Kidney And Liver Cysts

A kidney is a reddish brown, bean-shaped organ that filters waste minerals and toxins from the blood. The kidneys regulate acid concentration and the kidneys maintain the water balance in the human body by producing urine.

Kidneys also make hormones that help keep bones strong blood healthy.

Kidneys that aren’t functioning properly allow harmful toxins to build up. This may causes blood pressure to rise, the body will accumulate fluids, and may not produce enough red blood cells.

Here are the most common kidney problems.

Kidney Stones: A kidney stone is a hard mass that accumulates in the urinary tract when crystals separate from the urine and build up on the inner surfaces of the kidney. In most people, urine contains chemicals that prevent these crystals from forming kidney stones. People who suffer from kidney stones, for reasons that aren’t always completely understood, don’t have inhibitors that prevent crystal formation.

Anyone who has ever had kidney stones will tell you the pain can be so severe that it reduces them to tears.

Kidney stones are not a product of modern diets or lifestyle. Evidence of kidney stones has been found in 7000 year old human remains in Egypt.

Men tend to get kidney stones more often than women.

Kidney Infections: If a person has low resistance, germs from the bladder can travel up the ureters to the kidneys and begin to multiply. An acute kidney infection starts suddenly with severe symptoms, then quickly comes to an end. A chronic kidney infection develops slowly and grows worse with time. A chronic kidney infection can lead to kidney failure.

Kidney Cysts: A kidney cyst is an abnormal pouch that contains fluid. The simple kidney cyst is the most common form.

The cause of a simple kidney cyst isn’t completely understood. But there’s no evidence that kidney cysts are an inherited condition. One or more kidney cysts may develop at a time on the small tubes in the kidneys.

Kidney cysts do not generally present symptoms and usually kidney cysts cause no harm. Very often people don’t even know they have a kidney cyst. However, a kidney cyst can cause pain if it grows large enough to press on other organs.

Sometimes a kidney cyst can become infected and start to bleed. If that happens, a kidney cyst can increase blood pressure, but it usually don’t impair kidney function.

A kidney cyst won’t require treatment if no complications are present. But if symptoms occur, a kidney cyst may require surgery.

Kidney Cancer: Kidney cancer accounts for approximately three percent of all adult cancers in the United States. The American Cancer Society reports that more than 30,000 new cases of kidney cancer are diagnosed each year and about 12,000 people die from kidney cancer annually.

Kidney cancer tends to appear in adults in middle age, usually after age 50. Kidney cancer strikes men twice as often as women.

The most common type of kidney cancer occurs in the part of the kidney that filters blood and produces the urine. This type of kidney cancer is called renal cell cancer, or renal cell carcinoma. Another type of adult kidney cancer is a tumor which arises in the part of the kidney where the urine collects. This type of kidney cancer is called transitional cell carcinoma. The most frequent sign of kidney cancer in adults is blood in the urine.

Frequently Asked Questions

    kidney cysts and liver cyst!!
    im 13 nd jusst found out mmy mom has a liver nd kidney cyst becauses she was an alcoholic for 9 years but stoppeed last year culd this be a causee can shee dieee pleasse jusst tell me the truth i need to know!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn’t mean she’s going to die. Well, not from that, necessarily. Cysts are not uncommon. Probably, she will have scans every 6 months to see if they get bigger.

    What is hypoechoic density in liver?
    I recently went to the emergency room for pain in both my lower right pelvic area and right abdominal. I also had lower back pain. The pain even went down into my right thigh at times. I also had a little discomfort on my left abdomen. They did a CT scan and found that I had a cyst on my right ovary and that was probably the reason for the pain. They said that sometimes after ovulation a cyst doesn’t go away. But they also told me I had a cyst in my kidney and one in my liver. I followed up with my doctor and was sent for both pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds. Now with those results, I have now been told that I have to see my gynecologist for the ovarian cyst, a urologist for the kidney cyst and a GI specialist for the liver cyst. They also told me that I had a Hypoechoic Density in my liver.

    The doctor at the emergency room told me that these cysts (kidney & liver) were common and not usually found until they scan for something else. Everything I have read so far supports that. But it’s still all a bit scary. Would the density be the cyst or a region of the liver? Also, my sister had ovarian cancer and hepatitis. She is fine now. My mother’s history in that area is unclear. Any thoughts? I have not see the specialists yet.

    • ANSWER:

    STD that can cause cysts in liver, and kidneys?
    Is there an STD that could cause cysts inside your body, like the liver and kidneys?

    • ANSWER:
      It isn’t typical and would not happen without showing up elsewhere.

    How can I find out if I have PKD(polycystic kidney disease) without the expensive genetic testing?
    For about 11 years I’ve had a cyst in my right kidney causing it to enlarge and a liver cyst that was once drained during my gallbladder removal a few years ago.The liver cyst has filled again and my kidney cyst causes severe pain daily.Over the years,I’ve had ct scans,mri’s and sonograms to keep track of how large my kidney has grown.2 out of 3 doctor’s(including a nephrologist from the Kidney foundation)suggests I have PKD and has told me that I now need to undergo genetic testing to verify this.I have no health insurance and there is only one income in my household.Due to the daily pain,I am so limited to activities that I can do with my two children.We are so stressed that we cannot get an answer from these “specialist” and can no longer afford any more testing or ER visits.I feel like I am alone.How can i get a diagnosis when i can not afford the testing?I’ve been to the”sliding scale fee” clinics(they say my husband makes too much money but fail to realise we pay bills with it).

    • ANSWER:
      Currently there is no cure for PKD, not with conventional medicine or (despite what you have been told) alternative medicine.

      Ultrasound (sonogram) is usually used to diagnose this especially when the cysts are active. Genetic testing confirms the diagnosis. CTs & MRIs can be used but are not ususally required. The extra imaging you have had may have been redundant and unneccessary. For now, get a hold of all your films, reports and labs — you will need them. The main concern at this time is to prevent or control pain, high blood pressure and UTIs and well as find help.

      You may want to contact the Kidney Foundation and see what they suggest. Call to get an 800 number and check their website. They may have programs for someone in your situation, programs that will give you immediate help.

      My hope is that you can avoid ESRD (end-stage renal disease), kidney failure and transplant.

      I’m not certain if you are eligible for Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits through the Social Security Administration but it’s something to investigate. You would need the medical information I suggested you acquire and any written physician statements you can get concerning the probable diagnosis. If I am able to find additional help for you, a grant perhaps, I will contact you if I’m able.

      God bless you and your family. You’re in a very frustrating position but I’m sure there are others who will try to help. You’re not alone!

    I have gained 60 pounds in past 10 months. I am eating less than ever and exercising. What can be wrong?
    I have stretch marks. Doctor tested for Cushings prior to my developing these stretch marks and said it was negative. I also have upper right abdominal pain. I had ct scans which showed pouch in kidney, cyst on liver, and cysts in ovaries. I am barely eating anything but look like I am. Strangers ask me all the time when I am due. Please help.

    • ANSWER:

    if someone has cysts in their kidneys and liver, is that very serious?

    • ANSWER:
      yes….there is a disease call polycystic kidney disease. As for the liver I am not sure. Check the internet to learn what they could be. It does not sound great whatever the cause.

    What kind of surgeon I should take my mom to review scan that found cyst on liver/ right kidney?
    Recently, my mom had a CT Scan in Puerto Rico and they found a cyst in her liver and right kidney. She was told to have the scan done in 6 months to check and see if it’s grown. I want to take her to a general surgeon in the states and have them review the results. I am not sure what type of surgeon she needs to see or if a general is ok. She doesn’t have health insurance so it’s not like she can just go to different doctors. Any help would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      Many people as they grow older develop cysts.
      Some of them are just fluid filled…yet, some
      are more complex. The doctors usually check
      with films to make sure that they don’t grow
      in size and press on anything that can cause
      damage. If they stay the same size then they
      “may “not do anything but observe her with
      these kinds of tests. These tests should show
      if there is a problem of the type of cyst.

      There are different doctors:
      A gastroenterologist (someone who deals
      with the entire digestive system) usually does not do surgery. Yet, they can give you an opinion on whether they believe she will need one. If you
      want a real specialist…then choose a
      hepatologist…they are liver specialists.

      Usually, these doctors will turn a patient over
      to a general surgeon for surgery unless they
      would need a liver transplant…then it is
      a transplant surgeon at a Transplant Center.

      With the kidney, doctors usually send
      their patients to a Urologist…many of them
      are also surgeons themselves. Urologist
      deal with the whole urinary system.
      A Nephrologist is one who specializes in
      the kidney.

      Hope this information is of some help to you.

    What do these symptoms mean? Right rib cage discomfort, gastritus and legs with pins and needles?
    Had an utrasound done of the right rib cage and complete upper and lower pelvic ct scan. Only showed small vein mass in liver and minute kidney cyst which I was told wouldnt cause all the symptoms I have. Had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago and am now in PT and have been in wellness for 7 years.

    • ANSWER:
      I cannot for certain tell you why you have these
      problems, but I can give you some ideas.

      If the liver cells become damaged, the immune
      system of the body can respond to this damage
      and cause inflammation inside the liver which
      will cause the liver to enlarge in size. This
      could cause right rib cage discomfort.
      I would request to see a gastroenterologist
      about the liver and gastritis, if you haven’t already.

      Legs having pins and needles in them, sound
      like the nerves coming from the back being
      pinched. It can also develop if the blood flow
      to the legs are not sufficient.

      Having fibromyalgia has many symptoms that
      are hard to explain…since they do not know what
      really causes it to develop.

      Kidney cysts can be fluid filled sacs, or complex
      (meaning they have something else besides fluid
      in them) or very rarely, they can be cancerous.
      They usually only watch them by ultrasound or
      Ct scan, to be sure they don’t enlarge in size or
      cause damage to the kidney itself. They are
      quite common in older people. If they do
      enlarge, then they may try to take one side of
      the wall of the cyst off, and the fluid will be
      then absorbed by the body.

      I hope this is of some help to you.

    Liver and kidney questions?
    In a recent CT scan, the following were noted: foci of hypervascularity within the liver (possibly due to perfusion defects) and hypodensities on the kidneys. What does this mean? What might it suggest? Note: The patient has been sick lately, but with gastrointestinal issues (constipation, pelvic pain, nausea) that don’t SEEM related…? She was also recently diagnosed with ovarian cysts.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to discuss these findings with the doctor that ordered the test.
      Hypervascularity can be a hemangioma (benign liver tumor), liver cancer, or metastasis.
      Hypodensities in the kidneys can be a cyst.

    Mild Caliectasis of the Kidney?
    In a CT scan checking for kidney stones they found Cysts on my liver, and stated I have Calietasis of the right kidney. I am concerned this is an early warning signal of cancer. My mom died at age 51 with stomach and liver cancer and now I have a brother (age 56) with a large rare carcinoma tumor that is in 90% of his liver, right kidney and lung. What can I do to be sure this isn’t happening to me?

    • ANSWER:
      Caliectasis is a kidney condition characterized by dilation of the calices – structures situated inside the kidney pelvis which divide into two wide, cup-shaped major renal calices, with each major calix subdivided into 7 to 14 minor calices. Urine empties into a minor calix from collecting tubules, then passes through the major calix, renal pelvis, and ureter to enter the urinary bladder. Once in the ureter, fluid can be moved into the bladder and periodically eliminated through the urethra once enough fluid builds up. In individuals with caliectasis, fluid backs up in the kidneys and the calices become distended. Patients diagnosed with this condition are usually treated by a nephrologist/urologist, a doctor who specializes in the care of the kidneys/urinary tract. One reason for caliectasis to develop is a urinary tract obstruction. Stones, growths, and other obstructions can make it difficult for fluid to drain from the renal pelvis. As it builds up, it puts pressure on the calices and they start to expand. This causes caliectasis. Likewise, infections in the urinary tract can cause similar problems. Caliectasis (and pelviectasis) means dilatation of calyx (and pelvis) of the kidney and is usually due to obstruction of urine flow. The dilatation of urinary space of the kidney could be in one – as in your case – or both kidneys depending on the cause of obstruction. The obstruction can be due to kidney stones, blood clot, [prostate enlargement in men], or cancer either within the bladder or cancer compressing from outside compressing on the ureter/bladder/urethra. Obstruction to urine flow at times can lead to irreversible kidney failure if the obstruction is for a long period of time – a few weeks. In the wording of your question you explain that this has been discovered on a CT scan. You make no mention of any further examinations, tests or treatment. It is not usual for there to be no follow-up after this type of discovery. If you have had no future appointments for any of these, you would be advised to ask your doctor/urologist/nephrologist about your future case management. It is very important that you be evaluated immediately by your doctor/urologist/nephrologist to know the reason for the obstruction and the treatment for it. If this is not possible, for any reason, you should report to your nearest emergency room with any reports or paper-work that you may have regarding this matter, plus details of your family history of cancer, which I hope, your doctors/specialists are aware of.


      It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

      The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

      Hope this helps
      matador 89

    right side pain?? radiates to back?
    im having like a constant right sided pain (lower) which radiates to my back… ive done colonoscopy two ultrasounds endoscopy and apparently nothing is wrong except an infection in my urine… im so sick of this pain has anyone had this before?
    Please dont tell me to visit a doctor because ive visted a thousand of them im just seeing if anyone has been through this.. keep in mind its not gallstones gallbladder kidneys liver or ovarian cysts??

    • ANSWER:
      my son had a UTI a couple weeks ago and complained of is right side and and back hurting. after antibiotics it went away.

    What are my liver cysts from?. Prognosis?
    I am a 52 year old male recently diagnosed with Bacterimia /Septicemia. After 8 days in the hospital I was released and I am still taking Cipro and Flagel. During my stay in the hospital I received a triple thoracic CT scan a Gallium scan. It was determined that I have over 100 small cysts spread through out my liver and a small polyp in my bile duct. They also mentioned an abcsess in the Liver lateral to the gallbladder and “uptake” into both lungs. There was no mention or concern of cysts in the Kidneys or any where else. The diagnosis at that time was that the cysts resulted from the infection. After a months treatment of antibiotics I had a MRI of the Liver. The Liver MRI shows no sign of change in the number of cysts or size. My doctors now believe that the cysts were not caused by my infection and another pathology may be present.

    I am going to see my doctor for more consultations and lots more tests but it will be almost two weeks before I get the results from the next round of tests. I know that they want to look at my entire gastrointestinal tract. Recent colonoscopy and endoscopy showed no problems I have a slightly enlarged prostate and three cases of prostatitus in the last 7 years.

    What I would like to know is what tests may be indicated and what possible diagnoses and treatments I may expect. I know I can’t be diagnosed on line but want to prepare myself for whatever is coming.

    Please help.
    Thanks for your time..
    Blood tests for my liver are normal. Parasitic infections have been ruled out.
    Thank you for your answer. Shortly after I got your answer I received an MRI report that has the same diagnosis on it. If you are willing I would love to communicate with you to get a better idea of what I could expect and what resources are available. May God bless you and the person under your care.

    • ANSWER:
      You have a polycystic liver. Poly means many.
      Cysts can be fluid filled or complex. Fluid
      filled doesn’t usually cause a problem…the
      complex ones can mean they have particules
      in them or even, rarely, cancer.

      It is good that they are not increasing in size.
      If they do start to increase, they could cause
      damage to the surrounding cells in the liver.
      If this takes place, it would be best to
      discuss with the doctor about being
      evaluated for placement on the transplant
      The abscess in the liver can be drained by
      placing a tubing that comes from the abscess
      to the outside skin and then to a bag, on the
      outside of the body, to collect the contents.

      It would be very important to notify the
      doctor immediately if you develop even
      a mind fever.

      If the cells become damaged in the liver,
      the immune system will respond to this
      and cause inflammation to develop inside
      the liver, also. This usually causes the
      liver to enlarge in size. An ultrasound or
      Ct scan would show this enlargement.

      I do know that people can inherit polycystic
      kidney disease, but I’m not sure about
      the liver having this. You may want to
      talk to others in your family about whether
      they had liver problems of any sort.

      They sometimes do a liver biopsy in
      people who have cell damage…but I’m
      not sure they would do it to someone that
      has cysts there or not…I think more likely

      Wish I could be of more help…this is
      about all I can give you on this.
      Best wishes

    Enlarged liver – what does this mean?
    Before I begin my little story here’s some info about me
    22 y/o female, moderate drinker on the weekends, diagnosed as hypoglycemic at 17 (no explanation as to why), meds: birth control and paxil, 20 mg

    On Wednesday I was admitted to the ER with severe stomach cramps. The cramps were worse on Tuesday night but I promised my bf I’d get it checked out the next day if I still felt crampy. Long story short, the nurses at my college didn’t think it was anything severe but the pain in my lower right abdominal area couldn’t be ignored. They wanted to make sure I didn’t have appendicits. A CT scan of my abdomen showed a possible liver cyst, so they sent me in for a ultrasound to check it out. That turned up a small cyst on my right kidney (not surprising since I had nasty recurrent UTIs) and a slightly enlarged right lobe of my liver (normal = 15-17 cm, mine = 18.6 cm).
    My questions for any medical professionals out there is … what in the world does this mean? I have a follow up with a physician at my school for some bloodwork. My original bloodwork at the ER turned up normal, although my urinalysis showed some ketones (80). The kidney cyst should clear up but I have no idea what would cause a slightly enlarged liver (although I’ve heard Paxil can be deterimental). Any ideas??
    Also, my stomach pain has cleared up and I have no other symptoms (no swelling, fever, jaundice, etc).

    • ANSWER:
      kidney problems from diabetes? Avoid sugar. get the a1c test.

    Do rich people ever give money to poor people to help if they know its for a good reason!?
    I really need help raising money for a good reason!
    If anyone out there cares to help a poor person out to fly from Morocco to Germany to get a expensive surgery done!
    She carries 7 kg of cysts around her liver and kidneys! Its called the polycystic kidney / liver disease!
    At first she had only 700 g of these cysts but they doubble arround her organs day after day,its been 3 year! Doctors said that soon her kidneys will stop fonctioning!
    She really needs this money to help bring her over to Germany to get the attention & care she needs that she couldnt get in a 3th world country!
    If you have any sugestions of how she can get financial help in her situation please let me know!
    May God bless you all & please remember that we are all equal no matter where we come from!
    whoever decides to donate any money!
    I will send you a private message with all the infos and an account number!
    God bless you all.

    • ANSWER:
      Why dont you try contacting the United Nations! They have launched a campaign to end poverty by 2015. Ensuring good child and maternal health is one of the major goals. I am quite sure that they will be able to help you out. I came to know about the campaign through the community… . You may be able to contact them through the community. May God Bless the child.

    Do rich people ever give money to poor people if its for a good reason?
    know its for a good reason!?
    I really need help raising money for a good reason!
    If anyone out there cares to help a poor person out to fly from Morocco to Germany to get a expensive surgery done!
    She carries 7 kg of cysts around her liver and kidneys! Its called the polycystic kidney / liver disease!
    At first she had only 700 g of these cysts but they doubble arround her organs day after day,its been 3 year! Doctors said that soon her kidneys will stop fonctioning!
    She really needs this money to help bring her over to Germany to get the attention & care she needs that she couldnt get in a 3th world country!
    If you have any sugestions of how she can get financial help in her situation please let me know!
    May God bless you all & please remember that we are all equal no matter where we come from!
    whoever decides to donate any money!
    I will send you a private message with all the infos and an account number!
    God bless you all.

    • ANSWER:
      Why dont you try contacting the United Nations! They have launched a campaign to end poverty by 2015. Ensuring good child and maternal health is one of the major goals. I am quite sure that they will be able to help you out. I came to know about the campaign through the community… . You may be able to contact them through the community. May God Bless the child.

    Do rich people help poor people for good reasons!?
    Do rich people ever give money to poor people to help if they know its for a good reasonI really need help raising money for a good reason!
    If anyone out there cares to help a poor person out to fly from Morocco to Germany to get a expensive surgery done!
    She carries 7 kg of cysts around her liver and kidneys! Its called the polycystic kidney / liver disease!
    At first she had only 700 g of these cysts but they doubble arround her organs day after day,its been 3 year! Doctors said that soon her kidneys will stop fonctioning!
    She really needs this money to help bring her over to Germany to get the attention & care she needs that she couldnt get in a 3th world country!
    If you have any sugestions of how she can get financial help in her situation please let me know!
    May God bless you all & please remember that we are all equal no matter where we come from!
    whoever decides to donate any money!
    I will send you a private message with all the infos and an account number!
    God bless you all.

    • ANSWER:
      Why dont you try contacting the United Nations! They have launched a campaign to end poverty by 2015. Ensuring good child and maternal health is one of the major goals. I am quite sure that they will be able to help you out. I came to know about the campaign through the community . You may be able to contact them through the community. May God Bless the child.

    ferret with cysts next to her intestines?
    hi all
    im looking for advice and information.
    Lucy was taken into the vets in the week as her belly was swollen up
    like a balloon, when the vets looked at her she said she could feel
    some lumps and wanted to open her up the next day, she didnt want to do
    xrays as it would only tell what she already new
    so we took lucy in in the morning for her op. when they opened her up
    they found three large cysts full of pink milky liquid next to her
    intestines, which they drained.
    her spleen looked a bit enlarged and her liver is patchy and pale.
    samples of the fluid and the cyst have been sent of and a blood test
    to check her liver, kidneys and red/white blood cells
    the blood work has come back as normal apart from showing lucy is a
    bit anemic
    but we are still waiting for the other test to come back, lucy is
    starting to swell up again and im worried silly
    has any come across or heard about this before as my vet has nether
    seen anything like this before

    thanks leah

    • ANSWER:
      Yahoo! Message Boards – Ask the Vet.
      Welcome to Yahoo! Message Boards – Send us feedback. Message Boards … Yahoo! Message Boards > Science > Biology > Animals > Pets > Health > Ask the Vet. …

    How to deal with prostate cancer in the family? How to find last resorts?
    My 76-year-old father has had to battle prostate cancer for 4 years now. He’s had 2 surgeries the past couple of years, and another 2 two years before the recent one. We thought he was saved after the fourth surgery (which really was a corrective surgery because the stupid surgeon ‘accidentally’ cut my dad’s lymph node and he had to undergo 2 surgeries in 2 days).

    Lately my dad’s prostate has swollen up again… he went to the doctor (I wasn’t there as I go to school/university and work almost 24/7)… the problem is my parents don’t speak fluent english. They know basic English. And especially when the doctor talks to them in medical jargon, they probably have no complete idea of what the doctor’s really saying… but according to my mom, the doctor told my mother that my dad’s liver, kidney and lungs have cysts growing in them. I asked my mom what alternative medication/surgery/therapy can my dad have but my mom said he has little time left and that he can’t undergo another surgery because he’s old…

    The problem is this is my mom panicking and most likely just speaking from hopelessness… But I asked my mom if the doctor mentioned anything about chemotherapy treatment. My mom said, “no.” And I asked what the doctor suggested, and my mom just stayed quiet. I can’t talk to my mom about finding treatment for my dad because she’s too emotional and she keeps everything a secret.

    I need an advice. A psychological, technical or medical advice. Anything. Because I’m not in the medical field. And I’m stressed out enough as it is with my job and full time university. And now, this.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m really sorry that your family is going through this, and the lack of communication and understanding must make an awful situation even worse. If I were in your position, I would get your father’s permission to talk to the doctor about his condition. If by cysts he means that the cancer has spread to these organs, there is often little to do except provide comfort to someone who is very weak from battling the disease for many years.

      I wish you and your family all the best.

    Should I be concerned about probable simple liver cysts-ranging in size 2mm-2.5cm?
    Had a CT to r/o kidney stones. What was found was multiple masses, sizes 2mm-2.5cm, in the right and left hepatic lobes. The report says they appear to be benign cysts with smooth margins. I really don’t like the idea of this and would hate to find out 6 mths later that it was cancer and I should have done something about it. What do you suggest? Primary doc is not concerned. Should I push for further testing? I have no pain, but every once in a while I do feel a stinging like sensation on my abdomen area.

    • ANSWER:
      Liver cysts are very common; no worries.

    alcohol, kidney and live problems, and paranoia help with father?
    My dad is drinking a 32 oz. bottle of Budweiser and i think a bottle of jack Daniels and he has a cancer cyst on his kidney. The doctor says that they would need to remove the whole entire kidney to avoid the cancer from spreading through the body, and the liver is messed up due to a motorcycle accident 2 years ago 33% of the liver is messed up. And I don’t want him drinking under the conditions my dad is a paranoia schizophrenia and i think he is very paranoid about him dyeing cause he says that he will die but I doubt he will cause the cancer has not spread through the body. If any of you can help me out with trying to get mny dad to stop drinking and suggestions and give me more facts about the kidney and the liver would be more helpful also any information will be appreciated thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    Im 15 . Help me please ?
    Im 15 amd i have to type this really quick so stuff may be mispelled , i have a dr appt on tuesday with my speacialist for my fatty liver and 12cm kidney cyst . To help solve this problem im supposed to use portion control , excersie and heAlthy eating . So i go to this dr every 6 months , i get into solving it with these things thE first 4-6 weeks , then i see no result or help and i stop because i feel like it doesnt work , how do i tell my dr , please and thanks .

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not that hard. Just let your doctor know that his/her recommendation for you isn’t working. Ask him/her if there’s any other recommendations for you. Let him/her know you see no improvements so you lose motivation to continue to exercise, eat healthy, and use portion control. Your doctor won’t be offended

    RUQ PAIN with on and off diarrhea?
    I had my appendix with peritonitis removed in1980 ,
    I had my gallbladder removed in 2002
    since 2008 I have been suffering RUQ pain with on and off Diarrhea,
    I had a ct of the abdomen, mrcp, ultrasound,showing a right kidney cyst and slight liver enlargement.
    My blood work shows mild anemia,low rbc,hct,hgb and elevated rdw.WBC normal
    My ast and alt were slightly elevated.
    had colonoscope, normal

    still in pain but no answers from the doctors, anyone have an idea as what might be wrong?
    could this be sphincter of Oddi dysfunction ?

    • ANSWER:
      Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction associates problems with common bile duct dilation and episodes of pancreatitis. You did not mention having episodes of pancreatitis.

      I would suggest postcholecystectomy syndrome (PCS).
      The term postcholecystectomy syndrome (PCS) describes the presence of symptoms after cholecystectomy. These symptoms can represent either the continuation of symptoms thought to be caused by the gallbladder or the development of new symptoms normally attributed to the gallbladder. PCS also includes the development of symptoms caused by removal of the gallbladder.

      Removal of the reservoir function of the gallbladder alters bile flow and the enterohepatic circulation of bile.
      Bile is thought to be the cause of PCS in patients with mild gastroduodenal symptoms or diarrhea.
      It causes diarrhea and colicky lower abdominal pain

    Right side pains that come and that due to my cysts?
    Right side pains that come and that due to my cysts?
    Hello everyone. I asked this in Pains etc..but I think this is where this question should be asked.
    A few months ago I started feeling a numb like back pain. From there I started having upper abdominal pains and nausea. Now I have pains in my right side ranging from any where on top to bottom and even back right side.
    I have cysts on my ovaries and the last doctor I’ve been seeing hasn’t done a thing but give me provera! This was about 7 months ago.
    Sorry…back to current status.
    I constantly feel bloated; I have bowel movements very often these last couple weeks.
    I feel like I don’t digest my food properly and I don’t have a regular period. (Irregular since 18)
    The pain isn’t unbearable but it’s extremely uncomfortable as I feel a sharp sting on my right side. It comes and goes and I’m just sick and tired of being concerned.
    Last time I saw my doctor I wasn’t having these pains…I did however tell her my husband and I are preparing to start a family. (reason for her proscribing prover)
    My mom had cysts…she couldn’t have children till they were surgically removed. I asked my doc and she said NO SERGURY WOULD BE PERFOMED UNLESS IT’S LIFE THREATNING.

    I guess what I’m looking for is has anyone experienced what I’m going through? Is it possible I have a ruptured cyst? What type of symptoms did you have?
    I’m also stressed what I’m experiencing may not even be linked to my cysts…what if it’s my liver or kidney or even gallbladder!
    I’m really stressed and just looking for any sort of information I can get.

    Thank you for reading.

    • ANSWER:

    Has anyone been diagnosed with a mass or cyst in your liver?
    I had an mri from my neck down to knees and I never heard much back from it. I went to another doc for another problem. Se was on the computer so I asked if she could run off the report from the mri for me. Well, she started looking at it and said well there are many things but, then she said I think you need to contact your reg internest / family dr as I see a notation that you have a very large mass / cyst on your liver and it needs to be CT’d /determined. She could not give anymore info. I have heard people having a form of cancer with masses on their liver or kidney? Has anyone had this happen to them or someone they know? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure why the Dr that ordered the MRI would not talk to you about the cyst/mass they found on the MRI or give you a copy of the radiologist’s summary. You have a right to a copy of the summary of findings from the MRI.

      Liver cysts are relatively common and are usually benign. Hopefully that is what you have going on. Here is an article where you can read up on the subject. Unless you are having symptoms of liver cancer (unexplained weight loss and fevers) I would not worry too much until you get a chance to speak to your family Dr. There is a good chance you have a benign liver cyst and that nothing bad will come from this.
      good luck

    hepatic cyst on kidney?
    Hubby just found out a CT scan shows he has a hepatic cyst on his kidney, and something called “scattered inguinal lymph nodes”. Can’t get hold of his doctor until next Monday. He has an ultrasound scheduled in 2 weeks. We are both basket cases. Can anyone shed any light on this? All I can find is info on hepatic cysts on the liver. Are these usually signs of cancer in the kidney? He is diabetic, therefore a prime candidate for kidney problems related to diabetes. Please, someone who KNOWS what they are talking about. I’m about a millimeter away from a major panic attack and won’t make it until we get the ultrasound results mid July unless I have more info on this. Please help!!!!!

    • ANSWER:

    upper abdomen ultra sound results?
    My upper abdmn utrra sound shows as following

    1) liver fatty changes seen in liver .no focal massseen. intraheptatic bilary duct not dilated. No free fluid seen around the liver.

    right kidney measuring 11.9×5.4cm .E.Normal in size and ouitline. A ortical cyst ssen at the upper right pole.measuring 3.9×2.8cm previously in 2002 the suize oif cyst was 2.6×2.1
    What does my liver report shows .i am non alcholic have been treated with mercury capsule in 1973 for suspecte sypllis. i am now usng the following medicines
    concor 5mg
    glucpphage 500
    epival 500 mg
    ascard 75mg
    silver centrum
    does these medicines have affacted my liver although my SGPT s always in the range of 45 to 48 .It is now 47 all other liver tests are ok what is the possible reason of fatty liver and is it curable at this stage.
    What are the reasons of increase in size of cyst in right kidney
    Iam over weight 53 years of age. Suffering from blood pressure and border linev high sugar

    • ANSWER:
      These result should be discussed and explained to you by your doctor. He is the only one that knows you history and the problems and symptoms you have. You may find some answers at or

    Pelvic pain, please help!?
    I have had ovarian cysts which was cuased a great deal of pain for six months now. As all woman get them every month these are not in the norm and stay around for 3-4 months get big then rupture. Sometimes multiple on each ovary. The past few months a new pain has stared. I would best describe it as pelvic pain severe somedays others just painful. Now and then I can fee my ovarys ache (same pain with the cysts) but this new pain is centered around the uterus and pelvic area. ALSO I have along with this pain dull ache in my thighs and lower back. This was never present with the cyst issue.

    The ob/gyn has give me “ponstel” for pain which does not even put a dent into the pain I am having. Next she has suggested I get on “loestrin” which is birth control to see if this regulates the cysts and helps. It has done nothing and I have been on it a week or so.

    Pelvic pain is the same its daily. Causes me to loose sleep and almost in tears at the peaks of the pain. I can compare to contractions as it comes on suddenly and reaches height and slowly goes away then comes back. Not the same pain as a cyst rupturing at all. PLease anyone who has any suggestions or exp share. I am at my wits end with this.

    Test I have had done already:

    blood work to rule out things are blood work to r/o ulcer
    physical exam to r/o appendictis
    ultra sound to check on kidney, liver, ovarys, uterus
    pelvic exam-normal
    pap smear-normal

    • ANSWER:
      If you are having this much pain I would suggest talking to your gyno about possible surgery to remove the cysts therefore while they are in there they can look at your ovaries pelvic appendix etc. I have had a patient recently in who had this problem she got the surgery and is better now. Talk to others in your famly to see if this might be genetic. Please don’t hesitate to email me I would love to answer your questions

    Major side pain with high BP? Could it be ovarian cyst?
    My friend is having major pain in her left side. She had an ovarian cyst a few years back. She has cramping and numbness all down her left side. She went to the ER Tuesday night and they didn’t do an xray but referred her to another doctor. They kept her there longer to get her BP down because it was too high. Gave her a script for the pain and sent her home. She then went to the referral the ER gave her and all that doc did was draw blood and gave her another referral for her BP problem. On her left side down to her foot, she gets a tingly numbness. The referral doctor wants to do an ekg, kidney, liver test and etc. Does anyone know what this could be, she doesn’t seem to be getting the answers she needs.

    • ANSWER:
      That is exasperrating! The BP problem seems to have been taken are of, if indeed they intend to have her come back in a month and have it rechecked. High blood pressure can also be generated by pain…which you say she is in.
      Something is causing the cramping in her left side, and frankly the numbness and tingling are of a real concern. She needs a good internist who will examine her head to foot, and address this issue.
      Perhaps wait till the blood tests come back, and let’s see what they say. If there isn’t anything definitive in them to explain her symptoms, it’s time or another doctor. The tingling can be from
      spinal problem (disc) which is impingin on the sciatic nerve…but then again there are a whole host of other things it could be. Don’t sit on this…be proactive!

    I have had an ultrasound probably kidney stones and possible bladder calculus?
    Then I had a CAT scan with Contrast–PYELOGRAM. It showed no kidney stones and no bladder stones. Only a small cyst on the liver. I still have symptoms though. Is there a need for a cystoscopy to view the bladder? Could this CAT scan miss cancer which is what the doctor is looking for due to my symptoms and the shadowing in the bladder they could not identify on the original ultrasound.

    • ANSWER:
      As you have symptoms you need first simple urine examination to rule out infection.
      Ie it shows blood then cystoscopy is needed to see and asses.

    sulfamethoxazole/bactrim for acne, your experience?
    I just got prescribe sulfamethoxazole for my cystic acne. Its not BAD but i get two to three cyst a month. What was your experience on it? i heard good and bad things about it. how long would have to take it to affect my kidney/liver?? ( i am very iffy on taking this medication )

    • ANSWER:
      My niece had very good results with it.

    what test doctors test do i need?
    what tests does my friends doctor need to order check to see if anything is wrong with her heart, lungs liver, pancreas,kidney, and colon, and bones, test that will definitely tell , not test after tests she had a complete hysterecomy because her stomach was always in pain only reason given by doc for the surgery in 83 has taken harmones maybe 2 month total in all those yrs,she had a bone density test 2 yrs ago has ostepenia, joints pop al the time she has had her gall bladder taken out 4yrs ago,she has repeated hematuria now she has distinst back pain . nausea but when she burps feels better was told she had liver cysts but doc say nothing was wrong with liver panel what does that mean anyway hard to find a doc that she can question she feels and i do to if you can’t ask questions find another she hasn’t been very sucessful ifeel bad for her if she didn’t get good doctoring what do the panels that they take mean. has had steostatic left breast biospy was find had it

    • ANSWER:
      Take a deep breath. First, her doc needs to do a complete physical and history. Then, s/he will need to do some basic blood work to determine if anything indicates the need to do further tests.

      Liver panel can be normal with cysts; depends on the size of the cysts.

      If she doesn’t feel she can ask questions, instead of running from doctor to doctor, she should stay with one doc and demand that he explain (for example, how she can have liver cysts and a normal liver panel).

      Different panels mean different things. Chemistry panel tells about what certain substance in your blood (potassium, sodium, glucose and a few others). Liver panel tells you about liver enzymes, blood panels are for white counts and red counts.

      If she’s tried to get answers to her questions, and still can’t, she should let the doc know that she needs more help. Give him the option of ‘helping her’ or she should THEN go see someone else.

    Is it normal to have a cyst in your kidney?I have one in each kidney and have had cancer before in the left.?
    I always have blood in my urine,protein,and most of the time i have kidney stones.I’ve also had kidney failure in the past but i no longer have to get that treatment.I’m just wondering if i should go back to the cancer doc.I’m always in pain from my kidneys and i’m only 27.My liver has also shut down on me before but i got that back 100%,i started having seizures in 2002 just out of no where.Please somebody help me i’ve been tested for lupus but thats always neg.I know it can take awhile to get a postive one if u have it but does anybody else have anything they can think of?Help would be wonderful. bren

    • ANSWER:

    The CONS of birth control pills (Yaz)?
    First off, I’d like to say that I’m 100% sexually inactive.
    Secondly, I’m the type of person who is very anti-medication & never takes Advil for a headache because it’s bad for your kidneys & liver.

    So, my gyno doctor perscribed me Yaz for a few small cysts outside of my ovaries. I told her I didn’t want to be on birth control medication because I was sexually inactive, and I’ve heard about some TERRIBLE side effects to birth control, such as birth defects in offspring after being taken off the pill, weight gain/loss, etc.
    She told me that Yaz didn’t come with those side effects.
    I kind of don’t know whether or not to believe her. But it’s not like I have a choice, because the only other option for removing my cysts is expensive surgery (or at least, that’s what she told me.)

    So aaaaanyway, all I need is a second opinion on the side effects of Yaz. I’ve tried Googlin’ it, but I can’t really find anything. My main concern is birth defects, ’cause I want to have kids someday.

    • ANSWER:
      First, don’t even worry about birth defects. When you’re off the pill, the effects don’t last long at all. You will have kids perfectly normal as any one else would’ve.

      Second, all birth control will affect every one differently. BUT, that being said, I personally have not heard good things about Yaz. I know a girl who was on it and she said it gave her absolutely terrible mood swings and depression. I also have read other similar stories online. At the same time I have read that some women claim it has helped their PMS symptoms and made them LESS moody. It’s really just hard to tell how it will affect some one.

      Ironically I was prescribed Yaz by my doctor not too long ago too. He just raved about how “great” it was, but after reading everything I did I just didn’t feel safe taking it. I’m the same way you are when it comes to medication – I’m very cautious, and I don’t like to medicate myself unless I absolutely have to. I am going back on birth control because my husband and I aren’t ready for more kids just yet. But I’m going to go back on the pill that I had tried for several years with no problems at all – for me that was Ortho Tricyclen Lo.

      Keep in mind too that if you start Yaz and don’t do well on it, there ARE other options. I’m not sure why she’s choosing to start you on this first, but perhaps because it is a low dose birth control. Just keep an eye out on any side effects you have and report them immediately if they are bad or debilitating.

      Good luck!! Try this site: Tells you the differences in hormone levels in each type of pill

      Real patient ratings and reviews on different types of medications. I believe Yaz is in there:
      EDIT: Ok Yaz isn’t on this website but Yasmin is….Yaz is basically the exact same thing as Yasmin except it has lower hormones. Look at the Yasmin comments if you’re curious to see what it may do.

    How long is the average life span of a male with PKD? Am I going to be widowed by 70?
    Okay first I know that each case of PKD is different than the next…but I tried to do a search of the average life span of someone with it, to see if it means an earlier death, say by age 60? Or something… my fiance is 22, doesn’t smoke or drink, watches his food intake some, but doesn’t get enough exercise… has a history of brain anyeurisms on his mom’s side, but she smoked etc… and he doesn’t. He also is borderline hyptertension already? But I’m just thinking here, if he takes care of himself and his mom’s kidneys hadn’t failed her in her forties yet, does that mean it might be genetically likely that he won’t need a transplant until his 40s or 50s? And once he gets a kidney transplant, shouldn’t that aspect of his life be under control somewhat? So he can live a long time? He also gets cysts in his liver, though neither in his kidneys or liver are often… I guess this is a long drawn out question, but maybe someone knows something? Thanks : )

    • ANSWER:

    ultrasound scan for adrenals reliable?
    i had a UltraSound scan recently on abdomen to investigate weight loss, hormones abnormalities etc

    Ultrasound showed my kidneys, liver, spleen, the sonographer said they were all normal. adrenal glands were not prominent which she said was a good thing and it looked all clear.

    she couldnt quite see the ovaries so i had to get a transvaginal one as she looked for pcos it confirmed cysts on ovaries.

    the doctor (endocrinologist) skimmed over the ultrasound result really and said it was normal but then as i was asking questions, at the end the doctor ordered an MRI scan, “just to show that its normal”, i felt he was just doing it to show that there was nothing as he said “in these cases nothing is found on the adrenals”

    i really dont want to go as ive heard bad stories about their effects and dont want to put my body through the powerful magentic rays.

    he’s requested it to test my adrenals glands, but if the ultrasound said everything including my liver, spleen, kidneys etc was clear and fine then im wondering why is it good enough for those organs?

    why do i need an MRI for adrenals and not to check these other organs, why cant it be taken it that they are all normal?


    im worried i really dont want to go i feel i will have to cancel and its tomorrow :0(

    would an adrenal mass in a person who had it not show upon an ultrasound?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no real evidence to suggest that being exposed to a high magnetic field during an MRI, poses any long term risk to health. They are quite safe.

      There is of course only so much an ultrasound can detect. Has he done an adrenal function test? Were your cortisol levels abnormal or something? He likely just wants to make sure nothing has been missed.

      No, tumours would likely not show up on the ultrasound as it would likely be quite tiny.

    ultrasound scan reliable?
    i had a UltraSound scan recently on abdomen to investigate weight loss, hormones abnormalities etc

    Ultrasound showed my kidneys, liver, spleen, the sonographer said they were all normal. adrenal glands were not prominent which she said was a good thing and it looked all clear.

    she couldnt quite see the ovaries so i had to get a transvaginal one as she looked for pcos it confirmed cysts on ovaries.

    the doctor (endocrinologist) skimmed over the ultrasound result really and said it was normal but then as i was asking questions, at the end the doctor ordered an MRI scan, “just to show that its normal”, i felt he was just doing it to show that there was nothing as he said “in these cases nothing is found on the adrenals”

    i really dont want to go as ive heard bad stories about their effects and dont want to put my body through the powerful magentic rays.

    he’s requested it to test my adrenals glands, but if the ultrasound said everything including my liver, spleen, kidneys etc was clear and fine then im wondering why is it good enough for those organs?

    why do i need an MRI for adrenals and not to check these other organs, why cant it be taken it that they are all normal?


    im worried i really dont want to go i feel i will have to cancel and its tomorrow :0(

    would an adrenal mass in a person who had it not show upon an ultrasound?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi darling,

      If you have been offered an MRI I would advise you to have it. It will not hurt and there will not be anywhere near enough magnetic rays to do any harm to you. It is like an ordinary X-ray, the only reason the staff wear protection is because they are doing it all day long. For you it is a one off and nothing will harm you.

      I do think you will be cross with yourself if you don’t go because you will be forever wondering. it is the most painless way to look at the ovaries I can assure you.

      good luck.

      Love mel.X

    Ladies with PCOS?
    Hi all,
    I recently had a test done to test out my hormones as I am trying to concieve. My insulin, cholesterol, kidneys, liver etc are all fine, my estrogen is also fine. I have a BMI of 18.7, and do not have any trouble controlling my weight. The hormone that is associated with PCOS is higher than normal, so the doctor said that it is possible that I have it. I had a pelvic ultrasound about 2 months ago to make sure nothing was left from a D&C I had and then it said my ovaries looked normal (there was one tubal/adnexl cyst on the left ovary, but that is not associated with PCOS), so if I had lots of PCOS cysts on them shouldn’t they have picked that up? I’m worried that if I get pregnant again I will miscarry because I might have PCOS. How many people have PCOS and have healthy babies? Was it easy or hard to get pregnant? Are there any natural therapies for it? I would love to hear anyone’s experiences. Thank you very much
    Congratulations Lisa and Catherine L! Thats great! It’s good to hear that you are victims of PCOS and are still toddling along your pregnancies nicely! So Catherine, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but you’re not on any treatments for it at the moment?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey! I have about the same body type as you and was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I finally found a doctor that knows his stuff!!

      A little about me…
      I went off the pill last December…my period never came…and never came…and I wasn’t pregant. I finally went to the doctor in Feb. he ran some tests and said that based on my hormone levels he “thought” that I might have PCOS. I gave me Prometrium to shed my lining…and since I started tracking things I noticed that I ovulated. We didn’t really time things that month so the next month I ovulated a little later…but I did ovulate and ended up having a positive hpt! We were SO excited….I had my progesterone checked and my doctor had me on injections because they were low. I had an ultrasound at six weeks and then again at eight weeks. (I was leaving for a trip and a little worried since I felt a little too normal!) Everything turned out fine at the eight week appointment and he assured me that I was worrying for nothing. The baby had a strong heartbeat.

      Four weeks later…at my 12 week appointment…there was no longer a heartbeat=( Four days later I had a D&C. Unfortunately it sounds like you’ve been through a similar situation.

      Well, my period never came back after my D&C. UGH!! Very frustrating! I moved to Indiana and was searching for a new doctor. I came across this super informative website from a fertilty clinic in Indianapolis. It SPECIFICALLY notes THIN women PCOS. This is the first and only research I’ve seen and it totally makes sense. If you read it you’ll notice that women with “thin” women PCOS usually only have irregular ovulation with none of those other awful symptoms.

      I made the appointment and also made an appointment with a local OB/GYN in town. I had such a good experience with my local OB/GYN that I cancelled the appointment with the specialist.

      THe doctor told me that just by looking at my hormone results, history, and looking at me…he was sure that I had it. I fit under the category of “thin” women PCOS…with no other symptoms besides the lack of ovulation. He said that his wife has the same thing….although they went through three years of a specialist and failed invitro. As a last resort they tried Metformin…because they had “nothing else to lose”. Three months later they were pregnant. Now they have two healthy little girls.

      He had me start Metformin that day. I tracked BBT and noticed that I ovulated that same day. Two weeks later I had a positive HPT (Exactly three months after my D&C). I’m now 12 weeks pregnant, have had several ultrasounds and things are looking wonderful.

      I have no idea if I had cysts or not. I took the word from this doctor since he has personal experience with thin women PCOS. (I’ve never known to have cysts before) It certainly sounds like you have the same type of PCOS. I would HIGHLY=) suggest that you start Metformin right away.

      I think my body had been ready to release that egg for awhile. I couldn’t believe that I ovulated right away. I still don’t know if it was the Metformin that did it or it was just a coincidence….but that would be an huge coincidence if it were.

      As you’ll read on this website those with PCOS have a higher risk of miscarriage. (Which we both unfortunatlely had to find out the hard way.) Metformin greatly reduces this risk. My doctor had me stay on Metformin (500 mg…three times a day) until 11 weeks. (he said the placenta takes over at 9/10 weeks.) I also took Prometrium as a suppository every night at bedtime and stopped at 11 weeks as well. He said he usually just uses Metformin alone…but he gave me Prometrium to make me feel better…and just as a precaution.

      So…I hope this is helpful to you! Let me know if you have any further questions.

      Get on Metformin=) (My previous doctor told me not to take it unless I had to….since it was a “hard” drug to take.) The benefits are so worth it! It really wasn’t that bad. I started by taking one a day…then two a day…then three a day. I had to be sure and not take it with carbs…since it upsets your stomach. After a few weeks I could eat anything.

    Should I be friends with her even though she smokes…?
    Okai, my friend (Tasha) and me had a conversation a while ago about if either of us started smoking we would totally ditch them.

    I caught her smoking today and she tried to hide it from me but I knew. She is overweight and is just adding to her problems. I cant hang out at lunch with her ’cause she smokes and not in gym ’cause she can’t run (overweight and smokes…). I have a series of health problems that run in my family and cancer is one of them. Also, this disease that is hereditary where cysts (tumors without cancer) grow on your liver, kidney and other organs. I don’t want to weaken my lungs, in case I have this. I dont want her tar in my lungs!!

    Now my other friend is mad at me ’cause she thinks this is a stupid reason. I am not changing my beliefs for either of them. I pick life over them (sorry).
    Should I just get over it and try or should I stick to what I STRONGLY believe in? I have other friends that agree with me and are better friends than both of them.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say lose her. It doesn’t sound like you guys are that close to begin with, and she has a lot of problems. You don’t need somebody who is going to be a negative influence in your life. I don’t smoke either, and I choose close friends who don’t smoke. I have other friends who do, I just make it known that I would rather they didn’t smoke near me (it makes me nauseous).
      And in my experience, most smokers don’t give a damn what you think. They’re going to smoke regardless. So just take yourself away from the situation. Or compromise, and ask her not to smoke when you’re together.

    “vibrating” sensation in neck, severe sudden unilateral headaches (feels like !@#$#$ stroke, spasms&twitching?
    I’ve had some crazy symptoms but my doctor never listens. So, does anyone have any idea what this could be???

    PLEASE READ the whole thing

    -I’ve lose ~30lbs over last few months
    -”vibrating” sensation in neck, like blood is flowing too fast???
    -heart palpitations from inexplicable low potassium that comes and goes
    -severe sudden unilateral headaches (feels like !@#$#$ stroke): It makes me lightheaded and literally put me on my hands and knees. Always in same spot. At first I’d get the same feeling of lightheadedness, but over the last month the “stroke like” feeling comes along with pain. If I lay down feels like blood stays on one side of head and I need to move. I also twitch more, especially my eyes.
    - Sometimes it feels like I can’t hear as well on right side… And only recently was I diagnosed with APD
    -spasms&twitching, worse at night
    - I feel dumber and can’t concentrate or remember things
    - Fibrocystic/lumpy breasts
    - Swollen lymph nodes, some times painful other times not an neck, clavical, behind and in front of right ear (these are firm and don’t hurt), really painful ones under arms/armpits
    - thyroiditis that comes and goes sometimes it hurts other times it doesn’t
    - mood swings
    - random cysts
    - sometimes it feels like something is pushing on the tips of my (left hand) fingers
    - hair loss
    -sometimes my tendons feel tight and painful for some inexplicable reason
    - arms and legs fall asleep way easier than they used to
    - Joints really hurt sometimes, especially my TMJ
    - severe pain on right side near ribs… feel a bump/cyst like thing there (kidneys OK, Liver OK)
    - I experience sudden muscle weakness and fatigue and sweat a lot (could be due to jacked up potassium???)
    - Sharp pains in right side of neck
    - started to develop panic attacks from headache and palpitations scaring the Sh*t out of me.
    - I feel off balance and disoriented at times
    - mild night sweats
    - Early on there would be popping sounds in my ear at night.
    - recently bad pressure like feeling and headache when I stand up
    - I’ve always had irregular periods
    - vision in my right eye worse than left– this is new and I sometimes have double vision if I don’t wear my glasses. developed over few months

    - Lyme Disease negative
    - No thyroid antibodies, but TSH and T4 levels change a lot
    -Consistently Low WBC with High lymphocyte %, but not way off charts, other things also H and L, but I don’t remember what they were.
    - mono negative
    - no UTI
    - not associated with PMS

    I’m 20-25yrs old. All of this developed over ~4months, got way worse after a flu shot, I had a sore develop on my lip and low grade fever after the shot.

    Any ideas??? My doc did refer me to endo but I don’t see him for 3 months! Symptoms come and go so doctor thinks I’m nuts…
    Is this just stress? Am I freaking out over nothing? I feel like a hypochondriac because my doctor says I’m fine and that some symptoms, like potassium, were probably due to “an infection of some sort.” and the rest is stress.
    I usually have low BP around 100-110/50-70, but at times it sky rockets when I start freaking out over my symptoms.
    I actually get lightheaded easily
    Oh, AND, never had I experienced panic attacks and palpitations until recently. My doc prescribed me a benzo, which helped with my so called “panic” (I still have my doubts I was actually panicking) but I still have the other strange symptoms.
    ALSO, I’ve never had headaches like the ones I’m getting now. They hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt in my head
    My ears and around my ears always twitching

    • ANSWER:
      where you checked for lyme by a good lad

      the elisa test most dr use is a said i was negative is well

      you sound like u could have lyme. u need to see an LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor) ASAP

      Some help here

    What pain killers can be legally perscribed in the US besides opiates(like codine)?
    I have a friend with a painful kidney disease(Polycystic Kidney Disease), that is allergic to opiate based pain killers. He is not supposed to take advil, aspirin, aleve, or other NSAIDS because of the cysts on his liver and kidneys. He is allowed occasionally to take Tylenol, but again he can’t take it often due to how it is processed by the liver. He does not want to use anything illegal. What other pain meds are legally able to be prescribed in the US?

    • ANSWER:
      Prescription medications almost always have opiates. Just so you’re aware of what’s out there I made a list of the most common prescription pain killers and their active ingredient or ingredients.

      Brand Name – active ingredient(s)
      Celebrex – celecoxib (COX-2 inhibitor)
      Ultram – tramadol
      Demerol – meperidine HCl
      Lorcet – hydrocodone and acetaminophen
      Vicodin – hydrocodone and acetaminophen
      Lorcet Plus – hydrocodone and acetaminophen
      Vicodin ES – hydrocodone and acetaminophen
      Norco – hydrocodone-APAP, and acetaminophen
      Lortab – hydrocodone and acetaminophen
      Vicodin HP – hydrocodone and acetaminophen
      Percocet – oxycodone HCl with acetaminophen
      Percodan – oxycodone HCl, oxycodone terephthalate, and aspirin
      Oxycontin 40 – oxycodone HCl
      RMS MS Contin – morphine sulfate
      Duragesic Fentora Actiq – fentanyl
      Dilaudid (tabs); Palladone (caps) – hydromorphone hydrochloride AKA dihydromorphinone
      Opana; Opana ER – oxymorphone & extended release

      To answer your question: All but one of these is an opiate. Celebrex is the only one outside the opiate family but it’s derived from NSAID meds. It’s a COX-2 inhibitor. Other NSAIDS inhibit COX-1&2. It’s been suggested that most of the negative effects of NSAIDs come from inhibiting COX-1 and the painkilling effects come from inhibiting COX-2. Another non-NSAID non-opioid is rofecoxib (brand name Vioxx), however in Sept. 2004 it was voluntarily withdrawn from the market due to a discovered risk of serious cardiovascular events, including heart attacks and strokes, among study patients taking Vioxx compared to patients receiving placebo. Celebrex (celecoxib) has similar risks but has been kept on the market.

      If you’re not dead set on a prescription drug and you’d be open to natural alternatives like ginger and other powerful herbs I’d recommend talking with a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

      Other alternatives to consider: Acupuncture, Cognitive and behavioral therapy, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, and Physiatry.

      Good luck and I think it’s wonderful you are trying to help your friend get some pain relief!

    is this a joke or what? cancer question?
    Every time I have CT, X-RAy, MRI and/or Ultrasound, I get different results and seems that no one knows what they are talking about. Can you tell me or give me an idea using simple words. (please do not tell me to ask my Doctor or give me any non-sense answer)

    Here I go: Mosaic Perfusion, Mosaic Attenuation, Hypoechoic Nodules of Liver, Complex Cyst w/protenaceous liq., Cystadenoma of Biliary, echogenic liver, echogenic kidney, fat infultration, infiltrated liver, benign cyst, 45mm hypoechoic nodules of liver.

    It is driving me crazy not knowing what is going on. Of course I have symptoms (chest pain, lower and mid abdomen, lower back, under armpit and under ribcage)

    Please just give me your opinion. (can it be cancer? how serious can it be? it is commum symptoms and diagnosis? why radiology use terms that makes things so confused?

    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      On the reports they have to use the medically correct terms. I dont know everything that they are saying, but you should b e able to google each word or look in a medical dictionary to learn its meaning. Then put together what all that means.

      The first person is right though, its a lil complicated. But going this way you will learn a lot and hopefully come to a conclusion about what they are saying.

    I don’t know what to do?
    I have been having pain in my lower left side of my abdomen for about 4 weeks. My other symptoms are…

    *I really don’t have much of an appetite anymore
    *When I do eat, I don’t like to eat much before I feel incredibly full (1/2 of a sandwich)
    *I am constantly tired
    *Sometimes it feels like someone is pressing on my pelvis, it just feels like pressure.
    *I have been urinating more than normal.

    I went to my doctor 4 weeks ago when the pain started. He has been running tests for my kidneys, liver, and spleen. All of them have come back negative. So, he sent me for a CT scan yesterday and the doctor who looked at it called my doctor and said the discovered an “abnormal growth” on my left ovary. My doctor said to not worry about it because it was probably just a cyst. He gave me some antibiotics because he thinks I may just have an infection.

    I just have trouble believing him. I don’t know what to do.
    My doctor hasn’t told me to do anything. I’m going to go see a gynecologist next week because I think they can do more for me than the doctor right now. What should ask? I’m 19 so there is a good chance it may not be serious, but I want to be sure. Thank you sooo much.

    • ANSWER:
      I hope You get well soon.. I’m doing my best to help every1 to cure their illness including you.. with my Islam Prayers.. You don`t have to vote me for the best answer.. im doing this for free.. I only hopping we all get bless & Cure from Allah the most Mercyfull..Loveing & Careing.. See the improvement result.

    Ok my doctor has tried everything…secondary amenorrhea. sucess stories please!?
    Befor january i didn’t get my period for a year so she did all kinds of tests such as my pituitary, prolactin, thyroid, liver/kidney function, LH and FSH ect and everything was perfect. The only thing is I have a slight hyper thyroid but not enough for treatment and i have high glucos levels i think she said it was but i am not certain..Anyways she diagnosed me with secondary amenorrhea and told me the only thing to treat it would be birth control, so she proscribed me provera (tablets) to take every month for 4 months to see if that helps regulate my periods however i don’t really want to get on birth control, my husband and i would like to have a child..
    She is ordering an ultrasound for me to check for possible cysts however PCOS has been ruled out by my blood tests and she is also wanting to check for HIV and hepatitis just because of my weight i am 5’3 104lbs. however much i eat ect i still cannot gain weight only loose it..BC the only option? how well will it work?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a very similar situation. My Husband and I have been TTC for a year now. I didnt have a period for 6 months, so my Gyno put me on Provera, its works great!!! I would advise you to try it for a couple of cycles to regulate yourself. I also had every test known to man, and everything was totally fine. So its just a waiting game now…. but get your body back on track, and dont be scared to take the provera, it really works, and will not build up in your system, so you can still totally get pregnant. Ask your Dr. to give you a 5 day dose instead of a 10 day dose. (which is the normal) and your period should come within 10 days after stopping the last pill. So good luck with everything, and Baby Dust to you!!!

    Doctor isn’t sure but he’s put me on medication for IBS?
    Since August last year I’ve been getting abdominal pain, I didn’t do anything about it until January when I went to the doctor, I had blood tests which showed I’m amnemic and an ultrasound of my kidneys, liver, womb, ovaries which all came up clear. (I have PCOS but I’m all clear from cyst atm)

    Since January my condition has gotten worse, I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’m down to seven stone and my BMI is 16. I’ve also had bad heartburn, headaches and the pain in my abdomen is very bad. I’ve also become extremely tired and breathless, I find it hard to get up and do things.

    But today the doctor said he isn’t sure I have IBS but he told me try a dose of Mebeverine for a month and then to come back and see him.

    I don’t like the fact he’s trying me on medication when he isn’t sure if I have IBS. I’ve already been on two doses of amoxicillin and two doses of ibuprofen in the last 2 months and I’m also on iron tablets. I don’t feel comfortable taking medication just to see if ‘works’.

    Another thing when I first had my blood tests he said something about my celiac green numbers but I can’t remember how exactly he put it, does anyone know what this is?

    Do you think I should get a second opinion? Please give me your opinion as I’m really upset and I need some reassurance.I’m an 18 year old female btw.

    • ANSWER:
      You have no good bacteria in the gut by the sounds of it. Antibiotics kill all the good and bad bacteria in the gut. Eventually an overgrowth of bad bacteria causes problems and candida overgrowth, abdominal pain, IBS, intestinal problems start occuring. Good bacteria is essential for absorbing nutrients especially vitamin B12. Your iron anaemia does cause fatigue, breathlessness and weight loss. No good bacteria in the gut = abdominal pain, fatigue, headaches, intestinal upsets and weight loss. I would suggest purchasing probiotics from a chemist (make sure the supplement is coated in a enteric coating). Also, digestive enzymes are great for the digestive tract and preventing heartburn/acid reflux. As for celiac “green numbers”, i’ve never heard of it. Celiac disease causes your symptoms also. Always ask for all your blood results. Check out the links for more information:

    Really had enough and it’s taking it’s toll on me now.. what can I do?
    Ok for months I have been backwards and forwards to doctors for tests and check ups because of pains in my stomach. They have mentioned problems with my kidneys, livers, irritable bowell, chrones disease ect.. lets say they have mentioned alot.
    Then they found my luck I had a viral infection from one of my blood tests which I had for some time.
    Then I had a pelvic ultrasound to find the cause of the stomach pain and they again by luck found I had cysts on the ovaries.
    I then had another scan last week and thats when they said I could have chrones disease.
    Then today they said I have tonsillitis and I may have picked it up from when I was in hospital last week,

    It is seriously getting me down so much. I know some people go through alot worse than this, and I respect that but I dont know what to do anymore. It is really starting to take its toll on me.
    I have the doctors again on thursday, a scan in december and 2 more appointments booked with the sspecialist im seeing for the stomach pain.

    Has anyone else has this sort of thing happen to them? I feel so stressed and worried about it all

    • ANSWER:
      I can’t say I relate to what Ur Goin threw but I can offer some nice words. Try not to get too stressed about things as it’ll only make things worse. Iv recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and it bugs me so much I just want to curl up in bed! But u need to stay strong and power threw Ur illnesses! Hope Ur feeling better soon – sorry I couldn’t help! x

    I am a 29 yr old F with hemmoraging cysts, with small blood clots around them…ovarian cancer?
    A yr ago I was diagnosed with IBS but have always disaggreed with the diagnosis because I got better for a few months, eating anything I wanted for 5 mos with no symptoms and then had a recuurence of symptoms just out of the blue, for mos now even eating only fiber cereal and strawberries I have gotten no better. Anyway when they initially diagnosed me with “IBS” the cat scan showed a hemangioma on my liver as well as one cyst on right ovary. I followed up in end of March 08 with ultrasound still seeming harmless hemangioma as well as small considered water filled cyst right ovary. Yesterday repeat ultrasound showed the hemangioma on my liver had grown some, as well as now I have sveral small hemmoraging blood filled cysts, with small blood clots on both ovaries, instead of just the right, dr said it is either endometriosis or ovarian cancer..I feel soo young to have cancer, am soo scared, and think they may have nissed diagnosed me with IBS in the G.I. dept all along. My symptoms include occasional bloating, tightening all across my lower abdomen, and a fist like feeling in my lower back, bottom area, however it is usually, not always, after I eat something. I would like to hear from anyone with endometriosis, or ovarian cancer, and what ur opinion is, my dr also ran the CA 125, as my great grandmother died of ovarian cancer. Please help!! I go back for repeat ultrasound in 4 wks after my next menstrual period. Also found was a very smal 2cm cyst on right kidney.

    • ANSWER:
      Hard when you are not getting definite answers…the mind will just wander to all kinds of scenarios.

      First off…Regardless of what the diagnosis is – there is no reason not to think that all can/and will be ok. I do not believe we have to follow in our family history of anything if we choose not to! Secondly..if you are not getting answers that feel right (more definite) don’t hesitate to seek out a different doctor! In the meantime I would suggest looking for a Naturopathic Doctor in your town/city. Call their office and explain your situation. Unfortunately most are not covered by insurance…so I’m not sure how that works for you…but I am suggesting it as it is an option available that can help as much or maybe more than your current health care provider.

      Your symptoms are many and could mean a variety of issues…try not to go to the worst case scenario if you can help it. Educate yourself as much as you can so you can ask questions that get to the bottom of the matter Not sure this is an answer you were looking for, but wanted to give you something more positive to focus on!

    My wife has been diagnoised with polysystic Fibrosis a month after her delivery.?
    The size of the cyst is apporx 13cm. Initially she had the cyst at the liver – now this has reduced to 3 cm but a now a cyst has appeared at the bladder (around 14 cm). Apart from this – small cysts are present at kidney, pancreas. Please let me know the cause and cure for this.

    Doctors say nothing can be done – cyst can be removed only in emergency / serious condition.

    • ANSWER:
      The Cyst most of the time go away on their own. It’s painful but the doctor is right only emergency cases ever see a operating room. If a person had surgery for every time one of these cysts show up she would live in the operating room.

    My husband had a CT scan last week to qualify him to be a kidney donor.?
    They found a cyst on his liver and want to do further testing, should we be concerned?

    • ANSWER:
      If the cyst is just fluid filled and has not changed in
      size…they usually just use ultrasound or a Ct scan
      to keep an eye on them.

      If, for some reason, the cyst does enlarge in size,
      they will then decide if it is just fluid filled, a complex
      cyst (has substance inside of it) or has cancer.
      Cancer is rare in a cyst. When it enlarges in size,
      then it can start to cause damage to the liver cells
      around it. They will check to see if this may start to
      happen and then may say that they have to go in
      and remove a section of the cyst to drain it. The
      fluid will be absorbed into the body then. They
      usually have to take a section, because if they just
      remove the fluid by a needle…it may just build up
      again inside the walls of the cysts.

      Here are some links to sites about liver cysts,
      that you can click on:

      Here is a very good site about kidney transplant and
      a couple about the kidney itself (like diseases, dialysis,
      about the transplant, etc)

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.

    two low-density left renal lesions are noted statistically likely to represent cysts but too small to characterize. renal ultrasound may be more helpful. slight prominence of the right ovary.clincially correlate. pelvic ultrasound may be more helpful..

    also is it bad if u have a cyst in your right kidney and it is too small to characterize…..what caused to have cysts in ur ovaries and kidneys………and her liver is 23 cm……
    NO i dont have cancer doctor said it is not cancerous…

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t see how cysts in the kidneys can be correlated to cysts on ovaries. Do you have cancer? I’m not trying to scare you but perhaps it could be signs of metastesis.

    What is the substance in poly cystic kidneys?
    I have poly cystic kidneys and found out about it in my early 20′s.Now I am almost 60. I had an (unroofing),surgery and the cysts came back 6 months later.I want to know the chemical make up of the fluid inside these cysts.I believe there has to be a substance to get rid of the fluid build up.If the doctors know the chemical make up,can they develop a chemical to remove the fluid?Like laze rs,sound waves,high or low frequency waves,a chemical to absorb the fluid or a shunt to release the fluid. Can anything be possible to get rid of the fluid and, take the pain and pressure off the kidneys and liver?When a person has surgery to relieve the cysts,what could be put in to shrink the kidneys and not let the fluid grow back?Thanks for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, there’s really no way of preventing the cysts from reforming. If you don’t have liver scarring, your condition is genetic, Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. It’s due to a mutation in the gene polycystin. The unfortunate thing is that these cysts can form not only on your kidney but pretty much anywhere in your body. There’s two things to be aware of, and I’d recommend seeing a doctor occasionally to make sure there’s no development of Mitral Valve prolapse and berry aneurysms in your Circle of Wilis.