?
    I found this diet plan for a quick way to slim down.

    Is it legit…? Would it work? I would like to get into pilates/yoga and change my diet, so let me know what you think of this diet I found on a site:

    “Step 1
    Detox is the way to go. Cleanse the colon and help your liver. Your liver is your filter, you have to take care of this thing or your body will get stuck with fattening toxins

    Step 2
    To take care of your liver, I am going to list the foods you will only eat for one week. Mix them up, find recipes and get creative. But remember to stick to just these foods and remember to portion correctly

    - cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli
    - parsley, kale, watercress, chard, cliantro, collards
    - orange or lemon, lime juice (no grapefruit!)
    - garlic, onions, eggs
    - artichoke, asparagus, beets, celery, whey
    - 1 time a day eat a serving (the size of the palm of your hand)of protein
    - olive oil or flaxseed oil

    Step 3
    For your Colon eat and use the following:

    - carrot, apple, pear, berries
    - powdered psyllium husks, milled or ground flaxseeds

    Step 4
    Drink Filtered water cut with Organic Cranberry juice

    Only drink that through out the day. And drink as much of it as you can to flush out the toxins (the more you drink the more you help get rid of cellulite)

    Step 5


    Step 6
    Stick to this diet and I promise the inches will start to melt off. Weight will follow. Your clothes will start to get big on you and you are going to feel AWESOME.

    You should do the cleansing diet once every month. I personally just try to eat these foods no matter what and all I drink is water and organic cranberry”

    I am not fat or overweight. I am wanting to get like…really slim though, so would this be a good diet for that? Or is it junk?

    • ANSWER:
      If you just want to get slim sure. However eating more protein will help you feel fuller for longer. When I needed to drop about 20 lbs I did this:
      Breakfast : Carb and protein breakfast. Quesh, Omelet and wheat toast, or a BLT on wheat toast were my favorites.
      Lunch: Salad with lots of veggies and some sun flower seeds or a small can of chicken with a vinaigrette or a reduced calorie dressing like Catalina was always good.
      Dinner: Eat light. A can of soup will do wonders.
      Snacks: celery with chunky peanut butter. (it has fewer calories then the smooth does.) Yogurt and Graham crackers, or one of the right bite packages of gold fish crackers, and of course fruit.
      Drink lots or water no matter what diet you chose. Also remember it’s not the end of the world if you eat something not on your diet. Allowing your self to cheat a little helps you stay on track.
      Trust me I went from a size 18 to a size 12 this way. I’m going back on it too since I gained more weight recently so I can get down to a size 8-10. (I’m 5’10″ so that’s actually a fairly healthy size for me)

    Any gastro doctors out there? I don’t have insurance till september and trying to find a few answers?
    Back ground:
    I am a 20 year old female
    Gall bladder was removed when I was 17
    Have had digestive problems since 15 years old, also have had hemorrhoids (those don’t really bother me as I keep it under control)
    I have been diagnosed with IBS, I do not have Chrones, I’ve already been tested.

    Going on right now…
    Ive been having crazy hours. I was working 70 hours a week, I am down to about 60 hrs a week now. (tryign to pay for a university is not fun….) I have been taking WAYYYY too much caffeine. I got an excellent brand of liver cleanse to try and pee and excrete all of that and it has worked well. I have improved my diet, It is still not great due to the fact I am so busy, but it isn’t bad. I work out about 3 days a week and I am in pretty decent shape.

    It was suggested that I take digestive enzymes because I was feeling bloated ALL time time, even after I went to the bathroom. I even took a diaretic because I take birth control thinkign it was water weight. while that helped some, it definately didn’t solve the bloating. The enzymes have been working great. they helped me digest my food much better.

    Lately though… my digestion is very off, even with the enzymes. (It is also a good quality enzyme) When having bowel movements, I have noticed a lot of undigested food. I also am not retaining the nutrients from my food well. I have been feeling sluggish. I drink about 70-90 ounces of water a day and still I feel sluggish.

    Would anyone happen to have any ideas of what might be causing this. Could it just be my lack of sleep? (i only get about 4-5 hours a night) Could it be the caffeine? Could it be a combination? I just feel so ill sometimes.

    Anyways.. thanks for any help or suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      Caffeine will definitely make food pass through your system quickly and undigested. Before you go to the doc, try increasing your fiber intake. Switch to high fiber bread (9 grams or more/slice) fiber cereal, fiber bars, apples, etc. It’s worth a try!

    Do you know Info on FLUORIDE?

    Hello there

    Aside from having a bad diet, lack of exercise and mild depression due to lack of nutrition and not moving my body…I experienced intense hives for a couple of days…their gone now because I’ve made a MAJOR decision to change my life etc..

    I’m homoeopathic medication (very natural, no side effects, FAR MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PREDNISONE!!!! )

    and I’m doing a liver cleanse…

    and I’m eating every 3 hours..veggies, protein etc etc..

    BUT…I did some research on other factors to what could have caused the rash/hives…and there have been numerous cases of FLUORIDE in WATER CAUSING ALLERGIES..and causing hives and SKIN problems…

    I’ve been boiling water and drinking it for a good 5 months…and I read today that boiling water will concentrate fluoride

    could fluoride been the cause to the hives or at least contributed? (based on research–yes)

    There is SO MUCH proven research that fluoride causes SO many negative side effects to your body…and it’s never actually been proven that it helps your teeth etc…so if I want to stop having fluoride in my water…how can I make that happen exactly???

    Help if you can


    • ANSWER:
      Don’t forget to toss in colloidal minerals and Omega-3/-6 fatty acid supplementation.

      Allergy to fluoride is extremely rare. Just because you can google it, doesn’t mean you have it. While your change is excellent, make sure that you aren’t eliminating other potential causes.

      You are also incorrect in that fluoride has never been proven to help teeth. Municipal water fluoridation has only been shown to help children to age 5, while the adult teeth are still forming in the jaw. There is defensible data to demonstrate this.

      Beyond that, the only benefit to fluoride is as a topical application. Fluoride chemically reacts with the basic salt in enamel, causing it to be less basic. The result is slower decay of the enamel in the presence of mouth acids. The downside is fluoridosis (white spots) and increased brittleness of the teeth (stress fractures). The worst thing is that drinking fluoridated water would do the same thing to the body.

      If you are compelled to remove the fluoride from your drinking water, you have three basic options, none of which are cheap.
      1) reverse osmosis
      2) activated alumina filtration
      3) distillation

      Boiling water will help concentrate fluoride in the water that remains. Fluoride is a salt, like sodium. However, the steam that comes off of the boiling water can be recondensed (distilled) for drinking.

      For your money, I would go with reverse osmosis. This will also filter out pharmaceuticals in your water. If you go with this route, make sure that you resuppliment your minerals daily with colloidal mineral complexes.

      Remember, just because someone puts something on the web doesn’t make it true. There are numerous other things more likely to result in hives and rashes than fluoride.

    I have been having stomach trouble (IBS)?
    I have found a diet that doesn’t bother my stomach and was wondering how healthy my diet is. Let me add I am about 35lbs over weight and I take garlic, cranberry,cod liver, vitamin b, cinnamon, cyanne pepper and a colon cleanse natural herbal suppliment every day in addition to the food. Today I had 1 cup boiled broccoli, a cup of beef bullion that I added raw mushrooms too, a total of 3 cups white rice (over the course of the day) a chicken tender that was grilled and seasoned with taco seasoning, and a bowl of tomato soup that i mixed milk and 1 pat of butter into. Ive had 2 glasses of water 3 glasses of lemon water with honey and 2 cups instant black coffee with about a half a spoon of honey.. Is this healthy and will this diet cause weight loss in addition to being kind to my tummy?

    • ANSWER:
      That’s healthy – you need to exercise too

    I’m 16 and I’ve been dealing with acne for a good 3 years now. It’s not so much that my acne is “Severe” Its just enough to bother me and it WON’T GO AWAY. It’s like a 3 year long breakout. I seem to have problem areas on my forehead and sides of my jaw. I’ve a tried a shiyat load of remedies.
    -Clean and Clear
    -Tee tree oil soap
    -Castor oil
    -20 min. steam sessions, before cleanse
    -Acne Free

    Pretty much every over the counter and natural remedy. I even started drinking alot of water and watching my diet. I considered a 3 day apple/water fast.

    My next experiment is gonna be “Murad” I guess…because those last resort pill prescriptions aren’t good for your liver.
    I can’t take acne anymore – I’m embarrassed to do daaamn near everything – It needs to end

    • ANSWER:
      Go see a dermatologist. There are better prescription treatments, and there are also different kinds of acne that require different approaches.

    hey lucky hope this helps?
    Psoriasis Treatments include:
    1) Dead Sea Salts This traditional treatment to healing naturally has been used in the Middle East for thousands of years. We have a 6 week program designed to use in your home.

    2) “Psoriasis Spot Free in 30 Days”, A special diet book written by a former sufferer of the itching and flaking skin condition. The author is a registered nurse who used food to reverse the signs and symptoms of her condition.

    3) Homeopathic treatment that helps to target the source of the problem with no damaging side effects.

    4) Herbal extractions like Oregon Grape Root Extract and Herbal Detox Tea combinations that gently cleanse your body of toxins and help optimize your liver function. Herbs have historically been used for treatment of skin conditions.

    5) Gentle herbal scalp creams and shampoos that contain FDA approved ingredients to combine nature with science.

    6) Dietary supplements to improve your defense systems, Omega Fortified Flax (recommended for children and adults) and Alkyrol Shark Liver Oil for maximum Omega 3 fatty acids.

    Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet can improve general health and have a positive impact on psoriasis.

    The Natural Products Center is proud to be a central location for exploring alternative health products and carries a line of Vestalcare and LupiCare products. You can also find special discounted treatment programs of Mineral Care Dead Sea Salts. Our special packages put together FDA recognized approaches for psoriasis with diet and nutritional supplements to give you a multi-pronged approach to dealing with your skin condition.

    We encourage you to become informed about psoriasis and the natural products that can have a positive impact your skin..

    What is psoriasis and how it can be controlled are just some of the questions explored on this web site. Is there a cure? NO. But you can effectively keep the itching skin, scaling, and red lesions at bay without injections, caustic pharmaceuticals, or cancer causing therapies. Natural approaches do work.

    We searched the world over to bring you unique and effective choices for psoriasis. We hope you find the lost treasures you were seeking. Our nautical theme invokes a spirit of adventure and discovery. There are items here that are not from the sea, but herbal, homeopathic, and from land. We tried to combine old knowledge with new technology, common sense approaches, and alternative medicines to help make your trip to the Natural Products Center rewarding.

    Questions? You can reach the Natural Products Center at 1-800-301-3337.

    Natural Products Center
    P.O. Box 450748
    Westlake, OH 44145

    • ANSWER:
      very informative but what is your question?

    Ok, this is a bit long but it will only takes about 5 minutes of your time, I really need help on this problem, thank you! :(

    I had been applying steroid cream for a long perioid, and then on and off use for 4 years, and 6 weeks ago I decided to stop using those cream because it has worsen my condition, and making my face sensitive to the sun (I guess my skin has been thinned). I vowed to myself I’m not going to use back hyrodocortisone or any steroid cream anymore. I’ve spent a fortune for this problem and been to many dermatologists and ended up transferred to a senior skin specialist dermatologist, one of the best in my area but still pretty useless. My table has a big pack of prescription creams to the point that I think I can open a pharmacy. I’ve also tried Elidel and Protopic but it didn’t help.

    Anyway, lo and behold when the moment I stopped using the steroid 6 weeks ago, I suddenly had a left rash small patch appearing on around my left smile line area, and one big patch on my right. So I went cold turkey for 2 weeks and cleansed my face with only water. During that period the areas were flaking and dry, and by the end of that 2 weeks I finally washed it with a gentle soap, Cetaphil, and I realised the small patch of rash on the left side got cleared itself, but, the right big patch of rash was still, damn red, painful, peeling, and itchy. I did a research and found out that the real Aloe Vera plant might help the condition so I tried and after one application it took away the pain. But the redness, itchiness and peeling were still there. So my aunt’s friend passed me a bottle of enzymes, made out of natural ingredient and I applied it for a week, and the rash went off. Then, another one appeared around my mouth, so I applied that enzymes and it week off after a week. Then this time, a rash appeared on my right cheek and also a light rash on my right chest, so I thought this time the enzymes would help but after 5 days of applying that thing, the rash on right cheek and my chest became more, so I freaked out and stop the using the enzymes water.

    I didn’t take a picture of my chest, but I took a picture of my right cheek: http://img377.imageshack.us/img377/6934/rashhy6.jpg

    Then I googled and deicded to try out this cream called California Baby Calendula Cream, I read many positive reviews so I decided to give it a try.

    After a week I guess it healed my condition, the rash on my chest almost disappeared and now my right cheek look like this: http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/6491/photo2339in2.jpg

    BUT recently on the 24th of Dec, Christmas eve, my LEFT CHEEK gotten 2 rash that looks like “mosquito bite and kind of pimple” so I thought maybe the calendula cream would help since it healed my right cheek problem.

    But after 3 days, today, the rash increased to 6 :(

    My left cheek: http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/5418/photo2350ec9.jpg

    By the way, I’ve been on this “detox diet” for 6 weeks already, I’ve stop eating eating meat and poultry. I only take one meal a day which consist 1 plate of brown rice, and 3 serves of spinach and broccoli, and 2 fruits. I’d take fish at most twice a week though because it has the omega 3 thing. I’ve also been drinking only water, 12 glasses a day. I used to sh*t twice a week but ever since I started out this “detox diet” I’ve been sh*tting everyday. Yes, it does help to clean my bowel and liver but I still don’t understand why am I still getting this crap on my face. But I must admit did give in to diary products during Christmas eve by eating the log cake and chocolates etc, so I suspect maybe this is why now my left cheek are having this problem. But do you think I should continue with the calendula cream?

    Also, I came across this question, a lady who had the similiar condition as mine and decided to give up using steroid cream because it ain’t doing any good,


    So I sent her a message and asked whether she has found any solution to overcome the problem and this is what she replied,


    After reading her message, I suddenly remembered during the period when I gone cold turkey for 2 weeks and that first small patch of rash on my left smile line disappeared itself. I went on and replied her message to ask more questions during her cold turkey period but till now, after a week she still hasn’t reply. I guess she hardly log into her yahoo mail but I’m still praying hard for her to reply my questions. So in the mean time I decided to post my problem here and hope that you guys would give me advise on what should I do next.

    Main question: Should I continue with the calendula cream OR go cold turkey again?
    By the way, I came across this site with two information links about cold turkey is the best cure for effects of steroid abuse.



    You can’t really read the rest of the information unless you signed up the free trial thing (which is what I did), If any eczema sufferers here would like to have a read about it do message me and I will send to you.
    P.S. I’m allergic to a fragrance called Lyral so therefore I have not been putting any makeup on my face since the a flare-up I had during 2006. And this year I did IgE blood test and food allergy blood test. My IgE stated 73 IU/ML, I’ve checked with the laboratory person and he said that any number that’s under than 87 is normal. I’m also not allergic to any seafood or diary products.

    P.S.S. Please don’t suggest other creams that contains Petroleum, Mineral Oil, and Paraffin because I’ve had bad experience with moisturizer cream that have all these ingredients. I found out that those ingredients actually form an oily film that sits on top of the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating. It has a drying effect, it actually suck out the moisture of your lips/skin, which is why you have to constantly reapplying it.

    • ANSWER:
      seriously, go to a dermatologist. I did and it changed my life. (long tome acne sufferer)