Liver Cancer Life Expectancy Stage 4

Colon Cancer Stage 4 Life Expectancy

Colon Cancer Stage 4 Life Expectancy

These types of cancers can only affect women as a result of their biological conditioning and make-up. Some cancers affect women and men equally but others are specifically unique in women. The first is breast cancer, which is very common in females but unusual in men. The second is cervical cancer, a development of cancerous effects in the cervix and unique to women because human males don’t have a cervix. The cancer affecting the liming of a human organ is medically referred to as carcinoma. Both breast and cervical cancers are carcinoma cases.

Most cervical cases of cancer develop after a woman has been diagnosed with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Cervical and breast cancer is better detected during its early stages of development to avoid severe complications that especially arise if cancerous cells have already spread up to the heart or vagina’s surface. Too much delay before treatment allows the cancer cells to spread to the entire body. If they do, then nothing much can really be done to save a patient’s life because at this stage the cancer is said to be in the terminal phase.

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Cervical and breast cancers cells may spreads to many body organs brewing serious complications such as tumors blocking the urine passage just after the bladder. Cases of the rectum obstruction are also common. When breast and or cervical cancers invade the patient’s lymphatic system, severe skin tumors result. Another case of women cancer is metastases which is a type of cervical cancer but which has spread to the lower parts of the female’s vagina.

Cervical cancers symptoms include vaginal bleeding, pain and bleeding during and after sexual intercourse among others. Symptoms of breast cancer include abnormal enlargement of breasts, pain, pale skin and hard solid formations in the breast. Women at the medium age of 40-50 years exhibit higher risks of developing cervical cancers. Genital complications increase chances of cervical cancer development, although the popular myth that circumcision causes cervical cancers is not true. Also, a woman with a herpes complex condition is highly predisposed to cancer cervical cases at one point of her lifetime.

Research has also shown that sexual intercourse at a very early age when the sexual organs of a girl are not yet fully developed, can amplify the possibility of developing cervical cancers during her midlife age. Women who are very sexually active with multiple partners have higher risks of cervical cancers development. Excessive smoking by women and even frequent pregnancies and or abortions constitutes other common risk increasing factors of cervical cancerous cases.

Diagnosis of cancer in the breasts or cervix is mainly done through screening tests. Screening tests have actually been adopted all over the world as the precautionary measure in averting breast cancer by enabling early diagnosis. Screening is a strategy that helps detect cancer cells in the body and most doctors recommend that every woman be screened yearly at the very least. The most popular screening test is pap smear, otherwise very accurate although sometimes results may be incorrect especially at the early stages of cancer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the life expectancy of liver cancer in the 4th stage?
    my dad was diagnosed with Liver Cancer back on 14 Feb. he has had 2 chemoembolizations and now the cancer has spread… what is the life expectancy of Liver Cancer in the 4th stage?

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone is different and depends on age and current health – my dad was 76 when he had bowel cancer which had just spread to his liver & kidney – he died 6 weeks later? I hope your dad is a lot better than mine was but to be honest once it has gone to the liver it will be a short time because if the liver is faulty it affects other organs of the body. To be certain talk to his doctor, we were told at the time 6 month to 1 year?

    I was just wondering how long the life expectancy of liver cancer at the fourth stage was?
    My dad was just diagnosed with liver and colon cancer, he just got an operation and removed the colon cancer and he has liver cancer at the fourth stage. He is going through chemotherapy right now and i was wondering what his life expectancy was going to be and what is the worst possible thing that could happen with the chemo, we are figuring he will be on it for roughly 4 months and then a major surgery and then chemo again for another 6months to make sure everything is gone… if all goes well.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think your dad has liver cancer, as it is far more likely that he only has colon cancer with mets to the liver. I am sorry, but in this situation the 5year survival rate is only about 5%. He is being treated with chemo to buy him more time not to cure him. At this point the worst thing that can happen with the chemo is that it does not slow the progression of his disease. I have the feeling this is not what you expected to hear and I am so very sorry.

    life expectancy w/ stage 4 colon cancer mest to lung and liver?
    I know i’m asking for an ans for which there is no definitive one…here goes. My boyfriend was diagnosed w/colon cancer 4 years ago. had surgery, chemo, radiation, removed large section of colon. 2 years ago and pretty much non-stop, chemo, radiation, then mest to lymph nodes, lungs and liver. had cryo laser surgery done in nov, said was good. but then got lung infection, cea up to 49, 3 weeks later, 156, Jan 2 Cea 250 w/ 15 lesions on liver, excructiating pain, still doing 10 chemo pills ago (not responding). went to er last night, liver’s enlarges, sent him home w/ stronger pain pills (was vicadine, not sure what now) but still has to double up to minimize pain. He’s given up,(is pretty mean) says the doc’s haven’t given him a time frame but told me not to buy him a birthday present (aug). he refuses to talk about it, says it will jsut upset me. I say I have a right to know. help? ideas? timeframe? he’s 55

    • ANSWER:
      Just going by the info given I would say, he is right that he might not see his next birthday. You might do some research on the stages of dying. It sounds like he is in the acceptance stage. It might be helpful for yourself, and allow you to be more of what he needs(not that I’m saying you aren’t right now). I have some training in helping the dying as a “Stephen Minister”. It has been a little while, and I have never actually had a case yet (Thank God), but I do know that there are definitely stages, The loved ones also go through the same stages, but at their own rate, and at times that may not be very helpful if you know what I mean. An example might be that he is in the acceptance stage ,and you might be in the denial or bargaining stage. Anyway this isn’t really what you asked but, I think it will be helpful to you at some point. Maybe there is even some info on-line. Also a hospice maybe able to give you some reading suggestions, maybe even a support group.
      If you attend a church, It maybe that they have a “Stephen ministry program” or if they do not then they might be able to put you in contact with a church that does.
      May God bless you both, and strengthen and comfort you.
      You may e-mail me if you wish.
      EDIT: You do not have to belong to a church or even be a christian to ask for a Stephen Minister.

    Life Expectancy for Stage 4 Lung Cancer?
    What would be the life expectancy for a 73 year old woman who has Stage 4 lung cancer which spread to her liver, as well as emphysema?

    • ANSWER:
      My mother showed no symptoms of stage 4 lung cancer. On her birthday, Feb. 09 at the young age of 75, she found out. It had spread to her brain, stomach, lymph nodes. June 4th, rest her soul, she passed away. She had radiation treatments for the brain, and 2 rounds of chemo. She went way to fast. The doctor said with treatment it was up to 18 months. Without treatment it was 3-6 months. I think she had alittle bit of the emphysema too. I am not positive about that. She smoked for alot of years, and quit in January and she wanted to make sure that her lungs were still clear when she saw her doctor.

    Stage 4 Esophogeal Cancer life expectancy?
    my uncle has stage 4 esophogeal cancer that has spread to his lungs, liver, and several other organs. The doctor said it is definently terminal. He is undergoing chemotherapy… long would you imagine his life expectancy will be?
    The Doctor said he hopes for 11 months but i know doctors sometimes make generalization in order to comfort the patient.

    • ANSWER:
      I have had maybe one patient who survived a year in that situation. Unfortunately most survive less than 6 months, and most of them less than 3-4. Sorry.


    what is the life expectancy of someone with stage 4 colon cancer that has gone to the liver and lung?

    • ANSWER:
      Stage IV cancer is no longer the death sentence that it once was. There is treatment but there are no guarantees. The truth is that no one knows, not even the doctors, the life expectancy of these patients. Much will depend on the patients overalll health, age, and response to treatment. The goal will be to gain control of the disease and hopefully place the patient into remission. If that is not possible, than it may be possible to find a treatment to keep the cancer under control and live with the cancer (much the way a diabetic lives with diabetes by taking insulin).

      The patient needs to find out as much as possible about the disease. Find out the treatment options. Go to a designated comprehensive cancer center for the best possible treatment.

      Cancer that has gone to the liver and lung can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, radiofrequency ablation, chemoperfusion . . there is treatment but the patient has to be willing to fight for it.

      NCCN: Clinical Guidelines for Colon Cancer

      NCI: Colon and Rectal Cancer

      Peritoneal chemperfusion

      Radiofrequency Ablation

      People Living with cancer

      Depending on the patient than . . life expectancy may be far better than you expect.

    stage 4 pancreatic cancer life expectancy?
    my g-ma just got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. it has spread to her liver but i guess those spots are small. Honestly, approximetly how much time does she have to live? She got her first set of chemo today. The doctor won’t tell us her life expectancy. She said it wouldn’t be fair to tell her. Shes 61, looks healthy, and so athletic. Shes never had any other health problems. Please only answer if u know the answers factual. Shes my heart. I don’t want to be misled.

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry about your grandmother. I was lucky enough to have mine for 35 years. It has been several years now and I still miss her very much. Of course no one is able to predict when someone will die and yes, every person is an individual. There are also patient’s who surprise us and live far longer than expected.

      However, I believe you asked this questin, because you want to know and you did ask to not to be misled. We have keep information on everyone diagnosed with cancer for 40 years and this is what our statistics are based on. Patients with stage 4 pancreatic cancer have a median survival of 2-6 months. Meaning 2-6 months after being diagnosed with stage 4 disease half the patients are alive. Patients with a better performance status live the longest. It appears your grandmother is in this group. At this point treatment is to prolong her life with as little symptoms as possible. Unfortunately, we already know we cannot manage or control pancratic cancer.

      Live for today and enjoy every moment together.

    life expectancy of someone with stage 4 colorectal cancer?
    My mom was diagnosed w/ stage 4 colon cancer in May 2007 she went though 2 yrs of chemo and just recently under went radiation to a tumor that has broke through her skin. It is located in her abdomen and is coming out of her navel. Please tell me with your best guess how much time we have left with her. Her liver and lungs are clear no signs of cancer there. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Statistics do not really help answer questions about an individual patient, but the 5 year survival rate is 5%. Your best information would come from her oncologist.

    Realistically, what is the life expectancy for a Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer patient in her late 80′s?
    We were told that two spots are now on her liver even after chemo and radiation treatments. Also, in a lymph node near the lungs. What should expect?

    • ANSWER:
      Her age does not matter. You can expect 6 weeks to less likely, 6 months.

    What is the life expectancy for stage 4 melanoma skin cancer?
    The cancer has already spread to the lungs, liver and possibly the brain we are not sure about that yet they have scheduled a brain scan. This is my dad who is only 59, he just doesnt seem to know what is going on anymore. He acts like he is lost. What should I expect?
    My dad has been struggling with cancer for about 4 yrs now. The first time the cancer was found in the bladder, kidneys. He now has only one kidney. Later he was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer at stage 3. Back in Nov 2007 he had a surgery removing some lymph nodes and then he began chemo shortly after which made him to sick and he quit taking it after about 3 wks. That was December07-Jan08 about 3wks ago in May 08 they found that the cancer has spread to the lungs and I believe there are 2nodes in each lung and now I was told my dad has stage 4 melanoma skin cancer. I just want some information I have a 10yr old son and his papaw is his world.The treatment he was doing m,t,w for 6 hrs a day started in august they just stopped said it was not working. Now they just started something he only does on monday. He is scheduled for a brain scan today 11/5.

    • ANSWER:
      First – I am sorry to hear about your Dad. Second, as you know there is no stage 5 in cancer, so he is terminal. We are talking months maybe even weeks, not years. If the cancer goes to his brain, your Dad could suffer confusion, and dementia. Not knowing much about his case, I can’t say much more. Right now, some of his confusion just may be related to the shock of his diagnosis and depression. Good Luck

    Life expectancy with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver?
    non-alcoholic, diabetic, heart disease, colon cancer (remission), diverticulitis, high blood pressure and hypothyroidisum

    • ANSWER:
      You need more details in order to answer this question with even a good guess. What is the reason for cirrhosis? Hep C? If yes, then the progression could be quicker to total liver failure.

      If this person is experiencing lots of fluid retention that needs tapped often, encephalopathy (confusion due to high ammonia levels), jaundice, internal bleeding and bruises easily, then their liver is near total failure and death could occur anywhere from a few months to a year. Remember this is just an estimate for someone who has all these symptoms.

    Treatments for stage 4 liver cancer with unknown primary, suspect lung or colon and has metasized to bone?
    My mother has this and they’ve said chemo will not change her prognosis. If she gets the chemo, there is a 4 out of 5 chance it won’t work, if she gets it there is a 1 out of 5 chance it will. It will most likely make her sick while she is on it, and if it does work it will only extend her life about 3 to 8 months if it goes into hybernation, but it will eventually return. her life expectancy is less than 6 months, chemo may only extend it a few months. If she gets radiation to the bones where she is in a lot of pain, she will feel better in a few doses, and with her pain meds she will feel pretty well for a while with almost no side effects, except fatique, but it will not extend life and she could have less than 3 months of survival. She doesn’t really want the chemo, and neither does my Dad, for them quality of life is more important then length, and she doesn’t want people to see her go through the chemo. Does anyone have info on this what would u do? we have second opinion friday

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry for your situation. The doctors are right with what they are saying if they cant locate the primary cancer they wont know what type of chemo to give your mum so it will be trial and error which i def dont recommend. Stage four cancer is incurable and almost certainly terminal. once cancer has reached the liver the life expectancy is less than a year, this happened to my Mum. Mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last may. It was in her liver lung and kidney they couldn’t find the primary cancer either. they eventually did and it was diagnosed ads kidney cancer, Mum pasted away 4 months from first diagnosis aged 60. i agree with your mum and dad if chemo is only going to extend her life a few months i wouldn’t go thru the pain and trauma it will make her sicker than the cancer itself and will make her bed ridden. Mum went on a trail drug for 2 weeks and it was the worst thing we could have done she lost all dignity and control of her bodily functions it was terrible. definitely get your second opinion. contact me if you need support or info. xx

    Grandma has stage 4 liver cancer?
    She was recently diagnosed and the doctors started her on chemo last week. We were told that her life expectancy was about a year with treatment. I was able to visit her and she has already lost a lot of weight and was looking a bit jaundiced. She is having a rough time and can’t seem to hold any food down. Walking short distances causes her to be out of breath and she always seems to be in pain. Is this turn in the last week more from the cancer or from the chemo?

    She is about to have a break in the chemo and I’m hoping she starts feeling better. I don’t live close enough to make a trip to see her easy. I usually have to wait for a weekend off and it tends to be spendy to take the weekend and drive there and back so I don’t want to break myself early into her diagnosis but I’m worried that she isn’t going to last as long as the doctors thought and don’t want to miss spending time with her. I can’t find a lot of good information online and from peoples stories once they start loosing weight, getting jaundiced and have a hard time eating they are close to the end.

    I’m hoping someone on here can give me a little bit of info. I know you can’t give much info from the little info I have but my mother and uncle are my avenues of information and they are having such a rough time I don’t want to burden them with my worries that they don’t have answers for. Thanks to anyone who can help me out during this.

    • ANSWER:
      It is not the chemotherapy causing the pain, weakness, lack of appetite,
      and increasing jaundice.
      That is the malignancy in her liver.
      People commonly mistake worsening symptoms for chemotherapy side effects.
      The chemotherapy used for liver carcinoma does not work very well.
      There are no cures and few patients have a good response.
      If a response to chemotherapy cannot be demonstrated by blood tests
      or x-ray studies within two months, I would suggest stopping the chemo.
      When chemotherapy is ineffective, it can add to the general weakness.
      Chemotherapy for liver cancer is too strong to use just for the illusion
      that something is being done.
      It’s very difficult in the U.S. to convince people that supportive care is better than aggressive chemotherapy for some types of advanced malignancies which do not respond well.
      People think their doctors are giving up on them.
      So many people expect miracles when there is no chance.

    How long does someone in stage 4 colon cancer have to live?
    My dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I’ve done some research and read a few answers here on yahoo. Everyone is saying that this is “a death sentence”. I was wondering if anyone knows how long the average life expectancy is of someone with stage four colon cancer…it has spread to the liver and lungs as well.

    • ANSWER:
      I dont like putting a date on these kinds of situations, but unfortunately this type of Cancer can be particularly savage and can be quite swift, in as far as some as the cases i have seen and been involved with, (i am a community care worker) Some i have been involved with, can hold on for 3 or 4 years if they are quite healthy, if not they can go as quickly as 6 months from diagnosis…….I apologize for being the bearer of bad news, but the best you can do for your dad is to be there for him, allow him that time to greive, the greiving process is goind to take him through some pretty strong emotions, so you are really going to need to be there for him during this stage, even if you are dealing with your own issues in regards to grief….. and to be close to all of his family, hold his hand when he wants to, and just let him know you love him……other than that i can offer some website that will also give you some pointers as to how to deal with this issue.

      They are…….Paliative care explained…involves grief processes and how to deal with death…..

      Grief and bereavement

    Can late stage colon cancer be cured? How long is the life expectancy?
    My grandmother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer (duke system C2) last year July and she lives in Beijing china. She did the surgery in August and took Capecitabine after the surgery for 6 months. In the early months of her capecitabine medication, she took half of the dosage (a mistake). This year May, through pet and ct scan, the doctor said her cancer has came back. She is now in Chemotherapy and just completed her 2nd cycle today. What is her current stage of colon cancer? is it still 3 or is it now 4 because it came back? Her cancer has not spread to liver or lung. Can the colon cancer in her situation be cured? How long is her life expectancy from this point? In china, there are two choices of chemotherapy, a United states kind and a china kind, the china kind is one third of the price, the doctor said it is the same, do you agree?

    • ANSWER:
      Watch this -> (new video released this year)

      And this -> (old video released in the 70′s)

    colon cancer stage 4 metastasis to liver and chest area?
    a friend’s mom has colon cancer, came back after a surgery in hich they removed part of the intestines (surgery was a year and half ago) and she has been going through therapies (chemo/radiation) for the past 6 months now.
    the cancer has attacked the lymphnodes and they see spots on liver and chest area. I have done a search on life expectancy but it is not clear to me how long she could survive in her state.
    Does anyone who has experienced in friends or relatives the same scenario, know what we should expect? How long could she live?
    as you kindly asked me for details I shall add> yes she does eat but not much. She went weeks without eating and now she is a little. She is always tired. They have not suggested hospice yet, but the relatives are thinking about it. She is due for a scan at the end of december or in january then we will know more. What they saw last was spots on the liver and in chest, and that was a month ago, maybe this time things will have changed.

    • ANSWER:
      I am so very sorry to hear about this. 11 years ago, at age 69, my Mother died from colon cancer that had spread to her liver and uterus. She only lived 7 weeks after diagnosis but she never had treatment like your friend’s Mom and also today’s treatments are much more effective than they used to be. Has her Dr. given any prognosis or suggested Hospice care? If he or she has suggested Hospice, that usually means that the life expectancy is 6 months or less although that doesn’t mean that she can’t live longer. Does she still have an appetite and does food taste good to her? When my Mom was going through this, nothing tasted good and she couldn’t keep anything down. I tried so hard to find something, anything that she could eat to give her strength but her failing body rejected everything. I later read that this is very typical.
      My one regret is that I didn’t accept the fact that she was really going to die. I wish I would have talked to her more about how much I loved her and all that she meant to me.
      I don’t know if any of this will be helpful for you and your friend but I certainly know what you are going through and I will keep all of you in my prayers.

    Ovarian Cancer life expectancy?
    My dear friend has just found that she has ovarian cancer. I was soo shocked to hear this she was finee, we would go out and have fun, and then out of nowhere she was diagnosed. She literally had no symptoms, well when I was around she was normal, she has stage 4 ovarian cancer. it has spread to her lungs, liver, and Brain now. I’m just wondering how much longer will she live before I lose my best friend? I got the news yesterday.

    • ANSWER:
      probably 6 to 9 months at the most sorry to say just be there for her

    What can we expect with Stage 4 colon cancer?
    My grandfather is 76 has advanced stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to the liver. He has a tumor the size of a golf ball that is not in his colon and recently had surgery to remove part of it. He also has Alzheimer’s, but my mom is there to make sure he takes his meds. He has chosen to not go through chemo. We are very confused on what to expect. He was diagnosed about 4 months ago and has been in a lot of pain lately. He walks very slow. What could his life expectancy be? Also, when the time comes where he is reaching his final days, what can we expect? We understand that jaundice is a sign, but is there anything else we should look for? I understand that every situation is different.

    • ANSWER:
      If he has less than 6 months to live, then you can call in hospice and they can help with everything from advice to supplies to meds to caregivers to clergy,etc. They can give him meds like morphine so that he won’t be in pain.

    life expectancy for someone that had colon cancer?
    About 2 weeks ago my grandpa went in to have the cancer removed. His wife said it was stage 4 and I know that’s the worst where it spreads to other organs. He said the cancer didn’t spread and he doesn’t even have to go through chemo but he has to get it re-checked in 6 months. I am really confused because my uncle said that they caught it early but it’s not early if it was at stage 4.
    His liver is damaged from heavy drinking years and years ago, and so are his kidneys. [not sure if both are but i'm assuming]
    Does there tend to be a certain amount of time for someone that had colon cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      Survival depends on the stage. If it is a stage 1 he wouldn’t need chemo and the 5 year survival rate is 90%. If it is a stage 4 the 5 year survival rate is 5%.

    stage 4 colon cancer..?
    about two weeks ago my grandpa went in and had his cancer removed and he was able to go home a couple days ago. he doesn’t really tell my mom or I anything because he doesn’t want us to worry but he mentioned something about part of his lung being removed too.. so i’m guessing it spread. is there a life expectancy for someone like him? also, his liver is damaged from heavy drinking years and years ago and so are his kidneys.

    • ANSWER:
      No one really knows how long someone will live, but I would be surprised if he made it much past 6 months or a year if it has spread to his lungs. If the lung problem is unrelated, then perhaps longer. Stage 4 is the worst stage of cancer.

      The damaged liver and kidneys is another bad sign. He doesn’t have much reserves.

      I hate to tell you that, but it means you should try to enjoy as much time as you can with him. Don’t dwell on the dying, help him live what life he has left. Make sure he knows you love him, by actions as much as words.

    Time frame for Esophageal Cancer?
    I know the survival rate is quite low as I have read online in many different places, but can someone tell me the average life expectancy from time of diagnosis… weeks, months, years, and what to expect…. given the circumstances that he’s otherwise currently a quite healthy 47-50 y/o male. As it has only been days since knowledge, I am assuming he is in stage 4 as the cancer is also in the lungs, liver, and lymph-nodes. Please let me know what to expect, how ill will he get, etc etc. Thanks so much for any information.

    • ANSWER:
      Since diagnosis has been recent, there is absolutely no way of knowing this information. Much depends upon what type of treatment the patient undergoes, his individual response to the treatment, his overall health, the location of the tumors in the body (do they invade major organs or structures) and probably a good deal of luck. Stage 4 disease is the most difficult to treat . . but it can be treated successfully. There is not a cancer out there in any stage or tumor grade that someone, somewhere has not survived.

      So, the first thing you should do is not listen to statistics or prognosis. Concentrate on learning as much as you can about the disease. Do not be afraid to read all the material. Read as much as you can, ask the oncologists question, make sure you locate an oncologist that you thoroughly trust and is willing to go to bat for the patient. You also need to have an oncologist who is totally honest with you. It will be quite a fight, but it can be done.

      Here are some sites with resources, esophageal cancer support groups, and information about Esophageal Cancer.

      MedlinePlus: Esophageal Cancer

      NCI: Treatment for Esophageal Cancer

      American Cancer Society: What is cancer of the esophagus

      Esophageal Cancer Support Groups

      Esophageal Cancers Discussion List

      Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation

      Good luck to you.

    Biofeedback Therapist-Cancer Diagnosis?
    My mom who is 48 went to a biofeedback therapist in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada and diagnosed her stage 1.5 to stage 2 Pancreatic cancer. My mom is a 5’7 145 pounds, smoker (25-30 years). She doesn’t eat very much nutritional food, mainly soups. She drinks about 2 cans of coke per day and likes sweets. She has a family history of type 2 diabetes and her 50 year old sister is in remission since april 2009 of triple neg breast cancer. This biofeedback therapist recommended by a family friend did the tests and told her the diagnosis. For the past while ,since an accident at work and later in a vehicle she has had mid back and neck pain with excruciating headaches. She has been seeing a chiropractor who has diagnosed her with 2 bulging disks. Recently she has had thin bowel movements also odd bm to her. My question is how accurate is Biofeedback therapists? Also he told her between stage 1.5 and 2 pancreatic cancer but theres no tumors, but reading online about pancreatic cancer I got the impression that even a stage 1 has a pea size tumor and the life expectancy of five years is less the 30%. Since seeing him today he put her on a coffee enema (to flush toxins out of liver), sesame seed swish (20 min 3 times daily – to eliminate metals in her) and a pill she has to take 2 before each meal (similar to a chemo therapy- cancer cell killer) and a clove liquid to put into capsules and finally a bowel regulator. –> He said she had high metal amounts in her. When she told me what he said I was devastated. I hear pancreatic cancer and I hear “death sentence”. My mom does live an unhealthy life style but she doesn’t eat fast food or drink alcohol. Please help me, I am 17 years old and going into pre med in the fall and I love my mom dearly, she is the most important person in my life and I couldn’t live without her. She is going to follow this mans plan (what if she follows he said she would be cured and if continued to live this new life style she would lower her chances of cancer altogether) and go back in a month to retest and see how she’s responding to his treatments. What should her next steps be? CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Blood work? ( he did some sort of test similar to a blood test and some level was at 156 and anything over 200 is definitely a stage 3 or 4 cancer and 75 is normal? PLEASE HELP. Also she is under a lot of stress, that im trying to help her with. PLEASE HELP…. I cant lose my mom!

    ps- he also said her liver was failing and that these test are about 2 years earlier of diagnosis then “medical diagnostics”.

    • ANSWER:
      Your mom has been conned by expensive, unqualified people.

      Send her to an MD.