Causes Of High Liver Enzymes

Jaundice is a symptom of hepatitis, jaundice causes your skin and your eyes appear yellow. The yellow color of the skin and eyes are caused by an excess amount of bilirubin.

Bilirubin is a yellow chemical in hemoglobin which builds up in the body when the liver cannot handle the blood cells as they break down, body and your skin may look yellow.

Susun Weed in the Childbearing Year has an excellent section on infant jaundice and treatments for it. Below I will summarize her excellent suggestions.

Jaundice occurs as a result of the breakdown of extra red blood cells associated with the transition form your fetus receiving oxygen from your placenta to supplying her/his own oxygen.

Cheladonium 3x is the recommended homeopathic infant jaundice treatment. Be sure to use this only homeopathically, not in herbal form.

Treat breast milk jaundice with the infant jaundice treatments described above or try increasing the enzymatic activity in your baby’s liver and intestines with fresh wheat grass juice.

Jaundice is characterized by yellowing of the skin and the sclera or whites of the eyes. It is not a disease but only a sign to many other different diseases.


Excessive bruising from a traumatic birth causes more than the usual amount of red blood cells to be broken down, leading to higher levels of bilirubin to be conjugated.

The preterm baby is more likely to become jaundiced because of an immature liver which cannot cope with the high load of bilirubin.
G6PD deficiency is a condition where an enzyme necessary for the conjugation of bilirubin is missing or insufficient.

Breast milk may interfere with the liver’s ability to conjugate bilirubin therefore the jaundice may be prolonged. Often, it is not necessary to stop breast feeding but if the levels become too high.

Jaundice is a symptom, not a disease and there are many reasons for it happening. It is recognized primarily by the yellow discoloration of the skin.

Berberis is a very effective herb for all kinds of liver ailments, especially jaundice. So effective is the herb that it is nicknamed ‘jaundice berry’.

Jaundice is an outcome of uprise, in the bloodline, of bilirubin, a yellow coloured pigment that comes out by the breakdown of aged RBCs. It is normal for the RBCs to collapse,

while the bilirubin formed does not generally lawsuit jaundice Since the liver will metabolise them and thereby eliminate it inside the gut.


There are many drugs that can cause jaundice. Some drugs could leave the liver an inflammation or hepatitis almost similar to hepatitis caused by virus.

Still other drugs could affect the bile ducts and also leave them inflamed. The only treatment to this kind of condition is to discontinue usage of such drugs. However, it would still take a few weeks before the bilirubin is back to its normal level.

Another factor is genetic disorders. One of these genetic disorders is the defect in bilirubin conjugation in the liver caused by the reduction of the enzyme for conjugating bilirubin and glucoronic. This condition is referred to as Gilbert’s syndrome.

Jaundice is only a symptom to more serious ailments. Jaundice or cholestasis causes other problems other than the yellowing of the skin and the sclera of the eye.

The stool could also become pale in color when bilirubin is absent or become too brownish because of too much bilirubin. The urine is also affected as its color could also become dark yellow or brownish.

Jaundice , other than the coloring, is frequently associated with itching called pruritus. This condition can sometimes become severe that the patient could not scratch their skin. Others could have trouble sleeping.

When the jaundice is caused by liver disease, the patient could experience fatigue, swelling of ankles, muscle wasting, fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity, bleeding in to intestine and worse, coma.

Since jaundice in cats is not a disease, the underlying problem needs to be treated before it will go away. If the underlying disease can be determined, it will need to be treated.

However, some diseases that cause jaundice such as certain cancers are very severe and incurable. These diseases are usually fatal.

Frequently Asked Questions

    My liver enzymes are high…What causes that?
    I am 29, generally healthy,besides elevated blood pressure and cholesterol (what American doesn’t now a days…) I DO NOT drink alcohol, nor do i take prescription pain pills. i may take tylenol (2- 500 mg tablets) once a day for joint pain, and of course blood pressure and high concentration omega 3 fish oil tablets for cholesterol (cant take statins).

    All of these conditions above can cause high enzyme counts…My Doc is at a loss, she has no idea what else could be causing this…She wants me to stop taking the tylenol for now, even though she knows i’m not taking enough of it to cause liver damage…i am also seeing a Gastro Doc, who has so far told me that it could be N.A.S.H. (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis)…but would that cause high liver enzymes?

    I am not looking for someone to tell me “you need to see a doctor”…Duh, i know that…what i’m looking for is too find out if anyone else out there has gone thru this or something similar. What other avenues did you doc take?
    i have been tested for Hep, a-b-&c, all negative…it did seem like the perfect diagnosis at first though…everything symptom fit, but blood was negative for all 3.

    • ANSWER:
      I hope your primary care doctor has tested you for hepatitis B and C. Elevated liver enzymes and joint pain are two of the most common symptoms of hep c. Tiredness is another main symptom. And yes, NASH can cause high enzymes. There are many people walking around with hep c and don’t know it because the symptoms are so subtle. Get tested to at least rule that out. By the way, many primary care doctors do not test for hep c or are even knowledgable about it. Just in case you don’t know, the risk factors for hep c are blood transfusions before 1992, IV drug use even if only one time years ago, tatttoos, piercings, snorting drugs & sharing the straw/dollar bill, sharing razors or toothbrushes with someone who is infected, exposure to blood (i.e. needlesticks in medical or dental personnel), kidney dialysis, risky sex where blood to blood contact has occurred. Best wishes, hope this helps you.

    Im taking Pangestyum EC. Can that cause high liver enzymes in my blood work?
    Im taking Pangestyme EC capsules. I had blood work done and my liver enzymes came out high. Can Pangestyme be the cause of it.

    • ANSWER:
      is that life threatning? i hope youll be okay buddy, just hang in there and be strong, willl pray for you

    Causes of high liver enzymes?
    I recently had blood tests done and it came back that i had high liver enzymes. My AST was 57 and my ALT was 54. I workout a lot and take protein powder and creatine. I also have been taking advil a lot lately. Could these affect the levels and are my levels dangerously high?

    • ANSWER:
      Exercise can cause these enzymes to elevate some. No, your levels are not elevated very much. There is really no danger to them being high other than indicating there could be a problem of some kind.

    What causes moderately high liver enzymes? How worried should I be?
    I went to the doctor with an over active bladder, extreme fatigue and constant migraines. I had blood drawn for a few different things and the results came back with abnormally high liver enzymes. I have an appt on friday but I am just worried. I know I will need more testing, but in the meantime, what could be the variouse causes of this? How big of a deal is this?
    I don’t binge drink, and never have. Only occasional alcohol. When I was younger, however, I use to pop Advil like it was my job. I don’t remember why. I think it was because of the fact that I had an severe eating disorder and was always in pain. But I took A LOT of asprin. I also got stupid last year of a debilitating migraine and over dosed on acetametaphine. It was a really bad OD but i didn’t go to the hospital or Dr. Could those two things be likely causes? And if so what exactly would they do to my liver?
    Also, I already had mono when I was in middle school. Isn’t that a one time thing? And if it had some negative affect wouldn’t it have shown itself right now? (I also have anxiety disorder lol, this is helping!)

    • ANSWER:
      Hight liver enzyes can be caused by a number of different things, but is associated with symptoms of fatigue. Some of the causes include certain medications which may be toxic to the liver such as Tylenol (acetomenophen) and also alcohol is toxic to the liver. Hepatitis damages the cells in the liver and causes elevated enzyme levels. Also, Mononucleosis can cause this, or other viruses as well. Your doctor may want to do some other tests to rule out some causes such as hepatitis, mono, or some autoimmune disorder such as lupus. There are a number of autoimmune disorders that can also attack the liver and fatigue can be associated with them. Tumors can also cause this problem. It is best to wait and talk with your doctor. Sometimes, mono, caused by the Epstein Barr Virus, can lead to autoimmune disorders. Your doctor could do a blood test to see if you have mono or reactivated mono.

      Talk to your doctor. Worry will not help and will only harm your health and your mind. It will not change the outcome.

      Yesterday was history,
      Tomorrow is a mystery
      Today is the PRESENT!

    Innocent causes for high liver enzymes (ALT)?
    Please only respond if you know about this, rather than posting a URL with generic information.

    My husband had high levels of liver enzymes 3 years ago but we thought it was due to the fact that he had taken 2 tylenol the day before. Recently, he was retested and his ALT is almost 3 times the normal limit (highest normal is 55 and his is 145), twice what it was 3 years ago. All of his other liver panel tests were normal, AST, billirubin, etc., as well as CBC.

    Our GP suggested that it could be something called NASH, or fatty liver disease, however, other than the high ALT, he has NONE of the typical characteristics. He has below average triglycerides and cholesterol and his glucose levels are normal. Also, his liver proteins (albumin) are on the high side of normal and these levels would be low if he had cirrhosis or fatty liver. I should also add that he does not drink and is not exposed to toxic chemicals. He is not overweight but also does not exercise.

    Any ideas please? I’m hoping there could be some simple explanation like vitamin deficiency, poor diet or dehydration. We could not get an appt. with a specialist for another month, at which point they will presumably perform an ultrasound to check things out.
    He is negative for viral hepatitis.
    His Albumin/ Globulin ratio was elevated 3 years ago and approx. twice what it should be (2.2) but I don’t think they retested it.
    He is also negative for hemachromatosis, which runs on his father’s side of the family.

    • ANSWER:

      The ALT is an enzyme that is located in the liver and is released into the bloodstream when there is damage to the liver cells. ALT is also located in other tissues, such as muscle tissues. Other blood tests can be performed to evaluate whether it is from the muscle tissue, such as the creatinine phosphokinase and aldolase. Most cases of a persistently elevated ALT are related to liver disease though. The most common causes for an ALT of this level would be alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis C, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), non-alcholic steatohepatitis and medication related. There are many other less common conditions, such as chronic hepatitis B, autoimmune hepatitis, Wilson’s disease, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and hemochromatosis.

      Most of these conditions can be evaluated with by simple blood tests, which are routinely ordered for the evaluation of this. The exception would be NAFLD/NASH, because there is unfortunately no blood test that can identify this. NASH is becoming much more common and it is always something to consider when the rest of the work up was negative. It sounds like you already know the characteristics and risk factors of NASH including obesity, diabetes, and elevated triglycerides. The presence of these increases the likelihood of NASH, but is not necessarily diagnostic. The absence of these risk factors does not eliminate the possibility of NASH, but it does make it less likely. Even though your husband does not have these issues, NASH is still possible. The definitive test to evaluate for NASH is a liver biopsy.

      I would recommend that your husband be evaluated by a hepatologist or at least a gastroenterologist regarding this if he has not already. Standard blood tests that would be ordered to evaluate this include: Hepatitis B and C tests, Antinuclear antibody (ANA), anti-smooth muscle antibody, Ceruloplasmin, Iron, Total iron binding capacity and Ferritin. Imaging like ultrasound is also helpful in identifying any abnormalities in the liver. Your husband may have had some of these tests already. Do not worry about the details, because the doctor’s will know what to order.

      You are correct that albumin is a marker of the synthetic function of the liver and low albumin is associated with cirrhosis. The ALT and AST are markers of damage, but they do not tell anything about how well the liver is functioning. The PT/INR is also a marker of how well the liver is functioning. It is good that your husband has normal function of the liver based on his elevated albumin.

      The concern with a persistently elevated ALT is that it is a sign of ongoing liver damage that could eventually lead to cirrhosis. This is why it is important to try to identify the cause and treat it if possible to prevent progressive damage to the liver. Vitamin deficiency could potentially lead to elevated liver tests, but this would be very rare in the absence of other signs of vitamin deficiency. Dehydration is not known to increase ALT. Poor diet can lead to NAFLD and NASH, but do not cause elevation in the ALT directly. You will have more answers once your husband sees the specialist. If you have further questions, then let me know. Good luck to you and your husband.

      Edit: It is good that the viral hepatitis and hemochromatosis evaluation is negative. The specialist may want to check additional labs depending on the previous results. Hopefully, you will have more answers by then. If your husband is on medications, then it is also important to determine if any of them are causing them. Some herbal supplements can also elevate liver enzymes, so do not forget about them.

    Can blood clots cause high liver enzymes?
    I was diagnose with risk of blood clots.

    • ANSWER:
      There are different liver enzymes that the doctor tests for:
      ALT, AST, GGT, and Alkaline Phosphatase.
      Only the ALT enzyme is most specific to the liver since the liver
      cells make most of it in the body. The other enzymes are made
      in other areas and, if someone has a heart problem…these enzymes
      can also be higher.

      If the blood clots develop in the portal vein or other liver veins…then
      they may cause damage to the liver cells; which would cause
      a rise in these enzymes. In Cirrhosis (last stages of liver disease),
      the blood doesn’t flow well through the liver because of scar
      tissue formation inside the liver and it backs up into the portal vein
      and smaller vessels, in order to return to the heart.

      Build up of plague in the vessels, poor circulation, narrowing of the
      vessels, and other things lead to clots being formed. However, if
      someone is in the advanced stages of Cirrhosis of the liver…they
      may not have a problem with clots forming because the liver isn’t
      able to make the clotting factors efficiently anymore.

      So, there is a possibility that this lack of blood flow (clots) is causing a
      rise in the enzyme levels…but, I don’t believe it to be the main cause.

      Hope this information has been of some help.

    how high of a dose of Tylenol would cause high liver enzymes? (did I take too many?)?
    I had a check up at the doctors a few weeks ago. At the time I was sick and was taking 2-4 tylenol pills (2=1 dosage) every other day or so (this was for at the most 5 days). I think I only took 1 dosage the day before the doctors and then none the day of. I got my blood work taken and it came back as high liver enzymes. I now have another doctor apt. scheduled for May 1st to be retested. But I was just wondering this since I read that medication can cause high liver enzymes.
    im 16. No alcohol or other medications.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on how much tylenol is in each pill. Tyelon is toxic to the liver in high doses, and that could cause an elevation in liver enzymes. There are, however, many other causes of enzyme elevation beyond Tylenol toxicity. It would be wise to recheck the levels after your illness resolves.

    My Dr. wants me to get an ultrasound of my liver because my liver enzymes came back high.?
    My question is I know that this can be because of a fatty liver but what else can cause high liver enzymes in your blood? I am a some what healthy 31 year old woman. I am slightly obese and am a mother to three. Any ideas on what else this could be?
    I do not drink. I had a glass of wine over the holiday but that is it. Nor do I do drugs! I am over weight by 50 lbs though. I hope that helps some.

    • ANSWER:

    Can High Liver Enzymes be caused by a large amount of surface bruises due to impacts from sports?

    • ANSWER:
      Not that I am aware of, but I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

    High liver enzymes and Hepatitis! ?
    I want to know what does it mean to have high liver enzymes? I have researched on Acute hepatitis and Hepatitis overall. I mean there are other Hepatitis a, b, and c, but what my question is that without having a blood transfusion, without doing illegal drugs and without having sex…(being virgin) what can be the cause of high liver enzymes?

    • ANSWER:

    what would cause a pregnant woman to have high liver enzymes?
    my fiance went for her monthly check up and found out that her liver enzymes are slightly high. Should this be something to worry about? She is 27 weeks pregnant and takes tylenol to help ease the common pains of pregnancy.

    • ANSWER:

    High liver enzymes what could it be?
    High liver enzymes what could it be?
    Ok i had blood work done and they said i have high liver enzymes what could it be from. I don’t drink or take Tylenol or any other meds. The only one i do take is phentermine. I used to be bulimic pretty bad and I admit it I barely drink water at all. I had a baby about 4 and a half months ago and i would think that all the blood work they did it would show if I had hepatitis c. Does any of these things sound like it could be the cause of my liver having high enzymes?? thanks so much. im so scared! im only 19 years old i don’t want bad things happening already!

    • ANSWER:
      Well the answer to your question is yes. The cause can be your bulimia in past, it could damage your liver… Any drug even if it is 1 in a trillion can cause some liver damage, especially if you are e.g. allergic to that drug etc…. But I don’t think it is the way… It could even be Hep C, it can be practically 10 other things… You know the cases when people get throat ache and they say: “but I didn’t drink cold water”… Same way in here, some minor or heavier illness can happen any time, anyhow. Just focus on the testings doctors will perform in future, if you go to them, which you definitely should. Don’t be scared with things I have numbered in here… It should only give you a picture what it may be the cause, and that there can be many different explanations possible. The thing with blood testing only shows where is the problem, it rarely shows the true nature of the problem.

    PLEASE HELP! High liver enzymes?
    My sisters fiance has high liver enzymes. Apparently he has bacteria in his stomach causing some condition but the doctor said that is not the cause of his high liver enzymes. He does not drink much, quit smoking and is not overweight at all. What could it be????

    • ANSWER:
      A single test result of elevated liver enzymes is nothing to be concerned about – liver enzymes fluctuate, and the norms aren’t exact. Usually, when liver enzymes are high enough to cause concern, a second blood test is run a week or two later, after avoiding consumption of anything that could affect the liver. Many times, enzymes return to normal levels in the second test. If the enzymes are still elevated in a second test, then tests more specific to liver function can be done to help determine the cause.

      Some things that raise liver enzymes are medications – especially acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory drugs, and also certain bacterial infections, high triglyceride levels, and a bunch of uncommon liver diseases and conditions.

    Abnormally high Liver Enzymes?
    I took a blood test the other day and got very troubling results.
    ALT – 220
    AST – 419
    (My Cholesterol level was 107, if that helps)
    Now, my question here is “What could cause such high levels of liver enzymes?”
    I ask this because I have no recollection of being sick in the past year. I’ve been perfectly healthy.
    This is the first time I’ve taken a blood test, so I don’t know if my levels have been this high before or if they’ve always been this high.

    I’ll also add this, since it’s worth noting – I’ve have drastically changed my life style in the past week; I’ve been going to the gym nearly every day and working out decently (mainly working on upper body strength).

    So, besides bad test results – what could cause this?
    The only drugs I have taken in the past year are over the counter pain meds (Advil and Tylenol), and only in small doses.

    • ANSWER:
      Cholesterol is too low and low cholesterol causes many health problems. The majority of men who needed a bypass had cholesterol levels below 5.2mmol/l (200). Read the truth about cholesterol>>>

      Lab reference ranges vary but i’ll go with ALT: 8 – 45 U/L and AST: 8 – 40 U/L.

      Your ALT is approx 5x the upper limit of normal.
      Your AST is slightly higher than 10x the upper limit of normal.
      AST – ALT approx ratio = 2:1

      Liver injury is defined as:

      ALT over 3x the upper limit of normal.

      If AST or ALT is above 10x normal, this may be toxin induced.

      Very high levels of AST (more than 10x the highest normal level) are usually due to liver disease called acute hepatitis, which is often due to a virus infection. In acute hepatitis, AST levels usually stay elevated for about 1–2 months, but can take as long as 3–6 months to return to normal.

      An AST:ALT ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, especially when associated with elevated GGT, strongly suggests alcohol induced injury. More than 90% of patients with an AST:ALT ratio of 2:1 have alcoholic liver disease. Of course if you don’t drink, ignore this bit. :)

      “ALT Too High (Liver enzymes elevated): Rule out hepatocellular (liver cell) diseases such as cancer, fatty liver, cell death due to bacteria/viruses/hepatitis or toxins, cirrhosis, obstructive jaundice, and infectious mononeucleosis.

      AST Too High: Rule out liver disease (death of cells and cancer), skeletal muscle diseases, (myositis and muscular dystrophy), trauma, pancreatitis, renal infarct, eclampsia (milk fever), cancer, cerebral damage, seizures, alcohol, heart tissue disease (heart attacks, pericarditis), infections in the bloodstream (septicemia), intramuscular injections, drugs such as corticosteroids, primidone, antibiotics and other drugs processed through the liver. Hemolysis (ruptured red cells from improper handling of the blood) can also raise AST levels.”

    can amino acid supplements cause liver enzymes to be too high?
    Had full bloodwork done at my physical 2 weeks ago. All results were dead center in the normal ranges, except for my liver enzymes. The AST was 58 (normal 0-40), and the ALT was 148 (normal 0-40). The doc asked me if I drank a lot, I said one beer a week. Then he asked me if I take tylenol-type medications often, and I said very seldom, if ever. Then he asked if I was on a high protein diet, and I said no, but I do take an amino acid supplement. He instructed me to lay off of alcohol, tylenol, and amino acids for 2 weeks, then come back and get retested. I just went back and the liver test is great, 28 AST, 32 ALT.

    My personal trainer, and all I have seen on internet says AA’s in free form, are absorbed directly into the blood and do not have to be processed by the liver. But I am afraid to take AA’s again. Should I be?

    They, along with lots of hard work, have helped me put on 15 lbs of muscle in the last year.

    • ANSWER:
      your personal trainer needs to be better educated…excess amino acids are processed by the liver and too much becomes toxic ,that which is not passed out in the urine remains in yor liver.My degree is in exercise science and nutrition,so that is where I get my info from

    My liver enzymes are high what can I do about it?
    I don’t drink
    I am on sodium phenytoin which I think is the cause of my problems
    Are there other anti-seizure drugs that don’t cause liver damage or do they all have this effect?
    GGT is 353 iu/L
    ALT is 68/L

    • ANSWER:
      tell your doc about it..

      yes, there are other anti-seizure drugs other than phenytoin that is not much toxic to the liver. sorry i just cant remember which one.. you’ll have to ask your doc for a prescription anyway so just ask him.

      generally, almost all drugs, like phenytoin, is metabolized in the liver which will cause the rise in the liver enzymes.

    my liver enzymes are high is it cause i don’t drink enough water?
    i know i should drink more but i only drink a glass of water a day is that why my liver enzymes could be high?

    • ANSWER:

    High liver enzymes in 18 month old AmStaff?
    Was about to buy an 18 month old AmStaff puppy from a very reputable breeder. He went in for a final checkup and also a nueter. His liver enzyme count was up, I dont know exactly how much yet until 2mrw, but from what I got they weren’t “extremely” high. He has been a very healthy puppy from what I have been told (and yes I 100% trust this breeder, they could have lied to me and given me this dog to deal with liver enzyme problem myself) and all week has had a very good appetite and no signs of sickness. He did have diarrea this morning at the Vet out of nowhere. Could this be caused by something he ate that his system isnt used to? Has anyone had similiar experiences? Possible causes of the high count (really dont think it is any kind of serious liver disease bc he has been going for regular checkups)? Vet has him on antibiotics for 2 weeks and will re-do blood work at that time, Vet found no cause for concern when palpated. Thanks!
    “candy” learn to read a question, you see those hook shaped signs? those are question marks! So Im not making a point Im asking a question. Please don’t reproduce…Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      We are currently in the process of having a 14 month Lhasa diagnosed for similar problems…diarrhea — she will have it for three to four days, then it goes back to normal; also jaundiced occassionally, and days where she is lethargic and shows no interest in her toys.

      Bile acids were ten times higher than normal. She was put on diet specifically for her liver and has gone on to the university for an ultrasound and more testing. They have only found a smaller than normal liver, and are looking closer at her pancreas.

      We have ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days. At this time, no definite diagnosis and this has been going on for nearly two months.

      She was on the medication Denosyl for about ten days and was on an antibiotic for a total of twenty days. Neither resulted in significant changes in her symptoms. And we’re still waiting on a diagnosis after spending lots of $$$$. (She is not on any meds currently and symptoms remain similar – one day of diahrrea – the next normal; a day or so of jaundice, then ok, etc……..)

      I wish you the best of luck……and hopefully this helps. Feel free to email me if you want more details as we get them in.

    raw feeders, high liver enzymes, 8 month old puppy, vet rec. science diet?
    sorry for the jumbled initial question. So I asked this question a few days ago but it was real late so i decided to ask again to see what other answers i can get. My pup had a blood test run and it showed high liver and kidney enzymes. I cant remember which one but i intend to get a copy this week. Vet said it is probably due to feeding raw, suggested science diet (which i refuse to do). He said that the creatinine levels are normal, and the enzymes that were high were not related so he isn’t worried but wants to do another test in 6 weeks. I added a link of the food that i feed both my pom ( 5 pounds, 9 months) as well as my chesapeake bay retriever (51 pounds, 5 months). Will you read it and see if i should change it, what would yourecommendd i change it to? Should i add anything? Would these ingredients cause his enzyme counts to be off?

    65 per oz
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (min): 13.0%
    Crude Fat (min): 6.0%
    Crude Fiber (max): 2.0%
    Moisture (max): 68.0%
    Other Nutritional Data
    Carbohydrates: 2.05%
    Linoleic Acid (Omega 6): 0.999%
    Linolenic Acid (Omega 3): 0.249%
    Arachidonic Acid: 0.115%

    Vitamin A: 12161.55 IU/kg
    Thiamin: 1.60 mg/kg
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 2.39 mg/kg
    Niacin (Vitamin B3): 36.54 mg/kg
    Pantothenic Acid: 10.12 mg/kg
    Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6): 2.02 mg/kg
    Folate: 408.85 mg/kg
    Vitamin B12: 0.03 mg/kg
    Vitamin D: 240.00 IU/kg
    Vitamin E: 9.60 IU/kg Minerals
    Calcium: 0.320%
    Copper: 1.60 mg/kg
    Iron: 145.04 mg/kg
    Magnesium: 0.026%
    Manganese: 2.40 mg/kg
    Phosphorus: 0.256%
    Potassium: 0.192%
    Selenium: 0.127 mg/kg
    Sodium: 0.067%
    Zinc: 24.00 mg/kg Amino Acids
    Arginine: 0.802%
    Cystine: 0.352%
    Histidine: 0.322%
    Isoleucine: 0.557%
    Leucine: 0.867%
    Lysine: 0.929%
    Methionine: 0.300%
    Phenylalanine: 0.467%
    Threonine: 0.490%
    Tyrosine: 0.375%
    Tryptophan: 0.129%
    Valine: 0.589%
    Taurine: 0.064%

    Chicken, Raw Ground Chicken Bone, Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Apples, Carrots, Butternut Squash, Ground Flaxseed, Chicken Eggs, Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Dried Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Honey, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Blueberries, Alfalfa Sprouts, Persimmons, Duck Eggs, Pheasant Eggs, Quail Eggs, Inulin, Rosemary, Sage, Clove
    I would never feed science diet..

    I took my pom in to get his last couple puppy teeth pulled (so his bite doesn’t mess up) and I had his blood tested to check for annemia to make sure he could safely handle getting knocked out to get his teeth pulled.

    • ANSWER:
      The ONLY reason vets recommend Science Diet is because they get kick backs from selling it in their clinics. I always get really angry when I hear about vets pushing it on their clients (I’ve had it pushed on me, too). Putting the word science in it might fool some people, but not anyone who knows anything about pet food knows what garbage it is.

      I’m very happy to hear that you would never feed it.

    What could be the cause of high liver enzyme levels?
    My husband just recently went to the doctors for a normal checkup and got blood work done. The results were fine except it came back that his liver enzyme levels were high. The doctor wants him to get blood work done again in 4 weeks to check the levels then. But for now, we are concerned what could be the cause of the higher liver enzyme levels. Now for the past 6 years he only drinks once in a great while, and when he does drink its not much at all. When he was in his early twenties he was a heavy drinker, but like i said, it has been at least 6 years since he was a heavy drinker, and since then, it is only once in a while, so he barely consumes any alcohol now, and he hasn’t had any drinks in a couple of months prior to getting the blood work done. So what could be the cause of the higher liver enzyme levels? Could he have damaged his liver while he was a heavy drinker over 6 years ago? or could it be something else wrong? He is 29 years old, around 235lbs, 5’8″, and has not been diagnosed with any other health problems.
    I also just wanted to add that he has not had any health insurance since he was 18 years old, so this is the first time he has gone to the doctors since then, so this is the first time he has blood work done and for the higher levels of liver enzymes to be detected…so for all we know, it could have been like this for many years caused from his heavy drinking in his early twenties…..or something else possibly. Also, just so you know, he does not take any type of medicine that could affect the levels.
    in response to the answer about it being from lots of use of tylenol or cholesterol medicine…..he doesn’t take any medicine other than over the counter cold medicines if he is sick, and he uses Motrin if he has a headache. Now if he were to take Motrin before he got the bloodwork done, would that have raised the levels? and also, because he has higher levels, does that mean that his liver is damaged?

    • ANSWER:
      This would be a difficult question even for a doctor to answer. His past alcohol intake could be a factor but it is also possible that he might have had an illness at some time that caused some damage to his liver. Often, you don’t know the cause and you just treat the problem when you find out about it – that is all you can do.

    What can cause high liver ensymes?
    Hi I have been a nervous wreck for the past week I had my doctor check my Thyroid levels because of recent weight gain turns out when the test came back that my thyroid was ok but my liver enzymes were at 173 (that test was done 2 weeks prior) I just recently went to the ER because of a pain in the right side of my abdomen and extreme nausea all day. I had an ultrasound and a CT scan done ultrasound revealed nothing but the CT scan showed a lesion of 1.9 cm the ER doctor told me to follow up with my doctor I have been crying non-stop very scared. When I saw my Doctor 2 days later he called the radiologist to ask his opinion what he thought it was doctor says he didn’t seem concerned it appeared to be a hemangioma he also told me me enzymes levels were at 80 at this point still high but they had come down some. My doctor went ahead and referred me to a gastroenterologist he said he knew the ER doctor had scared me enough and understands my doubts? My question was if a hemangioma is not suppose to be a bad thing why are my enzymes high? Does anyone have any insight on what it could be based on results they have not told me fatty liver.

    • ANSWER:

    Why are my liver enzymes high?
    I had a recent physical that revealed that I have elevated liver enzymes. My ALT count is 63 and AST count it 61. I had an equivalent of 4 drinks the night before, and frequently have 2-3 drinks per night. I had a binge episode approximately 10 days prior. I am going in for more testing (hepatitis etc) but am a bit nervous. Are the elevated levels caused likely by the alcohol intake or should I be more concerned about disease? Very nervous. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      To start, the only thing “Hepatitis” means is liver inflammation. In the same way that joints can become inflamed from arthritis, our lungs when we catch a cold, skin becomes red and swollen in an infection, our body tells us that something is harming that tissue.

      In your case, it would be most likely that your excessive alcohol intake (remember, anything more than 1 drink/day for women or 2 drinks/day for men is considered excessive) is causing your liver to be inflamed as it metabolizes the alcohol into a less toxic form called acetaldehyde (the chemical responsible for hangovers).

      The elevations of the aminotransferases tells us that the liver is inflamed, but not what causes it. Some other causes include gallstones, a blocked liver duct, or infections with Hepatitis A,B,C,D or E.

      However, if you haven’t been having high-risk/unprotected sex, sharing needles for IV drug use, or eaten food that may be contaminated with Hep A/E, then you have a very low risk for that.

      They will likely test other indications of gastro-intestinal health (bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, lipase) and may use an ultrasound machine to look at your liver.

      By doing all these things, we can find out if it is alcohol causing your liver inflammation or something else.

    Am I gaining weight because of high Liver Enzymes?
    I went to the doctor and they ran a blood test, I was told that the Liver Enzymes were at 84. But when I was at the doctor in February, my Liver Enzymes were at 14. I have been eating very healthy, and exercising every day. I have been gaining weight very fast recently and am unsure if my weight gain is because of the high Liver Enzymes, possible “fatty liver” or if the fatty liver would be caused by my weight gain. Why am I continuing to gain weight when I am working so hard to lose? Would this be the cause?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver does metabolize our foods…however, how fast it metabolism them depends alot on the thyroid gland.
      Someone who has a low active thyroid can easily gain weight.

      The liver enzymes are not the only test done to check the liver. Enzymes are made in the liver cells, but exercising before having the testing done or having an intramuscular injection, such as a flu shot, and other things can cause a rise in these tests. The doctor does liver functions tests, also, to check and see how well the cells of the liver are able to do the functions needed to keep the body well.

      The doctor may do more blood testing to see if these stay elevated…if they do, then he will seek a cause.
      Some people can develop fatty liver disease because of weight gain, diabetes, certain medications, insulin resistances, pregnancy, high cholesterol/triglyceride levels and other things. Fatty liver causes the liver to enlarge in size because inflammation can develop in the liver…however…I’ve not heard that it causes weight gain, unless you are in the very last stages of Cirrhosis of the liver. . Weight gain can cause fatty liver, though.

      You may be losing fat weight gain and
      developing muscle weight gain.

      I hope this information has been of help to you.

    High Liver Enzymes (SGPT Test) – How long to lower?

    I received an abnormal liver enzyme level test, testing much higher than the normal (don’t know exact number but think around 100).

    I drank several glasses of wine the night before my test which I’m curious if that directly affected the test; however I KNOW that my current daily intake of wine surely is causing the normal high levels as well… was just curious:

    #1 – if drinking the night before would have increased even more than normal if I hadn’t

    #2 – I have stopped drinking completely, so how long until I can retake the test to make sure nothing else wrong which I’m pretty sure there is not – How long to wait after eliminating alcohol??

    #3 – After normalizing these levels, can I go to a more weekend, social drinking rather than my previous excessive, daily consumption??

    Many thanks!!

    • ANSWER:

    will a day of drinking alcohol cause a temporary high liver enzyme level?

    • ANSWER:
      If your tested the day after, then yes.

    Liver Enzymes to high? What does that mean? Should I be worried?
    Last week on Friday I had blood tests done that they told me then was for my galbladder when they called me Teusday with the results, I pushed the person on the phone to tell me if the news was good or bad. They told me “theres something wrong with you liver and you should come in and see the doctor this week.” I freaked, so of course I set an appointment for the comming up Friday, today.

    Apparently I had high enzymes levels that could be caused by a variety of things but it is hard to pin point anything without an ultra sound, so since I originally came in the week before with consistant vomitting the doctor thought it would be in my best intrest just to take more blood work one last time before doing anything major.

    Im 20 years old, im young.

    but I was wondering, I used to take Tylonel ALOT when I was 14 due to major muscels pains. I would go thru 2 bottles a week. I went to BaylorWorx to heal my body naturaly so now I hardly ever take any, I have had the same bottle for 5 months now

    …. would this have an affect on me now? I mean, its been 6 years, my liver should have healed by now right?

    If it does turn out to be high enzymes, is my health in extreme jeperody?

    • ANSWER:

    Im 15 and just found out I have high liver enzymes. Any info?
    Im 15 and just found out I have high liver enzymes. Im always sick, so my mom took me to the doctors. They took some blood work on Friday and said they’d call mon. or tues. with the results. Well, they called today and told my mom I have high liver enzymes. I have to go back and re-test on May 1st.

    I looked up a little on this and saw it could be caused by taking medication like tylenol. Since I was sick, I was taking tylenol. I took maybe 4 the day before. 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.I didnt take any the day of the blood test. Is this enough to have caused it?

    Also, I got my blood pressure taken, and I do have high blood pressure as well. I was wondering if this could be related to the high liver enzymes? I also have been tired a lot lately, which is prob. because I’ve been sick. But I go to bed between 7 and 8:45 pm. I wake up at 6:15am for school and im STILL exhausted. I even went to bed at 5pm and woke up at 10am and I was still very tired (this was the day I got the blood work taken). I can barely stay up past 9:30pm on the WEEKENDS! it sucks. But could this have to do with it?

    Im asking on here, because I dont know anything besides the fact that I have high blood enzymes. I have to go back in a month on May 1st to be re-tested. So Im not really going to know anything until as least may 1st.
    also I was tested for mono, and I was negative.

    And my mom is saying its was prob. just because I was sick. But all I had was basically a cold and it was almost gone when I went to the doctors.

    • ANSWER:
      Taking four tylenol is not enough to raise your liver enzymes. Taking large doses could though. I would stick with ibuprofen.

      Bing sick in general can cause your liver enzymes to rise. There is obviously something wrong if you sleep 10-11 hours a night and are still always tired. This could be anything (including the flu), and if your doctor isn’t too worried, I would just wait till you get the new test results.

      Until then I would stay away from alcohol, fatty foods, and tylenol which can all increase your liver enzymes. If you start to look jaundiced (yellowing of the skin or eyes) go to the doctor immediately.

    24 weeks pregnant, alt levels high (liver enzymes)?? …. ICP?
    Ok so i had my bloods done last night as i was rushed in to a/e under “potential early pre-eclmapsia”

    Turns out the blood test showed my liver enzymes (alt liver test) was raised. I have to have some more blood sent of today to test my bile levels, and potentially start a course of tablets on Friday and have another retest of all my bloods dont on Tuesday.

    What does this all mean there not very explanatory!! as usual!! … im guessing they think i have something like ICP but im hardly at all itchy???? nor am i yellow????

    But now im scared to death because my baby moves but not as active as he was or as hard, so does it mean i am already beginning to lose him as ICP causes deaths and still born?

    Got midwife at 4:30pm to demand to know what is going on what it means and what can be done etc …. but just looking for some advice in the mean time if anyone else has been through this? :(

    • ANSWER:
      I had obstetric cholestasis with my last pregnancy and I asume this is what you are referring to as this is to do with the liver. First of all don’t panic as you will be closely monitored throughout your pregnancy with blood tests etc. I was started on an anti-histamine to stop the itch (which I did have) and then a drug which is used to treat OC and is safe in pregnancy. I was induced at 37 weeks as the risk of stillbirth is higher after full term gestation. Hopefully your midwife will reassure you.

    Recently found out I have unusually high liver enzymes.?
    Iam a drinker(love beer) and realize I cannot do this anymore.Will a sudden stop of drinking cause any withdraw issues that may harm me?I have no insurance

    • ANSWER:
      You should also be checked for viral hepatitis. Hepatitis with alcohol can be a deadly mix. Many people have hepatitis c and don’t know it becaues the symptoms are so subtle or there are no symptoms at all until the liver becomes severely damaged. Quitting drinking is the best thing you can do for yourself. Best wishes.

    High blood pressure and liver enzymes in pregnancy.?
    Two weeks ago I went to the OB for severe abdominal pain. The doctors said it was probably my Gall Bladder and did some blood work. They tested my liver enzymes which were high, however they ended up sending me home anyway on a low fat diet for the gall bladder.

    3 days ago I wasn’t feeling well and I called my doctor who had me come in. My blood pressure was high 145/90 and I had a significant amount of swelling. They were concerned about preeclampsia, but I don’t have any protiens in my urine. I went back to the doctor today, after having another attack of severe abdominal pain even though I’ve been following the low fat diet. My blood pressure was still high, so he ordered some blood work. My liver enzymes were elevated again. My doctor still doesn’t think I have preeclampsa, and isn’t sure why my enzymes are high. (or at least isn’t telling me why he thinks my enzymes are high.)

    are there any other conditions that cause elevated blood pressure and liver enzymes during pregnancy without having preeclampsia?
    I am 35 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s preeclampsia. The high BP and swelling should be enough…add the severe abdominal pain (which is the tell-tale sign) and there should be no question.

      Get a 2nd opinion. This can be VERY serious for you and the baby. Take control of the care you are getting and make sure you have the right information to make a decision.

      You didn’t say how far along you were. If it’s late enough, they will probably want to induce you. If you are less than 37 weeks or so, they may give you bed rest or talk about an early C-section.

      Don’t wait. Get an 2nd and 3rd opinion. Good luck to you.

    I was told I had high Liver Enzymes…?
    What are symptoms of this? What causes it? I am a young heathly guy who works out regularly, doesnt take any medication and drinks on occasion and that isnt very often.
    I have another appointment with my Dr on Monday to talk about this issue and see what my options are.
    I can say, I didnt drink the night before my blood work or the whole week before…I dont drink much at all. hummm o well

    • ANSWER:
      Elevated liver enzymes in a normally healthy person can occur after a night of drinking, or if you are suffering from a variety of temporary illnesses.
      The purpose of measuring enzymes ALT and AST with a regular full blood count is to get an idea of overall health. If you are otherwise healthy, the level of elevation can determine your next steps. For levels only slightly higher than “normal” it is usually not a concern. For significantly raised ALT or AST, you’ll probably need to go back to the dr. for more investigating for the cause. In any case, your MD should have you back in a few weeks to test them again.

    MY 14 MONTH OLD BLOOD RESULT indicated High Liver Enzymes. What does it mean? Is it serious?
    He is up to date with all of his immunizations, what could have caused this? as a new mom, I’m really worried. His hair is also falling out a lot, and has bald spots on it. His doctor referred us to a dermatologist asap. I’m freaking out! Help!

    • ANSWER:
      depending on how high his levels are I would dare guess. ALthough it is not uncommon for babies to have a slightly elevated liver enzymes. There are numerous reasons from a recent illness to problems w/ his diet etc.. If your doctor did not suggest any further test then I would say he/she did not feel it was serious. As far as his hair if it is on the back it is more than likely due to how he sleeps. But I would go to a dermatologist as it may be some sort of scalp infection. It’s hard being a new mom..Just try to relax I am sure you are doing a great job and all will be ok. Good luck.

    Diagnosed Chiari Malformation1 10mm, high liver enzymes and rapid weight gain mid section. Body aches & cramps
    Hit head May 2007, gained 80 lbs in 10 months. Eating and excercise didn’t change. MRI shows CM1. Blood tests keep showing elevated liver enzymes. Tested for Cushings, test came back negative. Belly hurts and is hard to touch. Liver feel like been hit with a bat. Exhausted all the time. Had complete hysterctomy in 2006. Have weird neurological symptoms. parts of head and face go numb. Feel like rubberband around my ribs and sometimes a hat or sunglasses on my head by they aren’t. Can’t lose the weight no matter what. Miserable. Does Chiari cause rapid weight gain. Also, I have a benign tumor on my thryroid measured at 1.4 x 1.8cm but thyroid blood tests are good. Feels like someone standing on my throat. Very hoarse at times. Also, my body temperature is always at least one degree below normal. I don’t have a gallbladder and I have had three sinus surgeries. I am on several meds for nausea and vomiting, I have erosive esophagilia. I also suffer from severe insomnia.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, but this is too much for YA. You need a doctor. I hope you feel better soon.

    I had my yearly blood test done the other day and my Liver enzymes were a bit high (61)…After some research?
    I realize there can be a lot of different reasons why!!! Viruses like Epstein Barr can be one of them…I had this 20 years ago, is this something that will stay in my system and reoccur?? I have had yearly blood taken so this number is something new!! Also I read that supplements can raise the level also…I have been on a product called MonaVie since December and Nutra Drops (Quercetin) both supplements!! I realize other things cause the Liver Enzymes to elevate like hepatitis, gallstones, medications like tylenol which I take often for a bad back!! I don’t think it’s bad bc my doctor said he is not overly concerned that he just wants to repeat the could be elevated for many different reasons!!! Just want to know if anyone knows anything about this??? When it comes to medical knowledge I am inexperienced so thanks for your help and advise!!

    • ANSWER:
      Given how high the liver enzymes can go, your doctor is going in the right direction. 2 years ago mine were elevated, it turned out to be fatty liver. I lost weight and the numbers are now in the middle of the normal range.

    Can high liver enzymes during LFT test be due to ibuprofen?
    I recently got a full renal blood test. My nurse practitioner called me with the results today and said she was concerned about my liver enzyme level. She requested for me to get tested for Hep C and/or cut back on the alcohol (I’m a social drinker.. nothing heavy).

    Prior to that, on Monday I had my wisdom teeth removed, and I was taking Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and every three hours from Monday (until this morning) I was taking 2-3 200mg ibuprofin tablets at a time. Thursday I had the blood taken, and today I received the results.

    I explained this all to my Nurse Prac., and she still advised to get a Hep C test done. This TOTALLY freaks me out, because I have horrible anxiety and am assuming the worst (I have NO idea how I could ever be at risk for Hepatitis!)

    I contacted my Family Physician, and she was concerned about the enzyme levels as well. She said it was very likely that the medication I was on could’ve caused this spike in my LFT. She advised to not take any meds or drink and in a week or so do a follow up blood test.

    To rule out the hep, I’m getting a blood test tomorrow morning. I just want to know the odds of the meds having an effect on my results, because my doctors were being pretty vague. I’m also racking up a pretty nice blood test bill.

    Any thoughts? I appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it is possible. I hope you know not to drink with medications too. LFTs should go back down to normal. You can get a temporary increase in LFTs. Key is to get rechecked. Good idea to get checked for Hep C AND A, B.

    What are the possible causes of frequent infection?
    I either have an ongoing infection that just won’t go away, or else I am getting an infection every couple weeks. I feel like I have the flu.

    Can a liver problem cause this? My liver enzymes are high. My iron is low. White blood cells are high.

    • ANSWER:
      Your INFECTION may be a long term malfunctioning of liver and so infection coming and going type. It may be due to various factors. I think it has not been fully treated and hence the recurrence. Apart from taking medicines for increasing your Iron and for increase of white blood cells Your doctor should evaluate the actual reason for the recurrence.

      Do you get Auyrvedic medicines in your place. A wonder tablet (Also available in the form of syrup for giving to Children) called ‘LIV-52′ will cure all the liver problems if you take 2+2 = 4 tablets daily for 2 months. It is manufactured by different brands and one famous one in India is Himalaya and DABUR. You should get it at your place. You can also but it online. Please go through the following weblinks and have them.

      You can take it without even consulting your doctor as it will not have any contradiction with other medicines and treatments.

      Did you have Hepatitis B or C anytime. There may be mild attack of this and went unnoticed. You may aks your doctor to have it checked up for this. Best of Luck and wish you speedy recover.-

    High Liver Enzymes Rapid Change in 1 month?
    On December 28th I gad blood work done with AST results of 16 and ALT results of 20. Donated blood on January 21st, no problem. Then on February 24th I had another blood work done for cholesterol. My AST results where 133 and ALT 66. I have been taking CQ10 with red rice yiest and fish oil to lower colesterol for a month, also took an atibiotic for 5 days prior to exam, i take a multivitamin and within last 30 days started taking Recreate, a weight loss product sold at vitamin stores. I also have been taking an anti depressent for last 6 weeks. Could all this stuff I am taking be the cause for such increase?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to notify the blood donation center in order to quarantine your blood products until the issue is resolved.

      Let me say that it is unusual to have repeat liver enzyme testing regularly and you give no reason for it. The liver panel is typically done for not reason and so it’s hard to evaluate the situation properly without any medical history.

      Drugs are usually first on the list when it comes to unexpected lab results including the liver enzymes. Red rice yeast works because it contains a natural statin drug and when somebody takes a statin drug then they need to monitor their liver via the transaminases.

      It may also be something entirely different and hopefully not viral in origin and that is why you should notify the donor center.

      Your doctor who ordered the test needs to investigate and repeat testing to see if it keeps going up and how high they go. They need a physical and history.

    doctor said my liver enzyme serum has elevated.what are the possible causes and treatment.?
    i have high risk of bad cholesterol also so she did not give me any medication because of my high liver enzyme.

    • ANSWER:

    I took my dog to the vet today and her doctor said one of her enzymes are high in her liver?
    She had blood work done cause she is getting spayed Thursday.The doctor told me the enzyme was so low that it was there but hardley noticable.She also said that the Pomeranian breed is born with a desiesed liver,and a very small % of them may encounter problems as they grow older.What is your veiw on this,oh and she told me not to worry at all.She is 12 1/2 months old.
    They are higher than normal

    • ANSWER:
      In young animals, it can be normal. Enzymes can be elevated because they’re been running around prior to testing and if they have been off their food or having food changed, that can affect the result. Your vet would know if it’s anything to worry about and since she has told you not to worry, then don’t.

      It depends which enzyme it is that determines whether it’s a problem or not and i’m guessing that your dog may still be growing so it’s probably normal and your vet will monitor it if it’s needed.

    Why would I have an enlarged liver for a year now as well as enzymes getting higher and higher?
    I have an enlarged liver with high enzymes and they are tryin to figure out the cause of this as it is making me very sick and in a lot of pain. The pain is under my right rib and will radiate up into my shoulder baldes and in my back. They said it is the capsule surrounding the liver that is causing the pain as the liver is enlarging butt he capsule is not. My liver enzymes are gettting higher as well. My doctor has refered me to a liver disease specialist because he does not know what is going on. He did how ever tell me that I may have Hep or liver cancer. I have my Hep shots and have never left to a foreign country. I dont use drugs and my husband is not infected so im sure he hasnt cheated. I just am going crazy here. I just turned 30 and feel as if my body is shutting down. I also just found out I have fibromyelgia. I have a 1 year old, 5 year old, and a 11 year old who’s father was killed on July 1st 2010 by a drunk driver. The last thing I want is for something to happen to myself.

    I had a c-section December 9th, 2009
    I had my gallbladder out June 27th 2010
    I had my tubes tied October 20th, 2010
    I had a urethra dilatation on January 25th, 2011( urinating blood for 20 years)

    This is 4 surgeries in a 13 months period.

    I also have stomach ulcers and have been vomitting blood.
    I have 2 cysts in my throid

    And many other issues.

    Any insight as to why this is happening please let me know~

    Thank you in advance

    I just turned 30 last week

    I dont smoke
    I dont drink
    I dont do drugs

    And Most of all I dont know why I am so sick????

    • ANSWER:
      When the liver enlarges in size, it is usually due to liver
      cell damage. Let me explain.

      When the liver cells become damaged, the immune
      system of our body responds to this damage and cause
      inflammation to develop inside the liver. This will
      cause the liver to enlarge in size.
      There are many things that can cause damage to
      the liver cells: alcohol consumption, medication
      toxification, chemical exposure, hereditary conditions,
      viral (hepatitis A,B,C,etc) or parasite infections,
      auto immune disease, cancer/growths/tumors/cysts
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infection/surgery that
      causes scar tissue build up in the tubes,
      metabolic disorders (can include thyroid),
      fatty liver disease, and much more.

      If the cause can be found and stopped, the liver cells
      can heal and the problem can be reversed. However,
      if this is not able to be done…then the liver cells can
      start to die off and form scar tissue inside the liver.
      This scar tissue cannot be removed from the liver and
      can act like a wall there, which can block the blood
      from getting to the functioning liver cells, so they continue
      to die off and can eventually lead to blocking the blood
      flow through the liver on its way back to the heart.
      (This is known as Cirrhosis of the liver)

      This is very important to know this…as blood not flowing
      through the liver well anymore can cause it to back up
      into the portal vein (which brings blood from all the
      abdomen to the liver) and also backs up into vessels
      not used to handling this amount of blood (known as
      varies). These varies can have weak spots and balloon
      outward and break open. They are usually found in the
      esophagus, rectal area, and belly button area. Any
      blood in the sputum or vomit or from the rectal area is
      an emergency situation. People who do develop
      cirrhosis, the liver doesn’t make clotting factors that helps
      the blood to they tend to bleed and bruise very
      easily. The doctor can go in and check for varies in
      the esohagus (Endoscopy). The blood will also back
      up into the spleen and can cause it to enlarge, also.

      An ERCP procedure can show if there is a blockage
      or a narrowing of the bile ducts and the doctors can
      widen the bile ducts with the scope and instruments
      to remove any stones, growth, etc. that may be present

      If you have just had a child, it is possible you could of
      developed fatty liver disease, which can occur in the
      third trimester of pregnancy, rarely.

      Simple blood tests can show if your thyroid is making
      the hormone, thyroxine, well. If it is not making enough
      of this is known as hypothyroidism and can
      add to the tired feeling you already have with your
      liver function not being good. Most liver patients feel
      tired all the time.

      These are just some of the things to take into consideration.
      It is best to wait till the liver specialist…either the
      gastroenterologist or hepatologist reviews your blood work,
      ultrasounds, ct scans, MRI, and possible liver biopsy,
      and your other health problems…before a true
      determination can be made.

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.
      Best wishes. You sure have been facing an awful lot..
      I hope that you find out soon what is wrong and that
      you will start to feel much better.

    what does high liver enzyme levels mean???
    when i was about 13 i was put on immipramine for a.d.d. ive been off the medication for almost 10 years now. ive had to have yearly liver tests and ive lacked in it for a while now and i finally had the test done and it came back that the liver enzyme levels were high. i was sent for a cat scan and that came back normal. ive also had more blood tests done and they’ve come back adnormal. the dr said that they had to take care of this now because if they leave it, then later on they wouldnt be able to do anything for it if there was something wrong. he said that if he didnt take care of it now then it would kill me in the next 20 yrs. so what does high enzyme levels mean? what can cause it? it is possible that there is something wrong w/me that wasnt picked up on the cat scan? and what is next after the cat scan since they didnt find anything???
    oh yeah im tired all the time. can that be caused by something being wrong with my liver???

    • ANSWER:
      High liver enzyme count indicates damage to the liver. Usually this happens from high alcohol or drug (prescription or otc) intake, but not always. Not sure why your doctor couldn’t give you more information. The best things you can take to get your liver healthy your doctors won’t even mention because of their ‘deals’ with the pharmaceutical companies. They are safe natural remedies proven to repair damage to the liver…

      Sylmarin (milk thistle) which can be found at Walgreens. Take twice the recommend dose. Liv-52 imported from India which can be found on Ebay. And third would be primrose oil also found otc. You can take all 3 together for a synergystic effect which would heal the liver alot quicker.

    Elevated liver enzymes?
    I’m 37 years old, and I recently had my yearly glucose tolerance test (I don’t have diabetes, but have PCOS which causes high insulin levels) and my liver enzymes were elevated. I know that this isn’t a good thing, but I also hope it could NOT be a big deal !! They want to check it again in 2 months and are lowering my Glucophage to 500 mg. per day, rather than 1000 (which I take for my insulin levels), so I’m hoping this is an indicator that they aren’t TOO concerned, but I can’t help to be concerned. Any encouraging words would help? Of course, I think the worst and think cancer, but I feel otherwise healthy! I don’t know if this could have anything to do with it, but I had the test done 2 days after a really bad bout of stomach flu (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) and was still not feeling well the day of the test…just thought I’d throw that out there too. Thanks in advance!
    I don’t have Hepatitis C! I had the stomach flu that went through my entire family!

    • ANSWER:
      your “flu” like symptoms could of been a recent exposure to hepatitis c- in which this would raise your liver enzymes.
      if you are taking hormones, this can also cause an issue with enzymes as well as fatty liver or “NASH”. Other medications can cause the alt and ast levels to appear abnormal as well.
      Sounds more like some form of hepatitis. I am sure they will do more indepth testing, however, I wouldn’t wait!
      In the case of HCV infection (which you could of harbored for months already before having those flu like symptoms) the earlier you treat, the better chances of sustained viral response or “CURE”. Yes, folks, HCV is curable!

    Which drug causes a fatty liver?
    I am a fit 33 year old and found out my liver enzymes are super high so my Dr ordered me a ultrasound and found out I have a fatty liver. I also have been on a high dose of steroids and arava. One Dr blames the arava the other blames the steroids. The steroids keep me up so my Dr gave me clonazepam. What is it?

    • ANSWER:
      Of those three I would definitely suspect arava…anti-rheumatological drugs are notorious for causing liver damage. Steroids and clonazepam are for the most part pretty ok to the liver, but arava is certainly hepatotoxic.

    High alkaline phosphate and other liver markers?
    I have had high liver enzymes for several years,I have been followed by my local GI for all this time. I have had ultrasounds (including one in June) that are fine, and I had a liver biopsy in Sept. 08 (almost exactly 3 years ago). It just came back with a small amount of fat. Another Dr. of mine (not my GI), suggested that I just consult with a liver specialist in his bldg. Of course, he ordered blood work after my first visit with him and I sent all the results from over the years with my GI. The results came back a bit high in some areas, as have been the case with me for a while with my lfts as I already said. But this time, the alk. phosphate was higher than usual with the others being off, but not as high as they were. I had more blood tests last week for AMA (anti-mitochondrial antibodies) to see if I had Primary Biliary cirosis (sp.). That came back negative, which is good, but now he is sure that it is from the liver b/c of the other elevations in liver enzymes, and wants to do another biopsy next week. I know my dr. is keeping on top of everything by doing all these tests, but what could cause the alk. phostphate to be higher than usual due to the liver? Can it be just a little fat in the liver, or what else? Ultrasound, mri of the abdomen, etc. don’t show any liver problems. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      is better to listen to the opinion of an expert

    How do blood test determine liver function?
    My Doctor had my blood drawn for testing. He said that my liver enzymes were high. How dangerous is this? Could it be normal for me? I have a friend who’s temperature runs higher than 98.6, he has an overactive thyroid. He can eat what he wants, and all he wants, and not gain a pound!!! If I even look at a picture of a big pizza I put on 5 pounds, God I hate him. But in all seriously could my liver enzymes just run higher than normal? Could all of the Tylenol I take for my back pain cause this liver condition? I have heard that Tylenol isn’t as safe as the public has been led to believe.
    First of all thanks, all of the answers were well thought out, and I have learned a lot. I don’t drink alcohol, the medication regiment I am on, put my beer drinking days behinding me.When you are taking drugs like Remeron, Klonopin, and Neurontin, drinking even 1 beer can leave you feeling very uncomfortable. I don’t use illegal drugs, haven’t smoked in 8 years. I am however 68 pounds over my ideal body weight. I have also been taking, Tylenol# 3 with codeine, 3 times a day for a year now. I suspect it’s the Tylenol that has my liver “out of wack”, and I have stoped taking it. I think Tylenol is far more dangerous than people have been led to believe,however Tylenol has became as American as apple pie. Tylenol is in some 60+ different over the counter cold, and flu medicines, if it is a liver toxin, getting it off the shelves, will require a Congressional mandate.

    • ANSWER:
      Your liver is the bloods filter. It’s functionality can be determined through a blood directed test,

    Will masterbating make my liver enzyme count drop?
    hey i have really high count of liver enzymes cause i got mono. will masterbating make it go down or up further?

    • ANSWER:
      Masturbating will have no effect on the disease, but it’ll make the time go faster.

    Liver Enzymes, Abnormally high!!?
    17 year old male

    I currently have mono and came positive in my blood last week. Its been a few days i had extreme nausea after meals even vomiting , heart palps feeling sick in the stomach so i did a liver ALT test and it was at 850….normal is 50. My doctor said mono can cause that, but it scared the crap out of me. Is this normal? and will it go back down? i also got tested for Hep A B and C, all were normal. Urine colour is normal, no Yellow skin, I just feel sick to the stomach, and bloating. Body aches and fatigue, swollen lymph nodes biggest problem.

    Can this be Liver disease? or is it Mono ?
    how long will it last?
    Any doctors or nurses who can help me it be great thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Mono does affect your liver though it is a very scary idea to have elevated liver enzymes. Mono usually runs its course over two to three weeks, so wait it out and see. And if you develop any jaundice or other symptoms, go back to the doctor asap!

    What can cause liver enzymes to elevate?
    I am 22 years old, in decent shape, and I don’t drink alcohol. For the past 3 weeks I have been itching like crazy day and night. I have no rashes or raised bumps but its getting to the point where I am scratching so hard that I am breaking the skin. I went to the doctors and she prescribed me a bunch of allergy medicine and lotions to try and see if thats what it was, as well as having blood work taken. She called me and told me that everything was normal except for my liver and that it was reading very high. All she told me was that she was concerned and to come back in a month to have blood work taken again to see if the results changed. So now I am freaking out as to why I’m itching and why my results are what they are. None of the allergy medicines are working so I know its not that.My doctor sounded worried but didn’t tell me too much. I have been tested for Hepititus and that was negative, so what else could it be? What would elevate the liver enzymes? Should I be worried?
    I do not smoke and I had the Mirena IUD put in at the end of March 2010. I do not take ANY other medicines.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a very important question. Are you on Contraceptives? If so, I would Run to my gynecologist and have a liver profile done and explain what is going on. I do not want to tell you what happened to me, as it is a warning on all birth control pills, “a serious but rare condition” but let me just say that your Liver controls your hormones and if you are on contraceptives, they could cause issues. If you smoke too, that adds to the danger. I also pulled up the website Mayoclinic and was surprised to see that it did not state anything regarding hormones, please at least check this out as well. Go to your Gyn asap, for me, please. Do not worry, just get all the information you need and then go from there. I wish you well.

    I’m told I have gallstones and have to have a gallbladder surgery. How dangerous is this surgery?
    Not only I have gallstones but also very thickened gall bladder walls. Apparently this is causing high liver enzymes readings (ASP and ALT) in my blood tests, and also itching all over, red eyes, and dry skin. I have consulted two doctors and they both say the same: Surgery! I have also visited many websites such as Mayo Clinic, Natl Institutes of Health, etc, but I would like to know if someone knows of treatments other than surgery, and/or their experiences with gallbladder surgery. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Get the surgery done and your liver will return to normal. You will also feel a lot better. Most of the time they can do the surgery laproscopically today which makes it a pretty easy surgery. The doctors are right. You will have to get this done if you want to get well. There is nothing else you can do. My 78 year old mother had it done and also my husband. Both did really well without any problems.

    High iron level results at 600+ Why?
    I have had a blood test after feeling constantly tired, stressed, moody, loss of energy, loss of sex drive etc. The result had come back as high liver enzymes so off i went for another test for it to come back as iron level 600+ which is more then double the recommended amount (200-300 for men). I have a healthy lifestyle, dont drink, smoke, train at gym 3 times a week, no drugs, and have a healthy diet. I have been told its causing liver damage but i dont know what could be doing it as i have checked my food, vitamins etc. Any ideas?? I am under my doctor and have an appointment next week :O)

    • ANSWER:
      There is a liver disease that is hereditary. It is where the body tends to hold
      onto too much iron. It can cause liver cell damage. It is known
      as “Hemochromatosis”. Check to see if anyone else in your family may
      of had this problem.

      When the liver cells become damaged (the liver cells make enzymes),
      then these enzymes will leak out and go higher on the blood tests results.
      Some of the well known liver enzymes are the ALT, AST, GGT, and ALP.

      The immune system of the body may respond to this cell damage and cause
      inflammation to develop inside the liver. Inflammation normally will block
      a foreign substance from going further into the body…sort of acts like
      a wall of protection. However, when it develops inside the liver, it adds
      to the pressure there because the liver is surrounded by a tight membrane
      capsule. It will cause the liver to enlarge in size (can be seen on an
      ultrasound or Ct scan.)

      I would try to eliminate any high iron foods and check back with your
      doctor for more blood testing. Blood testing is not always 100%
      accurate and the doctor may double check this on the next test done
      to be sure.

      Many things can cause a rise in the liver enzymes: muscle injury,
      intramuscular injection, exercising before the test was done are a few
      things that can effect the results of these tests.
      Liver disease causes are:
      alcohol consumption, medications toxification, chemical exposure,
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infection, viral or parasite infections,
      auto immune disease, fatty liver disease, hereditary conditions,
      metabolic disorders, cardiac/vascular problems, mushroom poisoning,
      and many others.

      This list may help you look at the whole picture better and decide what
      questions you may ask your doctor.

      The liver enzymes are just one type of blood tests done to check the liver.
      There is also the liver function tests, liver viral tests, and liver cancer blood

      If they decide that there is a liver problem, it would be best to be referred to
      either a gastroenterologist or hepatologist. Ultrasounds and Ct scan can
      show the doctor alot more…however, a liver biopsy is the best test done
      to determine a cause, how far advanced in the disease a person is
      because they are looking directly at the tissue of the liver itself.

      Best wishes to you.

      Links on Hemochromatosis:

      With this condition, the doctor will usually have you give blood for awhile.
      This helps to reduce the amount of overall iron in your body.
      Of course, this may not be this problem. Sometimes the liver enzymes will
      return to normal with the next blood test results…it may just be an iron intake
      being high.