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Bodybuilders become bodybuilders because they always want to be the biggest man in the room. This can be achieved, but this often will result in the abuse of the largest organ they have in their body- the liver. Due to the intense nature of the training with food, vitamins, supplements, and steroids, the liver can really get a work out. Therefore, it is necessary for bodybuilders to take a few extra precautions in order to keep their liver as healthy as possible.

Every good bodybuilder knows that a healthy liver is needed in order to build muscle and take off fat. The liver has many functions; these include processing toxins and handling protein and fat transformation. If a liver is healthy, it will burn through fat and let the proteins do their part in the muscle building process. If a liver is weak or damaged due to being doused in toxins, the easy tasks for the liver suddenly become very hard to complete.

Steroids that need to be ingested can be hard on the liver. Usually the supplements, vitamins and minerals you take will also require that the liver work harder. There are a huge number of athletes that are unaware of this and down many pills a day without concern of liver damage. This is horrible for the liver’s future. Steroids are something that needs to be cycled while the blood work is carefully monitored.

To keep the liver functioning as well as possible, there are some easy things that everyone can take part in. You should try to avoid alcohol and tobacco; this is because the liver metabolizes these two potentially dangerous substances. It’s good to get enough sleep, the immune system and the liver work together when healthy to create a synergistic effect. This is a tough one for bodybuilders, but it is very important to not take in too many proteins. Taking more than 400-500 grams of protein a day is way too much, and needs to be avoided by bodybuilders and everyone else. Lack of exercise will also contribute to damaging the liver.

Some people are shocked to discover that supplements are a useful tool for helping the liver recover. Many companies have dedicated whole product lines to defending the liver. Most of these supplements are meant to be taken while taking other supplements for bodybuilding to aid in the process of gaining muscle.

The liver has to be one of the most incredible organs in the human body. Much that has been mentioned makes the liver seem weak, but it does repair itself from the majority of reversible damage. Bodybuilders and any others who might be using steroids should be very careful with their liver, and liver enzyme checks from a doctor should be part of the annual routine. Keeping your liver healthy now will keep your body going in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

    What does elevated liver enzymes in a child mean?
    He is 6 years old, not obese at all, very active, not on any meds, but he has never been healthy. He has had a few surgeries, kidney problems, but he has been very healthy for 9 months. His last episode was pseudomas infection that put him in hospital for over 3 weeks, that was 18 months ago. He is extremely constipated now, the doc thinks that might be causing high liver enzymes in blood???? His numbers are over double the normal limits.

    • ANSWER:
      Over double the normal limits is certainly significant. I would like to know his bilirubin. If that is also raised, he will need further investigations/ treatment.
      Good luck!

    Does anyone have elevated liver enzymes and irregular periods?
    Hey, I was wondering if anyone else has had high liver enzymes? I have for the past two years and I also have developed irregular periods within that same time frame. Has anyone ever experienced this?

    • ANSWER:
      I have not experienced this but it sounds like you could have a hormone imbalance going on somewhere.

      I would recommend a consultation with an endocrinologist (a doctor that diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders that relate to hormones such as with the thyroid) if you haven’t already to see what they think could be going on.

    What are some factors that can effect high liver enzymes?
    My husband took a blood test. His results showed that he had elevated liver enzymes. The week he took the test he was sick, working out and taking medicine (tylenol sinus). Could this have effected the tests? Please Help!!!
    Oh and he doesn’t drink alcohol

    • ANSWER:
      The highest levels of AST and ALT are found with disorders that cause the death of numerous liver cells (extensive hepatic necrosis). This occurs in such conditions as acute viral hepatitis A or B, pronounced liver damage inflicted by toxins as from an overdose of acetaminophen (Tylenol), and prolonged collapse of the circulatory system when the liver is deprived of fresh blood bringing oxygen and nutrients. AST and ALT serum levels in these situations can range anywhere from ten times the upper limits of normal to thousands of units/liter.

      The most common cause of mild to moderate elevations of these liver enzymes is fatty liver. In the United States, the most frequent cause of fatty liver is alcohol abuse. Other causes of fatty liver include diabetes mellitus and obesity. Chronic hepatitis C is also becoming an important cause of mild to moderate liver enzyme elevations.

      A host of medications can cause abnormal liver enzymes levels. Examples include:
      – Pain relief medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), neproxen (Narosyn), diclofenac (Voltaren), and phenybutazone (Butazolidine)
      – Anti-seizure medications such as phenytoin (Dilantin), valproic acid, carbamazepine (Tegretol), and phenobarbital
      – Antibiotics such as the tetracyclines, sulfonamides, isoniazid (INH), sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, nitrofurantoin
      – Cholesterol lowering drugs such as the “statins” (Mevacor, Pravachol, Lipitor, etc.) and niacin
      – Cardiovascular drugs such as amiodarone (Cordarone), hydralazine, quinidine, etc.
      – Anti-depressant drugs of the tricyclic type

    MY 13 year old dog has been diagnosed with high liver enzymes. She is getting worse so quickly and now?
    Took my 13 year old dog to the vet because she got sick really quickly. Sudden change in her. Vet said elevated liver enzymes. She is getting worse and not eating or drinking. Cannot get her to take her medicine. She is also breathing very heavy.

    • ANSWER:
      bring her to the emergency vet right away.

    What could elevated liver enzymes be?
    Hello, my girlfriend has high elevated liver enzymes, positive hepatitis c antibodies, but no rna. She has consistently been testing negative for hepatitis c rna all the time.

    so she doesn’t have hepatitis c, what could cause her to have elevated liver enzymes.

    she also stated that she does have some pain where her liver is. She is also doesn’t have the bets weight….
    oh and she doesnt drink or smoke…

    • ANSWER:
      Fatty liver, alcohol, other drugs, other types of hepatitis. Alcocol is commonest cause

    Can elevated liver enzymes be normal?
    I am a 30 yr old female with elevated liver enzymes. They have been elevating from high to very high. I went in for a physical about 2 years ago and found they were still high. I had another biopsy, ultrasound, and other tests ruling out Hepatitus, some autoimmune diseases, biliary problems, ect. What is wierd is that my sister also has these elevated enzymes. My dad had 2 liver transplants because of Hep. C, but as I said before that was not found in me. I have extreme fatigue all of the time, and recently my right had started to become numb. It’s the top of the hand and is now working it’s way up the arm. I also had Cholostasis of Pregnancy when I was preganant with my daughter. I have no idea if any of it is related. My doctor doesn’t seem to be to concerned and says that it could be that I just have high liver enzymes. I’m having blood tests done every 3 months now to watch them, but they continue to stay high.

    • ANSWER:
      There are things that we can come across in our daily lives (medications and alcohol, viruses, etc) that can give us elevated liver enzymes which will just settle and resolve by themselves.

      If they continue to stay elevated, perhaps your doctor should continue the search for the reason, though. You may require a referral to a liver specialist (often a gastroenterologist) and perhaps even a liver biopsy!

      The fatigue is suggestive of a viral or an autoimmune condition.

    why high iron content and high liver enzymes?
    i have been diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes and also high iron content. i am a white female in my late 60′s. do not smoke or drink and other wise healthy. i believe the high liver enzymes are hereditary and that the high iron has always been part of my chemistry make up. i do not use iron skillets on a regular basis or eat iron rich foods. I am healthy other than being diagnosed with vertigo

    • ANSWER:
      You may have a hereditary disease known as
      Hemochromatosis. This would elevate the liver enzymes
      because of the iron build up inside the liver.
      People who have this disease have to have blood
      taken frequently according to the time periods the
      doctor says.
      Here are a few links about this disease…however,
      this is not a diagnosis. Only the doctor can know
      whether you have this or not by the testing he does:





      In Hemochromatosis, the body tends to hold onto iron because
      of some mutation of the genes, is my understanding of this.
      You could ask your relatives if anyone else in your family
      had this problem. I hope this is of some help.

      If this does turn out to be a liver disease, it is best
      to be referred to either a gastroenterologist or hepatologist

      Vertigo can happen because of having an ear/equilibrium

      Best wishes

    Why are my liver enzymes high?
    I had a recent physical that revealed that I have elevated liver enzymes. My ALT count is 63 and AST count it 61. I had an equivalent of 4 drinks the night before, and frequently have 2-3 drinks per night. I had a binge episode approximately 10 days prior. I am going in for more testing (hepatitis etc) but am a bit nervous. Are the elevated levels caused likely by the alcohol intake or should I be more concerned about disease? Very nervous. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      To start, the only thing “Hepatitis” means is liver inflammation. In the same way that joints can become inflamed from arthritis, our lungs when we catch a cold, skin becomes red and swollen in an infection, our body tells us that something is harming that tissue.

      In your case, it would be most likely that your excessive alcohol intake (remember, anything more than 1 drink/day for women or 2 drinks/day for men is considered excessive) is causing your liver to be inflamed as it metabolizes the alcohol into a less toxic form called acetaldehyde (the chemical responsible for hangovers).

      The elevations of the aminotransferases tells us that the liver is inflamed, but not what causes it. Some other causes include gallstones, a blocked liver duct, or infections with Hepatitis A,B,C,D or E.

      However, if you haven’t been having high-risk/unprotected sex, sharing needles for IV drug use, or eaten food that may be contaminated with Hep A/E, then you have a very low risk for that.

      They will likely test other indications of gastro-intestinal health (bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, lipase) and may use an ultrasound machine to look at your liver.

      By doing all these things, we can find out if it is alcohol causing your liver inflammation or something else.

    can you die from high elevated liver enzymes?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver enzymes are made by the liver cells.
      When the liver cells become damaged, these
      enzymes can leak out and go higher on your
      blood tests results.
      However, they are not the only thing the doctor
      looks at to determine if you have a liver problem.
      He also does other blood tests, like the liver
      function tests (which show how well the cells of
      the liver are able to do the 500 plus functions the
      liver does as a whole to keep the body well:
      and also the liver viral tests ( to see if a virus
      has entered the body and is using the liver cells
      to replicate itself).

      No one blood testing is 100% accurate. The
      doctors usually do more testing and a comparison
      to be sure. Blood tests are just a hint that something
      is wrong. It takes other kinds of testing to confirm
      it: ultrasound, Ct scan, or even a liver biopsy.

      Only one of the liver enzymes is specific to the liver
      itself because it is made mostly in the liver cells
      [known as ALT]…the other types of enzymes are also
      found in other organs.

      Can you die from high levels?
      When the cells of the liver becomes damaged,
      the immune system of the body responds to this
      damage and causes inflammation to develop inside
      the liver, which causes the liver to enlarge in size.

      If the cause of the cell damage can be stopped:
      like alcohol consumptions, medications toxification,
      chemical exposure, fatty liver disease, and others…
      then the liver cells may heal and, if the inflammation
      is treated, the condition can be reverse.

      However, if this is not done…it can lead to a
      progressive, irreversable disease known as
      Cirrhosis of the liver. This means the liver cells
      have died off and is forming scar tissue inside
      the liver that blocks the flow of blood through
      the liver on its way back to the heart and also
      to the other liver cells, so they continue to die
      off…Then you could eventually die from this.

      Hope this information has been of some help to you.

    What are the risks of having elevated liver enzymes?
    I had a blood test recently (after fasting) that showed my liver enzymes were way too high. I don’t remember what the exact number was but the Dr. told me I need to stop drinking.

    I had an Ultra Sound to check for liver damage and there was none apparent. What will happen if I don’t stop drinking?

    • ANSWER:
      High liver enzymes means that something is irritating your liver which in your case is alcohol. If you continue to drink, then the irritation causes inflammation which you probably already have. This leads to fibrosis and then this leads to cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis is when healthy tissue in the liver is replaced with scar tissue. This is permanent damage that does not go away. There is no cure for cirrhosis other than a liver transplant which is extremely hard to get for anyone needing a transplant due to alcohol abuse.

    Gallstones and high liver enzymes?
    Last week I got my first “gallbladder attack”. Since I didn’t know what was going on, I went to the ER. I was told my liver enzymes were high which possibly indicated I had gallstones. But their ultrasound center was closed so off I went. The following day I followed up with my doctor. He did some blood work again. Two days later I got an ultrasound which indicated I have gallstones. That same day my doctor called to say my liver enzymes were even higher and referred me to a surgeon. I saw the surgeon yesterday and he decided to do more blood work to make sure my liver enzymes are back to normal. My liver enzymes were normal three months ago. In the meantime I’m anxious. What can be causing the elevated liver enzymes?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver makes bile. The bile flows from inside the liver through
      ducts (tube like structures) to the gallbladder to be stored and
      concentrated. When we eat, food moves from the esophagus to
      the stomach and then to the first part of the intestines (known
      as the duodenum). Hormones then signal the gallbladder to
      contract and the bile is pushed into the common bile duct
      to flow to the intestines to help emulsify the fats we eat so
      they can be digested and absorbed.

      Gallstones can develop in the gallbladder. If there is more
      than one stone seen in the gallbladder on an ultrasound or
      Ct scan…then they sometimes will remove the gallbladder
      with surgery. However, if just one stone has moved into
      the bile ducts…they may do what is known as an
      ERCP to remove it. This is where they numb the throat,
      as you to swallow a scope (with camera, light, and small
      instruments can be used through it). It goes through the
      esophagus, stomach, and over to the bile ducts.
      They can shoot dye up into the ducts and see the stone and
      them use the instruments to try to remove it.

      The liver cells and the biliary cells makes enzymes.
      If the bile ducts are obstructed, it can cause the bile to
      back up into the liver and damage the liver cells.
      When the liver cells become damaged, the enzymes
      will leak out and go higher on the blood tests results.
      The ALT enzymes is most specific to the liver, but
      the ALP enzyme is most specific to the biliary area…
      it depends on which ones show up higher on the blood
      tests results.

      It is best to be with a gastroenterologist.

      Here are some links to learn more about the gallbladder and
      the surgery, if you have to have it done:

      ERCP and GAllstones:



      Gallbladder and surgery:




      They sometimes will do lithotripsy for gallstones, also:


      I hope this information has been of help to you. Best wishes

    My liver enzymes are elevated to 67% what does that mean?
    I went to the doctor on Friday, and my doctor said my liver enzymes were elevated. She said normal is between 5% – 55%. Mine is at 67%,what does that mean. She said she would rather have it at 10-15%.She said its not to high but she wants to recheck it again in 3 onths I am a 23 year old female and i rarely drink and i don’t do drugs, so i doubt its because of that. When i googled about it, i read something that said you can get that from being pregnant in your last trimester or soon after birth. I have to kids, could it just be because i just had a baby 3 months ago?Should i get my sons tested because i read about some lady that had it (elevated liver enzymes)and her 1 year old had really high elevated liver enzymes. I’m really confused because when i googled high liver enzymes it says its nothing to be worried about then it says it could be serious.

    • ANSWER:

    Elevated Liver Enzymes……….?
    Hi all! I gave birth to my daughter on Nov. 15th via c-section. I have a 15 month old son who was born c-section as well. Throughout this pregnancy I had some complications where around my 26th week I could not keep any food down, I had upper, right abdominal pain and I was super sick. When we went in they initially thought that it was my gallbladder and sent me in to do an ultra sound and did blood tests. Everything came back okay but they hospitalized me for ten days and did 2 endoscopys where they found ulcers lining my esophagus and then a biopsy which came up with nothing. They thought about removing my gallbladder but since there were no signs pointing towards it they decided to wait it out due to the risk to myself and my daughter. They decided to manage pain and nausea with Dilauded and promethazine. I was only taking 12 mg. of Dilauded a day and 25 mg. of promethazine once to twice a day. My daughter was born healthy and I was fine so they sent us home five days after she was born. Before I left they gave me my hepatitis and tetanus vaccines. I was fine up until a couple days ago when I started to feel super nauseated and dizzy. I got a migraine and was feeling horrible. I went to my doctor who checked me and said that I looked fine and it did not look like I had an infection or anything that was going on but he wanted to do a blood test to check to make sure everything was okay. Later that night the on-call oncologist called to tell me that my liver enzymes were high and she wanted me to come in to do some more tests first thing in the morning. I went in this morning and they did another blood test to see if my numbers went up, down, or stayed the same. I have not heard back from them yet and I am having major anxiety over the whole situation. I have an appointment with the G.I specialist in two weeks because he did not want to run any gallbladder tests so close to delivery of my baby girl. This morning when I went in for more blood tests my blood pressure was slightly elevated, my heart rate was up, and my doctor told me that my liver enzymes were only slightly elevated. Along with these symptoms I have had a headache that will not go away, My legs swelled up once I got home from the hospital and now they do not swell up as often but if I am on them to much they start to hurt and at night when I am asleep they hurt if I keep them in the same position to long. My left arm where I got the vaccinations is still sore but not as painful as it was the three days after I got the vaccinations. More of an uncomfortable feeling then a pain. I am nauseated but no throwing up. I have pain in my right side of my abdomen and my doctor said that is due to the muscles that are located on that side trying to heal because that was where the majority of my incision was. I have major anxiety when it comes to stuff like this so I am super shaky and I do not know if that is due to the stress of not knowing what is going on with my body or if it has to do with all the other stuff that is going on. I am dizzy, lightheaded and sometimes have muscle spasms. I am super tired but that could be due to the fact that I wake up with my newborn all night to feed her. Over-all I feel like crap and want to try to figure out what could be causing all of this so that I can get some rest and not worry that I am going to die in my sleep/ Has anybody eperienced anything like this? Could all of this be related to the vaccinations that I got? Does anybody know what could be causing all of this? What is the cure to elevated enzymes? What is the relation to the headache and elevated liver enzymes because everyone seems concerned that I have a headache but I have had migraines snce I was seven years old. Please help me calm my nerves! I wrote all of this yesterday and now to add to the fun I have lower left back pain. My doctor called to say that he is not to concerned about the whole thing but to keep my eye on it……..whatever that means. I am not sure I could get any more symptoms at this point and would like to know if anybody knows what this could be, what it could mean, and if I should ignore my doctor and go to the ER and make them run every test under the sun until they figure out what is wrong with me so I can feel better. :(

    • ANSWER:
      Sassy’s information is good. I would like to add to that – since you have nausea, you probably have not been taking in a proper amount of fluids daily which can dause your dizziness and feeling lightheaded. You have promethazine – use it regularly. Dramatically increasing your water intake daily will probably make this go away. As for the back pain – some tylenol or motrin would be appropriate for this. If your enzymes are coming back down, this may be only a temporary condition either related to your pregnancy, medications you have taken, etc. and might resolve itself without further treatment. That is probably why the doctor is taking the “watch and wait” – to see if it resolves on it’s own or if it gets worse and further testing then might be needed. Sometimes, there are not exact answers or diagnoses – you treat the symptoms, see if the treatment works and if not, try another plan of attack which is what your doctor is currently doing. And, since you have been seen recently by your doctor and lots of testing has been done, going to the ER (unless you get dramatically worse during the night) would not be fianancially prudent because your insurance has already paid for testing on your condition and may deny your claim. And, ER’s do not “order every test in the book” because insurance companies will not pay for this. They order tests specific to your complaint and what they believe is going on and you have already probably had a recent CBC and a chemistry with liver enzymes. You are worrying way too much about something that could possibly resolve over the next week or so. And, elevated liver enzymes will not kill you in your sleep. If you get worse, call your doctor back and report your symptoms. Follow your doctor’s advice exactly. Rest as much as possible. Increase your fluid intake and take some pain medication. You need to keep working with one doctor on this, otherwise, fractured care is the end result.

    6 month old – reflux, high liver enzymes, enlarged kidneys?
    My 6 month old was born at 8 lbs., 1 oz. At 6 months, he is only 14 lbs now. Besides reflux, we have only diagnosed the following: milk protein allergies, reflux, and enlarged kidneys. Recently we have discovered that he has elevated liver enzymes. What in the world could that mean?? No illness when tests were done, so it’s not that. I am hesitant to keep poking him unless it is with intention. Thoughts?

    • ANSWER:

    Elevated Liver Enzymes. Please answer this question!!!?
    So anyway, last year my friend was told that he had high liver enzymes. He used to be a heavy drinker (He doesn’t drink at all now), but now he takes the reccomended dose of vicodon and aleve for his back pain(doctor prescribed). How can he get rid of his high liver enzymes and start regenerating his liver? I really appreciate all answers!:) Oh, he doesn’t have cancer, and he doesn’t have insurance.

    Thanks in advance,
    In Christ,

    • ANSWER:

    High Liver Enzymes?
    Is 112 considered to be elevated liver enzymes and what could they be elevated from? my husband had a blood test that should elevated liver enzymes. the doctor said it could be a fatty liver. what does that mean? and what does that mean for the future of his liver?

    • ANSWER:
      Imagine you are in a room by yourself.
      You have lots of space and can move
      around and function well. Now imagine
      that a number of people enter the room…
      you have less space. Now imagine
      that there are so many people in the room
      that you are backed into a corner and the
      walls start to close in on you. What happens? You are stuck and cannot get
      out. You start to lack oxygen and, if
      you are hungry, you cannot get nourishment.
      Eventually, if there is no way of leaving or
      getting the things you need, you could die.

      This is what happens inside the liver.
      The liver is surrounded by a capsule.
      The fat builds up inside the liver and
      causes pressure on the cells. The fat
      may also be inside the cells. What happens
      is that it can block the cells from getting
      what it needs to function and eventually
      can cause damage. How? When there
      start to be damage in the liver cells, it
      signals our immune system. The
      immune system responds and can cause
      inflammation inside the liver which only
      adds to the problem. It causes the
      liver to start to swell up and can destroy
      even more cells.

      Sometimes, if the problem is caused by
      weight…losing weight will help the cells
      and everything will be fine. If a person
      who has a fatty liver being caused
      from drinking alcohol, by stop drinking
      it and getting treatment…the condition
      can be reversed.

      Here is a link that explains the different
      types of fatty liver disease:


      This is a link for those who do not drink

      Sometimes the fat is not inside the liver
      but surrounding it. This may be what
      is known as Simple fatty liver and may
      not do any harm, but would be treated
      with just trying to lose weight.

      It is important that your husband informs
      the doctor of all medication he is taking now. This includes over the counter,
      herbs, herbal teas, vitamins, minerals,
      and prescriptions from other doctors.

      Follow the doctors advice closely.
      Inflammation of the liver can be treated
      and cured, but death of the liver cells can only be slowed down.

      I hope this helps you understand more.

    Can iron dietary supplements affect slightly elevated liver enzymes?
    Just went for a check-up and the tests came back that I had slightly elivated liver enzymes (never had before). I have recently started taking high potency vitimins with iron supplements. Could this affect the test? Trying to figure out what is causing this.

    • ANSWER:
      Liver function tests (LFTs or LFs), are groups of clinical biochemistry laboratory blood assays designed to give a doctor or other health professional information about the state of a patient’s liver. Most liver diseases cause only mild symptoms initially, while it is vital that these diseases are detected early. Hepatic involvement in some diseases can be of crucial importance.
      For more about treatment and products go at:

    My dog 4.5 yo has elevated alt liver enzymes at 809 and bile acid test were really high as well. she is taking?
    Amoxicillin and denemarin . Vet thinks its cirrhosis or bad poisoning. Ultrasound showed small liver with irragular shapes consistent with cirrhosis or microvascular dysplasia. The dog has some lethargy but has an ok apettite. What can i do for her at this point? Any alternative medicine and what is her prognosis?

    • ANSWER:
      The part of the the liver that is damaged by cirrhosis cannot rebuild. Denamarin is good for helping other liver cells rebuild. My dog showed significant improvement in 2 months. Below are some diets to help the liver. Fish is the protein that causes the least problems with the blood. Chicken is next. Do not feed beef.



      Nautral Balance Vegetarian Formula is good for liver disease as there are no animal proteins to cause ammonia in the blood. You can add some white fish if it is tolerated by your dog.

      Google canine liver disease and canine liver diet to learn more about it.
      Do not feed Dr. Jean Dodds diet for more than 2 weeks as it is not nutritionally complete. The diet was designed for dogs with epilepsy but is a good start for liver disease.

    Diagnosed Chiari Malformation1 10mm, high liver enzymes and rapid weight gain mid section. Body aches & cramps
    Hit head May 2007, gained 80 lbs in 10 months. Eating and excercise didn’t change. MRI shows CM1. Blood tests keep showing elevated liver enzymes. Tested for Cushings, test came back negative. Belly hurts and is hard to touch. Liver feel like been hit with a bat. Exhausted all the time. Had complete hysterctomy in 2006. Have weird neurological symptoms. parts of head and face go numb. Feel like rubberband around my ribs and sometimes a hat or sunglasses on my head by they aren’t. Can’t lose the weight no matter what. Miserable. Does Chiari cause rapid weight gain. Also, I have a benign tumor on my thryroid measured at 1.4 x 1.8cm but thyroid blood tests are good. Feels like someone standing on my throat. Very hoarse at times. Also, my body temperature is always at least one degree below normal. I don’t have a gallbladder and I have had three sinus surgeries. I am on several meds for nausea and vomiting, I have erosive esophagilia. I also suffer from severe insomnia.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, but this is too much for YA. You need a doctor. I hope you feel better soon.

    Can this AWFUL taste in the back of my mouth be associated with high liver enzymes?
    About a month and a half ago a routine blood test said that I had elevated liver enzymes. Just yesterday I went to get a liver ultrasound and will not hear back with results until this next tuesday. This morning I woke up with a HORRIBLE taste in the back of my mouth and nothing will make it go away. I was wondering if there is any connection at all? I dont know if the elevated liver enyzmes is a big deal. PS. they have ruled out all the hep A B C, etc. Anyone have knowledge on this subject? I know I have to wait until tuesday with results, but I would love to get this taste out of my mouth!

    • ANSWER:
      The liver enzymes blood test can signify if
      the cells of the liver or biliary ducts have
      become damaged. If the cells of the liver
      are damaged, the body immune system
      will respond to this and cause inflammation
      inside the liver that will cause the liver to
      enlarge in size. If the cause of the problem
      is found and stopped and the inflammation
      is treated…the liver cells may heal.
      An ultrasound will show if the liver is
      enlarged, how much, and will also show any
      growths (cysts or tumors) and how the blood
      is flowing through the liver.

      There are many causes of liver cell damage..
      see if any of these may apply:
      alcohol consumption, medication toxification,
      chemical exposure, viral infections like you
      mentioned (Hep A,B,C,etc), fatty liver
      disease, autoimmune disease, hereditary
      conditions, metabolic problems,
      biliary obstruction/malformation,infection,
      cardiac problems, and others.

      If a person develops Liver problems they
      can also develop a fecal like smell
      to their breath and can sometimes taste
      it…it is known as Fetor Hepatitis…
      here is a link:


    what do liver doctors do if your liver enzymes are high?
    When your liver enzymes are elevated, what does your liver doctor usually do about that?

    • ANSWER:
      The doctor should check them again at a later date (maybe a month or so) and see if they are still high. They will want to know if they are staying high all the time or if its just a one time thing that goes away. It also depends on high high the enzymes are because no doctor is going to freak about a level that is just a litttle bit above normal. If they are significantly higher, then they want to know what is causing it.

      If they do the liver function test several times and they remain high, they will want to do an ultrasound and/or CT scan to try to see what is going on with the liver. If the liver is enlarged and there is something more they want to know about it, the very best test is to get a biopsy done which will clearly show any problems with the liver. They only do a biopsy as a last resort to figure things out. They will do the less invasive testing first.

    High liver enzymes with Lipitor???
    I have been on Lipitor 10 mgs for almost a year. Just had blood test, doctor says stop drug, liver enzymes elevated. Should I worry??? Wouldn’t they have been elevated earlier than almost a year????
    Had blood test last October, all was fine. Doc says ‘slightly elevated. Recheck in 3 months.

    • ANSWER:

    does anyone have problems with elevated liver enzymes?
    what is a fatty liver i am a little worried about it. my enzymes are pretty high.

    • ANSWER:
      A fatty liver is a liver that is full of “fat stones.” The liver filters out toxins so it is imperitive that you cleanse your liver. To quote a woman with a fatty liver:

      “When I went on a ultrasound the doctor said I have fat-structures in my liver(fatty liver) and it practically means that the liver is full of
      stones, though they are not visible on ultrasound because they are “fatstones.” These stones are soft and fit perfectly in the bile ducts like a hand in a glove. After my 4 cleansings I have lost 40 pounds and my digestion and metabolism hasn’t been this good since I was a child. I really recommend it to everyone who has not tried it.” To read the rest of her post go here: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=331436#i

      Everyone on the forum raves about the liver cleanse; some of them even posts pictures of their stones which are pretty gross.

      Always do a kidney cleanse before the liver/gallbladder cleanse.



    Chihuahua with elevated liver enzymes?
    My little guy is a VERY picky eater, the vet suggested changeing to a senior formulated dog food, I couldn’t find one he would eat, and I tried every brand on the market. At the next vet visit his liver enzymes were higher and the Vet prescribed a multi-vitamin. The vitamin is liver flavored, he won’t eat it. He doesn’t eat treats so I can’t even camouflage it. I tried grinding it up and putting it in his food, and having a test of wills, he went 3 days without eating. He’s 6 years old, weights 5 pounds, and is too small to go without eating for 3 days, I gave in. Trying to force it down his throat is a fight worthy of a Las Vegas showdown. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      My dog is the same way, she’s very picky. I feed her Purina and Beneful…adult chow. However your dog is much smaller and the bites might be too big for him. When my dog was sick, I had to force the pills down her throat but she’d cough them back up. Something you might try is crushing the pill up and putting it in some water then get an eye dropper and suck the water and crushed pill up into the dropper. It’s not hard to get it in the dogs mouth, stick the end of the eye dropper in the corner of his mouth and he can’t help but swallow it. I’m not sure what else will work. I finally figured out that my dog liked her pills wrapped in tiny bits of bread.

    elevated liver enzymes? ever had them, what was the cause?
    found out ive had this for a while now. first time i had it when pregnatn 3 years ago. then got tested six months ago it was still elevated. just got another test back and now dr is ordering ultra sound of liver & Hep tests. i already know its not hep casue i had those tests already. i am fat and drank diet pepsi for 10 years. i drank almost 24 cans a day for years and never drank water, but i hsve been off of it for six months and liver enzymes still tested high?? i dont drink or anything. what could this be?

    • ANSWER:
      There are many things that can cause a problem
      with the liver:
      alcohol consumption, medication toxification,
      chemical exposure, mushroom poisoning,
      hereditary conditions where the body hold onto
      too much iron (hemochromatoais) or copper
      (Wilsons disease), autoimmune disorders,
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infections,
      cardiac/vascular problems,
      cysts/growths/cancer/tumors, fatty liver
      disease, viral infections (like Hepatitis A,B,C),
      parasite infections and others.

      People can develop fatty liver when they are
      pregnant. Fatty liver can be caused by
      things like: alcohol, weight gain, fast weight
      loss, malnourishment, diabetes, insulin
      resistance, certain medications like steriods,
      metabolic disorders and others.

      When the liver cells become damaged from
      any cause, the immune system responds to
      this and can cause inflammation to develop
      inside the liver which causes the liver to enlarge
      in size (can be seen on an ultrasound or Ct scan).

      If the cause can be found and stopped and the
      inflammation is treated, the liver cells can heal..
      It takes time for this healing to take place.
      You may see the results of these tests (liver
      enzymes) going lower and back to normal range
      then. It depends on how well the cells of the liver
      are able to perform the over 500 plus functions
      (liver function tests) to know how much damage
      truly has been done. To confirm this damage,
      if it gets to advance stages with symptoms and
      sign appearing…they do a liver biopsy.

      It depends on what is the cause of the liver problem,
      the treatments you will receive.

      I hope this information has been of some help.

    Liver enzymes are high!!?
    I went into the doctor for some routine blood work an my liver enzymes came back very high. Other tests were and I have come back negative for any form of Hepatitis, Mono, and I have no history of excessive Tylenol use. I have Fibromyalgia and take several pain medication, none of which have any history of elevating liver enzymes. I am at my wits end and have been poked more times than I care to mention. I am bloated and have abdomen tenderness, but no Yellowing of the skin or eyes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:

    My dog has elevated liver enzymes?
    My dog’s ALT liver enzyme is quite high. The vet said that their particular lab says it should be between 50 and 107 and my dog’s is 223. The vet is concerned about leptospirosis, but she is now on antibiotics. However, none of her kidney or other liver enzymes were elevated. Her blood counts came back normal as well. She is about 2 years old, and is a yellow labrador retreiver. My main concern is about either liver cancer, or chronic hepatitis. We will continue her course of amoxicillin until she’s finished, and then start a course of doxycycline in case it is leptospirosis. She’s not showing any symptoms except slight fatigue, and disinterest in normal activities. Can someone please put my mind at ease so that I can feel more confident that my baby will be with me for quite some time more?
    She hasn’t been tested for cushing’s, but she isn’t showing any symptoms of that at all. I will have the vet check for that as well as a copper disorder. Also, the vet said she would do an ultra-sound of her liver if after the antibiotics her ALT is still high. Thank you all so much for your comments! It makes me feel much better!

    • ANSWER:
      ALT (alanine aminotransferase) or SGPT (serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase) is a liver specific enzyme. It is concentrated in the cytosol and is released when localized liver cells die from infection or due to the interruption of blood supply. Serum levels increase two to three days after the liver has been affected and return to normal after a couple of weeks of treatment. Generally, two to three times the normal level is considered insignificant and only a persistent increase is considered to be abnormal. ALT levels may go up four to five times the normal level even in non-hepatic disorders like inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, hemolytic anemia, and heart failure. Dogs undergoing treatment with anticonvulsants and glucosteroids, or those that have an inhibited flow of bile may also show a moderate increase in ALT levels.
      Link: http://www.nativeremedies.com/petalive/articles/high-liver-enzymes-dogs.html

    liver enzymes high in my dog?
    We went to the vet the other day, to check on her enlarged heart, and found out with a blood test her liver enzymes and pancreas levels were elevated. The vet said nothing about liver disease, or any other diagnosis. All she did was send us home with clavamox, my dog’s heart pills, and diet dog food (which my dog refuses to eat). This shocking blood work came after my dog ate pieces of hamburger, and new treats the night before. So my question is, if a dog has elevated liver enzymes is it a death sentence? or treatable with a pill or something?
    My dog is 12, but has 0 symptoms of liver disease other then the drinking/urination but she was on a steroid that the vet has now taken her off, and the drinking/peeing has subsided. She also started bloating on the prednisone (spelling?), which also seems to be subsiding since where taking her off slowly. She also doesn’t appear sick at all, even the vet was surprised at her conditioned, compared to when she went in 2 weeks ago with an eye infection (which lead to the xrays saying enlarged heart, long story about a shady vet before and wrong dosages of antbiotics)
    also should I ask about doggy diabetes? she does have a few symptoms that I’ve looked up online for diabetes, but as I said just the urination/drinking (which is less) for liver disease. I know in people untreated diabetes affects the liver, could this be why the liver and pancreas was up?

    • ANSWER:
      prednisone has very distinct and expected side effects. big increase in water consumption, lots of urinating, makes them hungry all the time and causes the belly to lose elasticity which causing the belly to bloat and ‘hang’ lower. all normal and usually doesn’t cause a problem. must be weaned off due to it causing the pituitary being stopped from making cortisol while on pred. These are the same types of symptoms that diabetes has. some heart meds can increase liver values as well.
      prolonged or chronic use of steroids takes a toll on especially the liver and can damage kidneys. when pets are on steroids a lot they should have blood work done to monitor liver and kidney levels. having an increase in liver enzymes isn’t considered a problem until its a high number. slight increase isn’t a problem. Pancreatic enzymes being increased typically is caused by pancreatitis. lots of ways to get it but very painful requiring pain meds and hospitalization.
      weaning off steroids should let the liver values decrease over time. if not, there are many different treatments and help. they do have a supplement for dogs that have been used for decreasing liver. Marin and denosyl are common and work best together. not a death sentence anymore with advances in medicine. All animals on prolonged meds should be watched closely and blood work done frequently. I hope this helps. good luck and hope your girl feels better!

    Elevated Liver Enzymes and I’m only 18?
    I had blood work done and my doctor said that my liver enzymes were extremely high. What does this mean and what could it be.
    Would alcohol affect the results?

    • ANSWER:
      Usually this goes along with having Hepatitis . What did the Doctor say? Either gets answers or find another Doctor. Anything with the Liver has to be checked out. Maybe you had a case of Hepatitis in the past? He gave you the test results, and now he has to tell you what it means. Sorry, this is all I know about Enzymes being elevated. Good luck to you and please don’t be upset until you have more information.

    Elevated liver enzymes?
    I’m 37 years old, and I recently had my yearly glucose tolerance test (I don’t have diabetes, but have PCOS which causes high insulin levels) and my liver enzymes were elevated. I know that this isn’t a good thing, but I also hope it could NOT be a big deal !! They want to check it again in 2 months and are lowering my Glucophage to 500 mg. per day, rather than 1000 (which I take for my insulin levels), so I’m hoping this is an indicator that they aren’t TOO concerned, but I can’t help to be concerned. Any encouraging words would help? Of course, I think the worst and think cancer, but I feel otherwise healthy! I don’t know if this could have anything to do with it, but I had the test done 2 days after a really bad bout of stomach flu (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) and was still not feeling well the day of the test…just thought I’d throw that out there too. Thanks in advance!
    I don’t have Hepatitis C! I had the stomach flu that went through my entire family!

    • ANSWER:
      your “flu” like symptoms could of been a recent exposure to hepatitis c- in which this would raise your liver enzymes.
      if you are taking hormones, this can also cause an issue with enzymes as well as fatty liver or “NASH”. Other medications can cause the alt and ast levels to appear abnormal as well.
      Sounds more like some form of hepatitis. I am sure they will do more indepth testing, however, I wouldn’t wait!
      In the case of HCV infection (which you could of harbored for months already before having those flu like symptoms) the earlier you treat, the better chances of sustained viral response or “CURE”. Yes, folks, HCV is curable!

    why do male have much elevated liver enzymes (ALT)?
    compare women and men..why do men usually have higher elevation in liver enzymes (ALT) compare to women? what causes this ….
    correction of quest is why male has slightly elevated in ALT…reference value for both male and women is 3-10IU/L

    • ANSWER:
      There is a reference range of what is considered to be normal in a healthy patient. They use this reference range to determine what would be considered too high, too low, or critical. However, these ranges can differ slightly from one lab to another lab.

      Males have a larger liver, therefore the liver has more cells. It is the liver cells that makes enzymes, of which the ALT is just one of them.
      Therefore, they would have a higher level in their bodies than a female would.

      If the liver cells become damaged, these enzymes can leak out and go higher in the blood and therefore show higher levels in the blood test results. It would then be determined on how much cell damage there is and the cause of it.

      ALT is more specific to the liver, because it is the one enzyme that is made ” mostly” in the liver…the other enzymes are made in quantities in other organs, also.

      Hope this is of some help to you.

      The reference range for ALT is from
      7 to 56 U/L
      Here is a link to standard reference range
      chart. Just click on it.


      This range is from USA, other countries
      may be different.


    19 year old, liver enzymes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol? ultrasound? what herbs are okay?
    Okay, I am 19 and thought I was perfectly healthy. I had a spell of heavy drinking when i was 14, until about 16 1/2. I am about 10-15 pounds overweight. I am pretty active, I walk alot to classes, and I play sports and exercise sometimes.
    I started getting headaches back in september. I went to check my blood pressure, and it was pretty elevated (157/94) this was a food city machine, but all other measurements were taken manually. Anyways, I didnt really know what to make of it. a year before this, I went to the doctor and everything was fine. So I kept a pretty good check on it, and it stayed elevated (around 145/85-90), sometimes normal though. I monitored what I ate, exercise, sleeping patterns, etc and nothing seemed to really affect it.
    Anyways to my point, I went to the doc to have it checked out, and it turns out I have elevated liver enzymes, and my ldl is 132, while TC is 197. They are sending me for an ultrasound. What could possibly be wrong at 19?
    Also, I have been taking fish oil/garlic for about a month to lower the BP and I am considering adding CoQ10 enzyme and flaxseed oil. Is this safe – or is it too many supplements at one time? Thanks for reading, I know its alot. But I will give best answer as soon as a descent one is posted!

    • ANSWER:
      It is very important that your doctor know any over the counter,
      herbs, vitamins, minerals or supplements you are now using.
      Most all medications go through the liver to be broken down
      before being used by the body. He should also know that you
      have had alcohol in the past and how much.

      The doctor may have checked your liver enzymes blood levels,
      your liver function test blood levels and also liver viral blood tests
      to determine if a liver cell problem has occurred.

      Alcohol can cause a problem in the liver, if a person over drinks or
      uses it over a long period of time or if the persons body is sensitive
      to it. You see, the liver cells make enzymes. When you drink,
      the liver uses these enzymes to break down the alcohol …first
      to acetaldehyde, then to acetate, then to carbon dioxide and
      water. If it is overloaded with alcohol or cannot break it down
      to the last stage…then the former alcohol, acetaldehyde can
      cause damage to the liver cells.
      The liver is very quiet about anything being wrong with it.
      Some people are walking around in advance stages of a
      liver disease and don’t even know they have it. However,
      blood testing can pick it up or when someone has testing
      for something else, they will take notice to it.

      Alcohol consumption can also lead to fat infiltration inside
      the liver. Having high cholesterol/triglyceride levels in the blood
      is also a cause of this. Being overweight is another.

      Let me explain what may be happening:
      When the liver cells start to become damaged, from any
      cause, the body’s immune system responds to this and
      causes inflammation to develop inside the liver.
      This will cause the liver to enlarge in size.
      The ultrasound is probably being done to see if they
      can see the infiltration of fat (if it is there), if the liver
      has enlarged in size (because of inflammation),
      if there are any growths in the liver, how the blood
      is flowing through the liver, and a few other things.

      It is best to only take medications that the doctor gives
      you. To never drink any alcohol. To see if your high
      levels of cholesterol/triglycerides are coming from a
      hereditary problem or from what you are eatting.
      To try to go on a slow diet of losing any additional
      weight by eatting fresh fruits and vegetables, lean
      cuts of meat, using good oils like olive oil or
      canola oils, eatting fish and going back to the
      basics of eatting foods that provide you with the needed
      vitamins and minerals. Stay away from fast foods,
      prepackaged foods, foods with alot of preservatives,
      very high in salt. Drink well, but in moderation, so
      the body has enough fluids to flush out your kidneys
      so you don’t develop stones, etc.

      I hope this information has helped you.
      Please take very seriously anything the doctor may
      tell you…

    High liver enzymes when drinking?
    I went on a bit of a bender and When I was done I felt sick so I went into the hospital. My blood alcohol was still high, my blood pressure was high and They said my liver enzymes were elevated. My question is do liver enzymes just rise temporarily during heavy drinking like my blood pressure does, or is it a permanent thing? I’ve already decided to never touch another drink just to be on the safe side, So no need to suggest that. Thanks..
    The doctor said all the readings were very high, but so was my blood pressure and that came down to normal after I stopped drinking. I hope its the same thing.
    but my question is it normal for enzymes to raise so high when someone gets really drunk, and then lower when sober? or is that unusual and a sign of liver damage?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver is designed to sacrifice cells to eliminate toxic substances from the body. The liver can completely regenerate itself as long as the tissue is not scarred. One reason enzymes increase is because they are needed to get rid of damaged tissues and to rebuild new tissues. Its remotely possible that some portion of your liver could have been permanently damaged, but it takes a lot of damage before liver function is affected, so its unlikely there is any significant damage.

    Does over-masterbation have anyhting to do with my liver enzymes?
    Hey i got a really high count of liver enzymes, ive had mono for a little while now and im just starting to get feeling back to normal. is the elevated liver enzymes count due to that? ive found bits and pieces of articles linking the liver to masterbation but i dont really understand them.. can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Based on my knowledge, there should be no direct link between the liver and the penis…
      But here is my hypothesis:

      Seminal fluid does contain sugars, which are possibly supplied from the glycogen in the liver. If you are masturbating excessively, then you are losing high amounts of this seminal fluid, thus increasing your output of those sugars, putting a strain on the liver to replace them. Thus, the enzymes in the liver are stimulated in order to breakdown more glycogen, producing sugar to be sent to the prostate gland. However, you really should ask a trained medical professional…

      I would, however, highly recommend you try and reduce your masturbation to no more than once per day…I would say no more than a few times a week…the less the better, but whether to quit completley is up to you…many medical professionals argue masturbation is good for mental health, as well as physical…however too much of anything is bad for you…you could be putting a strain on your testicles and prostate. Be careful… You don’t want to go blind too early :)…

      Check online sexual discussion boards too…or sites that specialize in topics related to male sexual health…they have lots of valuable information and question answer services

    I have elevated liver enzymes, what does this mean?
    My AST is 39 and ALT is 84. I’m a 24 yr old female. I think I was tested for hepatitis when I was pregnant a year or so ago, but not I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, how high are these levels? Is there a good chance I have a problem, or could it be caused by something else? I don’t drink except a glass of wine once a week at the most. Is there a good chance I have hepatitis? Also, when I had my blood taken it was because I was having a gallbladder attack just before I went in, but my Alkaline phosphotase levels are normal so I’m not sure if that’s what could have caused the liver levels to spike.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry, but dwp hornblower is incorrect. 40% of people with chronic, active hepatitis C have liver enzymes within normal limits. Because it often takes years, or even decades for symptoms to appear, many people go on with life drinking and taking medication that expedites damage to the liver. All the while the infection is silently causing scarring on the liver, which damages the liver tissue and prevents the liver from filtering properly and doing it’s metabolic activities. You should have a hepatitis panel done. They’ll test for Hep A, B, & C. Then, if you come back positive for either B, or C, you’ll need to have a viral load test to see if it’s chronic. (Hepatitis A resolves itself, so that can’t ever be chronic). Your physician is remiss if he did ot send you for more blood work. Many primary care physicians are uneducated about hep c. That’s why we have specialists. Get that hepatitis panel done, and then proceed from there. Good luck & best wishes.

    Why do I need an HIV test after being told I have CMV and elevated liver enzymes?
    First blood tests showed…liver enzymes up, cholesterol high, triglicerydes 800(thru the roof), good fat or blood or whatever sugar? HD something is TOO LOW, bad HD whatever of course is too high,
    2ND Blood tests showed…….CMV….liver enzymes up even more, bad HD whatevers HIGH and as stated above…..everything the same except CMV detected and liver enzymes EVEN HIGHER!
    TODAY I WAS TESTED FOR HIV!(no results yet)

    • ANSWER:
      CMV is a virus that most people (70-80%) become infected with at some point in their lives, it is effectively controlled by the immune system except in cases of severe immunodeficiency.

      Usually when people first get infected with CMV, they don’t experience any symptoms, but sometimes there are symptoms resembling mono.

      According to the following article: “Elevation of liver transaminase levels is a common feature of acute CMV infection, occurring in up to 92 percent of patients, and often it can be mistaken for acute hepatitis.”


      So you may be dealing with acute CMV, but it should not present any serious problems:

      “Most patients recover within 4 to 6 weeks without medication. Rest is needed, sometimes for a month or longer to regain full activity levels. Relief of symptoms is provided with pain killers and warm salt water gargles for sore throat.”


      Obviously I can’t know what your doctors are thinking, but it’s possible that they are testing for HIV just as a precaution, since HIV infection can affect the immune response to CMV.

      CMV is transmitted much more easily than HIV, so acquiring CMV infection does not automatically mean that you are at risk for HIV infection .

      I very much doubt you have anything serious to worry about, much more likely it will just be case of recovering from the mono-like symptoms associated with acute CMV, liver enzymes should return to normal on their own.

    elevated liver enzymes?
    My family member had labs done and she is a drinker. The liver enzymes were high. If she stops all alcohol right now and follows diet how long before the body responds and begins to come down some?
    Right now Dr. said no signs of damage.
    I thank you
    I will be here to answer I am a nurse but when it is in your own family u get totally out of sorts

    • ANSWER:
      Right now her liver is warning her that it doesn’t like her drinking at all. She must stop or it will progress to fibrosis (if it hasn’t already) and then on to cirrhosis. It can take several months for improvement keeping in mind that everyone is different. I hope she doesn’t ignore these warning signs.

    What is a reason other than hepatitis for liver enzymes to be elevated in the blood?
    I had a blood test done, and my liver enzymes were high. However, they were no higher then they were four years ago, when they tested me for hepatitis.

    I’m not a drinker, or a smoker, and I’m wondering what else could possibly cause this.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Accalia

      Some of the other reasons for elevated liver enzymes are obesity, elevated triglycerides, overuse of OTC and prescription drugs, iron overload, gallstones, fatty liver (NASH and NAFLD) and cirrhosis.

      The most likely reason may be Metabolic Syndrome, the constellation of conditions related to insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar. Fatty liver diseases, NASH and NAFLD, are related.

      Adopting a diet that includes increased leafy green vegetables, moderate lean protein and reduced sugars and starches is recommended. Some researchers believe that they have evidence that suggests the insidious use of high fructose corn syrup in so many products is creating a kidney and liver disease epidemic.

      Here’s a list of non-HFCS products:


      Exercise is also extremely important.

      If you have a family history of liver disease and diabetes you might consider getting your storage iron tested for iron overload.

      Please also check out my other answer about fatty liver here:


      Hope this helps some!

      Good luck!

    11 yr old with elevated liver enzymes pre diabetic and blood and mucus from rectum..Are they related??
    We have been to both the endocronologist and GI people for our child. Yes he is overweight and after some research was taken off of all high fructose Corn syrup and now in 3 months has lost 21 lbs. ( he has 15 more to go). He continues to have large amounts of mucus and bouts of blood from the rectum. A colonoscopy showed nothing significant. A biopsy showed only minor inflamation at the rectum. His liver enzymes continue to be elevated even after the weight loss. Just an odd side note before we took him off the corn syrup he had bright orange toe nails (not infected) and the browning around his neck (pre diabetic) now with the weight loss the toes are almost normal. also he has had ongoing bouts with headachs and as of 3 weeks ago he has started getting stomach aches. Before March of this year he was always very healthy and is a very active kid. We keep saying they are missing something. They have given him medicated enemas and told him to keep loosing weight.

    • ANSWER:
      Mucus in the stool suggests a really fatty bowel movement. With elevated liver enzymes, it is possible that your son has gallstanes that are blocking things in his bile duct causing the bile to back up and irritate the liver. Elevated liver enzymes suggest either fatty liver or some sort of damage/irritation to the liver. Coupled with the fact that he has started to complain of stomach aches, it could suggest galbladder problems. The cardinal symptoms of a galbladder problem are knife-like stomach pains in the right upper part of the stomach shortly after eating, most especially after eating a high-fat meal. He may also have nausea. The blood from the rectum may be because of irritation to the veins in the rectum if he goes to the bathroom a lot. Being pre diabetic doesn’t really fit with anything else…. most likely that’s separate (but due to being overweight). I would definitely pursue these symptoms. Doctors don’t know your son as well as you do. If you feel like these sympotms are more than just elevated liver enzymes (which I can almost guarantee you they are), then pursue it further. Take him to a different gastroenterologist. If you have to, search out the top children’s specialists in your area and make an appointment with him or her. Don’t let it go though… if the problem is the galbladder, it is easily corrected. Good luck with this, and my best to your son! Hang in there!

    can anyone tell me about elevated liver enzymes???
    i’m 28 weeks pregnant, and my liver enzymes are really high! they are up to 577 and they should be between 14-51. the doctors really are not telling me anything. but i think thats pretty high…….. if anyone can tell me something would be great. thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      A laboratory report of elevated liver enzymes is common. It doesn’t indicate a specific disease. However, it may be due to a liver disorder, even if you don’t have any symptoms of liver problems. To determine the underlying cause of elevated liver enzymes, your doctor may recommend further testing.

      Liver enzymes help maintain a variety of chemical and metabolic processes that occur in the liver. Normally, only very small amounts of these enzymes are present in your blood.

      Common causes of elevated liver enzymes include:

      Medications, such as certain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, cholesterol-lowering medications, antibiotics and anti-seizure medications

      Drinking too much alcohol



      Elevated triglycerides

      Infection, such as viral hepatitis and mononucleosis

      Autoimmune disorders of the liver and bile ducts, such as autoimmune hepatitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis and primary biliary cirrhosis

      Metabolic liver disease, such as hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease

      Excessive use of certain herbal supplements, such as kava, comfrey, pennyroyal and skullcap

      Tumors of the liver or bile ducts

      Treatment of elevated liver enzymes depends on the underlying cause. It is important to tell your doctor about any nutritional or herbal supplements you are taking.

    Choclate Lab high liver enzymes?
    My dog is having a tumor removed from his leg tommorow..it looks like a pink hotdog growing OUT of his leg. In the meantime….the vet called to say that his liver enzymes were elevated 14x what they should be. Supposed to be in the 10-150 range and his are 2300. Said it could be Cushings or another tumor somewhere. I am sad…what can I expect…will I have to put him to sleep? I hope everything goes ok tommorow. Any similar stories would help!

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear about your dog. Elevation in liver enzymes is a sign of cushings, but it could be a lot of other things also. It sometimes means there just needs to be a drastic change in the dog’s diet. Sometimes that will be all that is needed, but it is something you have to stay on top of all the time.

      When tested, if the dog does have Cushings, it is treatable. The meds are sometimes a little pricey, but of course they are worth it.

      Here is a website to check out about cushings, it will give you the signs and symptoms of the disease to let you more accurately judge if this is a possibility in your dog.


    I have elevated liver enzymes and random pain in the liver area?
    Im 30 years old. the first time i became aware of elevated liver enzymes was 4 years ago during pregnancy. I got tested again this past christmas and it was stil high. got tested a motnh ago, and it was STILL high. The number was around 100, but was suppose to be under 40 or so. I went today to get a ultra sound of it ( i have to wait until next week for results). where she was putting the thing i asked ” is that my liver”. she said “yeah”. ive had random pain periodically in that exact location for years. im also obese at 220 pounds my high weight being 250. i also had all the hep test d uring pregnancy they came out negative, and once sxince then it was also negative. What could be wrong with me?

    • ANSWER:

    severe abdominal pain post gallbladder removal + elevated liver enzymes?
    I’m 24 years old, I had my gallbladder removed a year ago because of gallstones and i’m having trouble ever since. I have these episodes/attacks that are in the upper left side of my stomach that are so severe that I went to the e.r. the last time it happened. I usually end up throwing up and it somewhat subsides. It is not related to food but I have noticed that when I take pain killers, the chances of that happening is more severe. It’s the kind of pain that is like a heartburn but 100 times worse. The pain rediates to my back as well, and I can’t find a position to make myself more comfortable. Also my liver enzymes are high, but i’m not having any symptoms of jaundice or anything. My doctor ordered ultrasound- everything is normal. My lypase and amylase levels are normal. I sleep alot and still feel tired. Anyone with the same problem, please come forward and maybe we can share some information in regards to this problem. I just know that I really can’t take it anymore.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be acid reflux(GIRD) or gastritis. I would suggest you see a liver specialist (hepatologist) or GI dr, who can do an endoscopy and will know what the liver enzymes are telling you. Endoscopies are a piece of cake, and nothing to fear. I would rather have that done than go to the dentist, so don’t be afraid of it. It is painless. Good luck, hope you find the source of your problem soon.

    What could cause liver enzymes to be high?
    I’ve had an ultrasound and cat scan and liver is normal blood work was negative for Hep a,b and c. I don’t smoke or drink never have.I do have high cholesterol. I did have gallbladder removed just 2 weeks ago could that have been causing my enzymes to be elevated? How long would it take for enzymes to come down if gallbladder was the cause for the enzymes to be high? I am really concerned about this. :(

    • ANSWER:
      alts and asts are only indicators of organ damage – not just liver – surgery is most likely cause but it could be caused by certain meds or damage to kidneys or other organs

    I have elevated liver enzymes. Why?
    I was told 2 years ago that I tested positive for Hepatitis C. I have no risk factors at all for this disease(never did drugs, no blood tranfusions, etc.) anyways, recently I went to the dr and they told me that I did not have it anymore. but my liver enzymes are still high every time they check them. What else could it be?She said that my antibody test was+ but the viral load test was neg. I am going soon to have an upper abdominal sonogram. Has anyone had this happen before?

    • ANSWER:
      Read this. I hope it helps you. :) — Dr. Green


    Elevated feline liver enzymes?
    My kitten Esteban is around 7 months old. Before declawing, blood work was done and revealed elevated liver enzymes. He was put on amoxicillan for a month; the vet suspected he had a bacterial infection. He went back to the vet today, and despite the medication the levels are HIGHER than before. He is otherwise healthy, happy and playful. He is also eating and using the litter box normally, and he’s too young for liver disease. I’ve read up plenty on liver function, but nothing related to kittens as yound as mine. Anyone have any advice?
    I DID ask the vet- I wrote this question while I was at home waiting for him to be neutered. I discussed it with her upon my return. I was merely asking for other people’s insight/experiences in the mean time. Why do people waste time giving nonsense answers? Do I sound irresponsible? If I was, would I care or even KNOW about my cat’s enzymes? And I don’t believe de-clawing is cruel unless the cat is allowed outdoors, because it wouldn’t be able to defend itself in the event of a fight with another animal. My cat is loved and extremely well-cared for, so unless you have experience in this dept, with useful things to say, go watch The Real World season 157 and leave me alone ok?

    • ANSWER:
      Did your vet still perform the declaw? If so…i would change vets!
      And FYI declawing is cruel.

    Elevated Liver enzymes, what is going on?
    43 yr old male type II diabetic well controlled oral meds only. For over 25 years my liver tests are a bit high. Most docs tell me it is a fatty infiltration of the liver and not to worry. I stopped taking 80mg of lipitor and 120 mgs of tricor due to elevated tests. AST is 100 and ALT is 140, both nearly 3 times normal. Triglycerides went up from 200 to 411 in just 2 weeks. Hep screen all negative. Any advice?
    I drink alcohol very little. Maybe 1 or 2 beers a week, never been a big drinker.

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest that you get further testing done to determine exactly the health of your liver if you haven’t already done this. I assume you haven’t since you would know more about it than you do now. You need a CT scan done, and a biopsy could really tell you a lot.

      Your liver is telling you that something is irritating it when it’s elevated, and something is really bothering yours at the numbers you mentioned for your lab work. And to have this happening for 25 years leads me to believe that you really should check into your condition further. Cholesterol lowering drugs also are hard on the liver, and that’s why you can’t take them. I would be curious to know what your biliruben, platelets, and INR lab results are also since those things can also point to liver problems.

      You should know whether or not your elevated numbers might be due to developing cirrhosis. A fatty liver can progress to cirrhosis with some people over time. They don’t know why this happens with some people, but it does.

      If your own doctor won’t give you further testing, talk to a gastroenterologist or hepatologist about it. A hepatologist is the expert when it comes to liver disease. Don’t automatically assume it is cirrhosis since other things can cause these numbers to elevate. My concern is that they have been elevated for 25 years. Also avoid all alcohol. It is poison to a bad liver, so avoid it until you find out more.

    Elevated Liver Enzymes, When should I be concerned?
    After blood tests, One of my liver enzymes was at around 240 something, which is apparently 4-5 times the normal amount. I was on a bunch of antibiotics for treating a surgery related infection, Invanz and Vancomyocin. I was on relatively high doses, along with Norco for helping me with pain. I got to the point where i could go one dose of Norco a day and still be OK with dealing with the pain, and the pain is gone so I’m not taking the norco anymore. After the doctor first noticed this increase, she took me off of these two medications and then prescribed me something called Ciprofloaxcin which i take twice daily. We are hoping that taking me off this medication will bring down the liver enzyme production. After a week off the invanz, she said my levels were slightly higher. She took me off the Vancomyocin and the Norco then at this point and now it has been about a week since i have taken those two medications. I am a young guy and pretty healthy all around, i play college football so im in pretty good shape. Alcohol is only consumed on the weekends. so my question is

    At about what level of enzyme production should i be concerned that there is a problem with my liver?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have high liver enzymes levels, it is best not to drink any alcohol at all. Alcohol should never be mixed with any medications. Combining them could cause instant liver cell damage.

      Vancomycin is an antibiotic. Antibiotics are not easy on the liver, but are necessary to use if someone develops an infection. It is one of the most potent antibiotics. Many pain medications also are hard
      on the liver.

      The liver processes all medications that enter the body…it goes to the liver first, to be broken down, before going to the rest of the body. It is the same with any toxic substance that enters the body. The liver will take the toxin, and with its enzymes, break them down into non toxic substance that the body can dispose of. Your doctor is right in removing any medications that he thinks may cause this elevation. Both alcohol and medications can cause a rise in the enzymes results.
      Both are known causes of damage to the liver cells if taken in excess or they become toxic to the liver.

      However, the liver enzymes (known as the ALT, AST, GGT, and Alkaline Phosphatase) are not the only tests done to check the liver. There are also the liver functions tests (known as the Bilirubin, INR, Albumin, PT, PTT).
      An elevation of the liver enzymes may show if there is liver cells damage, because the liver cells make these enzymes and when they become damaged, they leak out and go higher in the blood. The liver functions tests will show how well the cells of the liver are able to do the 500 plus functions the liver does as a whole to keep the body well. There is also viral testing to see if a virus has entered the body and is using the liver cells to replicate itself.

      If your liver enzymes stay high, they may have to speak with the infectious team to see what medications they could use as an antibiotic that will lessen the effect on your liver.
      Be sure not to take any over the counter meds, herbs, vitamins, minerals, or supplements…without “asking your doctor” first. Interactions between drugs can occur.

      Any damage to the liver cells can cause the immune system of the body to respond to this damage and cause inflammation to develop in the liver which will cause the liver to enlarge in size. Since you have to take medications to help your body rid yourself of the infection inside of you…it would be best to be very careful now. Stop any alcohol and keep checking with your doctor to see how your liver is doing. If there is damage to the liver cells, your medications has to be adjusted according to that.

      I hope this information is of some help to you.

    left upper quadrant pain with movement/bending, bloating, high liver enzymes, weight gain?
    my bf has pain in the left upper quadrant- its not a spread out pain.. its like a tender spot and the area surounding that spot hurt. the spot is somewhere near the end of the rib cage, on the left side, towards the center. The total area of pain is about the size of one’s palm. the pain does not seem to have much to do with food, but when he bends or walks fast or moves suddenly it hurts… today he was laughing and he suddenly cringed in pain.. it lasted for about a minute. this was the first time he felt so much pain, and he just fell flat on the bed holding his stomach. he does not have any indigestion or constipation, or vomiting, or fever.. but he has bloating, and antacid does not help. he has been at around 115lbs (27yrs now) for most of his life, but he has gained a lot of weight now.. about 7-8lbs in the last 4 months. the pain also started around 4 months ago. his blood tests are all normal, except liver enzymes are elevated a bit (count is 75). we have seen two family medicine doctors and 1 GI.. no one can diagnose it. one doctor thought it was gallstone from hida scan reports and almost removed the gallbladder. but GI ruled that out because the pain is on the left side. i am so worried, i dont know what to do. any help/suggestions are appreciated. thanks
    he has been smoking for around 12 yrs now, about 2-3 times a day since I know him (4yrs now). but he does not drink a lot. on an average i think he drinks like once/twice a month may be… on certain occasions, he drinks twice a week may be. he never gets drunk as such, its just a couple of drinks max. now he has stopped drinking since a month, but he still smokes. he used to eat a lot of frozen food, but now i cook every other day and he does not eat frozen food. he is almost vegetarian, he eats chicken once in a while. we are very honest with the doctors and willing to give whatever details they need to diagnose, but it is not helping :(

    • ANSWER:
      His pain as you describe sounds very musculo-skeletal related, perhaps a muscle strain that upon certain movements cause the muscle to go into a spasm. Does he notice tightening of the abdominal wall during these episodes like you would notice tightening in a calf muscle when you have a cramp? The only organ in this area is the stomach, which yes can cause pain and bloating but it does not seem to respond to antacids or have any relation to meals. Yes, the liver and Gallbladder and pancreas are on the opposite side, the gallbladder is definitely affected by a intake of fatty foods which create colic that can extend to the middle of the breastbone/stomach area, chest and back. Liver function test can be elevated from liver disease hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcohol use. Avoid alcohol and any medications not prescribed, even Tylenol can be dangerous to the liver when it has become compromised. I really don’t know if a muscle strain could go on for months, unless there is repetitive injury….doing sit-ups, heavy lifting and perhaps it is not a strain but more so a cramp of the muscle, especially if it is a very fleeting pain. Next time it arises have him try and breath slowly and relax all his muscles, just like a back spasm, if you hold your breath or tighten up, it worsens…see if breathing relaxes and improves it. Just my thoughts.

    Anyone familiar with liver enzymes in children?
    My 6 yr old has elevated liver enzymes, all are twice the normal limit. Total protein is high, his ggt is high, and his A/G ratio is 2. He is not obese, diabetic, or on any medication. Should I be worried, what is next step in testing/ what could be wrong with him?? He is not jaundice, bilirubin and albumen in normal range. He has a history of having bizarre illnesses so nothing will surprise me!

    • ANSWER: