Dr Schultz Liver Cleanse Diet

The liver, kidney and colon work hand in hand to eliminate toxic substances through urination and bowel movements. In order for the liver to do its job, you have to feed it the right nutrients and enough of them. Otherwise, the liver becomes sluggish and slows down the process of expelling the harmful substances that shouldn’t be in your body. Get the nutrients you need and maintain proper liver functions, by planning healthy meals and a regular liver cleansing detox.

Every day we consume foods, liquids, participate in activities and breathe poor quality air that leads to an under-performing liver. For example, smoking adds toxins to the liver, and makes it weak. Over time, the impact of smoking will be damaged liver cells. If you’re a smoker, you must do what you can to stop in order to protect your liver. A liver cleansing diet improves liver performance, and helps to keep other important organs that assist the liver in good health, such as the gall bladder, heart and kidneys. When the liver malfunctions, it cannot provide needed support to other vital organs in your body, which is why it may result in other health related issues.

Develop a liver cleansing detox plan to eliminate the toxins that you intake, sometimes without even realizing it. The first step is to change the way you eat. You’ll promote great liver health if you stay away from chemicals and toxins in your diet, which often means restricting your diet to organic foods that are free of additives and colorings. Next, evaluate your budget as you analyze different liver detox programs. Choose a liver cleansing detox and meal plan that you can afford, and keep in mind that you’ll have to detox once a year. Finally, you can help to remove toxins from your body prior to a liver cleansing detox program, by drinking such things as fresh apple or grapefruit juice. Share your plan with your physician, to ensure that your dietary and liver cleansing plan won’t harm your body due to preexisting health conditions.

Evaluation is a key part of the liver cleansing detox plan. You should analyze the effect of the cleansing on your body. If it doesn’t produce a positive effect or you suffer severe side effects, you should stop doing it. Consult your physician on how to proceed. If it works out well, then consider repeating it after six months. Maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly after a liver cleansing diet, to see even better results.