Best Liver Cleanse Diet

Getting rid of allergies and body aches and pain is accomplished by liver cleansing. When you cleanse the liver, you remove gallstones and other toxins that lead to health problems. The great thing about liver cleansing is that it’s all natural and you can do it at home. The right recipe can alleviate unwanted symptoms and promote a healthy liver at the same time.

You can purchase simple ingredients to make a homemade liver cleanse recipes. Below is one homemade liver cleansing recipe that you can try using ingredients that are widely available.

Things You’ll Need for liver cleanse recipes:

  • Olive oil: 1 Cup
  • Grapefruit juice: As much as you need to relieve hunger for several hours
  • Pure water: 1 Cups
  • Epsom salt: 4 Tablespoons
  • Lemons: 4 that are sliced into 4 wedges each

Step 1:

Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt and cup of water. Squeeze one lemon wedge in the mix and drink. Wait for two hours.

Step 2:

Repeat Step 1, using a second lemon wedge.

Step 3:

Mix _ olive oil and __ grapefruit juice. Wait for two hours, and then lie down on your right side for 15 to 20 minutes without moving. It’s okay if you fall asleep longer than 20 minutes.

Step 4:

Repeat Step 1.

Step 5:

Drink grapefruit juice and wait 1 hour before you eat. If you get too hungry and can’t wait for an hour to eat, you can eat fruit after 30 minutes.

During the liver cleanse procedure, you’ll need to go to the bathroom off and on. It’s part of the cleansing process, so make sure you’re near a toilet. You can also drink extra grapefruit juice if you get hungry during the procedure, but you cannot eat food or drink anything else.

You must take some preparatory steps before you start a liver cleanse procedure, and be aware of some dos and don’ts for successful detoxification and liver maintenance:

  • Clean your mouth before you begin the cleanse to reduce bacteria and toxins
  • Increase your herbal intake to help the secretion of bile
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol prior to cleansing, and stop this practice after cleansing to maintain the positive effects of detox
  • Remove processed and toxic foods from your home and diet
  • Exercise on a regular basis

If you don’t implement these steps, the liver cleanse won’t do you much good.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Whats the BEST diet pill out ?? Also is doing a liver cleanse good for you ?
    Had a baby almost 2 yrs ago and still don’t have the confidence I used to !! I’m a very bubbly/outgoing girl and I find my weight holding me back !! Thanks !!! :)

    • ANSWER:

    Liver Cleanse. How does it work? Which one is best?
    I had my gallbladder removed a couple months ago, but I am still having attacks and my doctor said my liver is being over worked and I have to start a diet and eat healthier. I want to do a liver cleanse to get a “fresh start”, but not sure which one to do. I have read about lime juice, olive oil (etc.) but want to see if anyone has tried it. I do not want to take any pills or anything, just want to do something natural. I have also heard about Mild Thistle. So I guess my question is, has anyone ever done this? Does it work? Will I lose weight? Do I need to be close to a bathroom when I am doing this lol?

    • ANSWER:

    whats the best detox diet?
    If i want to fully detox my body what kind of diet should i go for? Theres liver detox diets, lemon detox, raw food/ liquid etc.. which is more effective? and how long until the body is fully cleansed??

    • ANSWER:
      My sister did a mix of the lemonade detox and raw vegetable diet for a week or so and lost some weight.

    Anybody ever done a total body cleanse?
    I’ve been checking out health supplement stores and i’ve talked to some people about them. I’ve thought about doing it myself…just to detoxify my body.
    So please, i’d prefer someone who’s actually done one or does them, or if you’re close to someone who’s done a total body cleanse kit, to give my your thoughts, advice, comments…
    Word of mouth is always the best :)
    Thank you in advance

    Oh and if anyone is unclear on what a total body cleanse, it’s a kit of different supplements, herbs or teas you take along with a modified diet or fasting for a certain amount of time to detoxify your lymphatic system, liver, colon, skin…etc

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve never done a total body cleanse at one time. I’ve done several at different times. I use the Dr. Natura products. The Colon Cleanse involves parasite killing pills, an herbal tea, and powdered fiber. It is quite effective and if you drink plenty of water you will notice the energy and rid yourself of the “gunk” built up in your colon. This is a 30 day program.
      The toxin program for your liver is different, and you can do it with the Colonix but it’s so expensive I do one at a time.
      Look at for more details.

    Colon/body cleanse?? GNC 7 day body cleanse? help…..?
    I have been thinking about doing a cleanse for awhile, but am now seriously considering it because I wanted to start a diet (I am going to be in the wedding of a very close friend soon) and was told the best thing to do before starting a diet is do a cleanse. I was told it will kickstart the diet and get rid of any junk that shouldnt be there and you cant get rid of from dieting. I went to GNC and was directed to their 7-day total body cleanse (the woman said her daughter did it and lost some weight and noticed a difference, also many people she said come back for it several times, and she was planning to buy it for herself. Someone else told me to try Colonix. I am a little weary of that one for some reason. Would you try the 7 day cleanse from GNC (its supposed to be for kidneys, liver, circulatory and colon.) or does this really not have any benefit? does it interfere with any other meds…such as birth control??? just thinking because its got some herbal stuff in it….?

    Anyone use one that they like? any comments? Thanks!!!

    Just wondering.

    • ANSWER:
      Me and my friend are starting the Master cleanse on Friday which consists of nothing but liquids. There are three different liquids you must conserve in a day. It really works. My auntie tried it and lost 15 lbs. Its a two week process. If you want to take this one into considersation you can email me at Hope everything works out fine.

    I am wanting to detox. What is the best way?
    I have been on pain medication for about a year. Taking it as prescribed but I now feel as though I don not need it and am wanting to cleanse my body and get back on a natural diet. I found a detox that cleanses each organ and goes in specific order cleansing the colon first and then kidneys and ending with the liver and blood. Should I just focus on coming off the pain meds first or is it going to be easier just to go right into the detox regime (Will it make it easier in the long run). I have become somewhat dependant on the meds but not so much addicted. I probaly will experience some withdrawals. Any input would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      just stop using pain meds. drink lots of water. eat correctly. your body will do all the rest. if you don,t want odd chemicals in your body, don,t add more on top of the stuff you,ve already got. two of my surgeons, and my fitness center owner/trainer said; absolutely no detox diets/chemicals. too hard on the liver, kidneys, heart ,and intestines.

    I’m 16 and I’ve been dealing with acne for a good 3 years now. It’s not so much that my acne is “Severe” Its just enough to bother me and it WON’T GO AWAY. It’s like a 3 year long breakout. I seem to have problem areas on my forehead and sides of my jaw. I’ve a tried a shiyat load of remedies.
    -Clean and Clear
    -Tee tree oil soap
    -Castor oil
    -20 min. steam sessions, before cleanse
    -Acne Free

    Pretty much every over the counter and natural remedy. I even started drinking alot of water and watching my diet. I considered a 3 day apple/water fast.

    My next experiment is gonna be “Murad” I guess…because those last resort pill prescriptions aren’t good for your liver.
    I can’t take acne anymore – I’m embarrassed to do daaamn near everything – It needs to end

    • ANSWER:
      Go see a dermatologist. There are better prescription treatments, and there are also different kinds of acne that require different approaches.

    how does detox work.. difference between detox and an antioxidant ??
    I know detox whether it be in pill form, liquid, or a diet releases toxins and cleanses your body. do antioxidants to the same thing, just on a smaller level?? thats just one question, my main focus though is on detox:

    what exactly does it release (i dont really know any of these science terms so please if you can give me a pretty thorough explanation)??
    Can it repair organs such as the lungs, brain cells, kidney, liver etc.
    how much detox do you have to use, and does it preserve longevity?
    how does it take to enter your body and where does it enter/travel.. through the bloodstream?? does it help circulate oxygen and blood flow

    how will these chemicals or toxins leave your body..

    I am mainly thinking along the lines of a pill or liquid detox formula, not really in terms of a diet (like a purified water detox)- but can those kinds help too??

    thanks a lot guys I know my thought were pretty unorganized, and I asked a lot of questions.. if you know and can do your best to answer all
    then i’d be very appreciative..

    • ANSWER:
      Real detoxification is just a matter of supporting normal function while the body cleanses itself. There are a few rare circumstances in which chelation therapy is needed, and I’ve treated a few guys whose wives fed them arsenic (it seems a divorce would have been a better choice, but to each his own).
      The “detox” stuff with colon cleansing that you see on TV and in magazines is a rehash of some 19th century ideas that’s just a form of snake oil. 100% pure, unadulterated quackery.
      Antioxidants have to do with cellular metabolism. There’s probably something to them, but nobody yet knows what. Again, people selling you stuff are religious about it, and even more religious about taking your money. We simply don’t know the risks and benefits of these substances, though the field is promising.

    Ok, this is a bit long but it will only takes about 5 minutes of your time, I really need help on this problem, thank you! :(

    I had been applying steroid cream for a long perioid, and then on and off use for 4 years, and 6 weeks ago I decided to stop using those cream because it has worsen my condition, and making my face sensitive to the sun (I guess my skin has been thinned). I vowed to myself I’m not going to use back hyrodocortisone or any steroid cream anymore. I’ve spent a fortune for this problem and been to many dermatologists and ended up transferred to a senior skin specialist dermatologist, one of the best in my area but still pretty useless. My table has a big pack of prescription creams to the point that I think I can open a pharmacy. I’ve also tried Elidel and Protopic but it didn’t help.

    Anyway, lo and behold when the moment I stopped using the steroid 6 weeks ago, I suddenly had a left rash small patch appearing on around my left smile line area, and one big patch on my right. So I went cold turkey for 2 weeks and cleansed my face with only water. During that period the areas were flaking and dry, and by the end of that 2 weeks I finally washed it with a gentle soap, Cetaphil, and I realised the small patch of rash on the left side got cleared itself, but, the right big patch of rash was still, damn red, painful, peeling, and itchy. I did a research and found out that the real Aloe Vera plant might help the condition so I tried and after one application it took away the pain. But the redness, itchiness and peeling were still there. So my aunt’s friend passed me a bottle of enzymes, made out of natural ingredient and I applied it for a week, and the rash went off. Then, another one appeared around my mouth, so I applied that enzymes and it week off after a week. Then this time, a rash appeared on my right cheek and also a light rash on my right chest, so I thought this time the enzymes would help but after 5 days of applying that thing, the rash on right cheek and my chest became more, so I freaked out and stop the using the enzymes water.

    I didn’t take a picture of my chest, but I took a picture of my right cheek:

    Then I googled and deicded to try out this cream called California Baby Calendula Cream, I read many positive reviews so I decided to give it a try.

    After a week I guess it healed my condition, the rash on my chest almost disappeared and now my right cheek look like this:

    BUT recently on the 24th of Dec, Christmas eve, my LEFT CHEEK gotten 2 rash that looks like “mosquito bite and kind of pimple” so I thought maybe the calendula cream would help since it healed my right cheek problem.

    But after 3 days, today, the rash increased to 6 :(

    My left cheek:

    By the way, I’ve been on this “detox diet” for 6 weeks already, I’ve stop eating eating meat and poultry. I only take one meal a day which consist 1 plate of brown rice, and 3 serves of spinach and broccoli, and 2 fruits. I’d take fish at most twice a week though because it has the omega 3 thing. I’ve also been drinking only water, 12 glasses a day. I used to sh*t twice a week but ever since I started out this “detox diet” I’ve been sh*tting everyday. Yes, it does help to clean my bowel and liver but I still don’t understand why am I still getting this crap on my face. But I must admit did give in to diary products during Christmas eve by eating the log cake and chocolates etc, so I suspect maybe this is why now my left cheek are having this problem. But do you think I should continue with the calendula cream?

    Also, I came across this question, a lady who had the similiar condition as mine and decided to give up using steroid cream because it ain’t doing any good,;_ylt=AnnbGI7NNBKjcnvtqKfx.xHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080705070028AAU4tGm

    So I sent her a message and asked whether she has found any solution to overcome the problem and this is what she replied,

    After reading her message, I suddenly remembered during the period when I gone cold turkey for 2 weeks and that first small patch of rash on my left smile line disappeared itself. I went on and replied her message to ask more questions during her cold turkey period but till now, after a week she still hasn’t reply. I guess she hardly log into her yahoo mail but I’m still praying hard for her to reply my questions. So in the mean time I decided to post my problem here and hope that you guys would give me advise on what should I do next.

    Main question: Should I continue with the calendula cream OR go cold turkey again?
    By the way, I came across this site with two information links about cold turkey is the best cure for effects of steroid abuse.

    You can’t really read the rest of the information unless you signed up the free trial thing (which is what I did), If any eczema sufferers here would like to have a read about it do message me and I will send to you.
    P.S. I’m allergic to a fragrance called Lyral so therefore I have not been putting any makeup on my face since the a flare-up I had during 2006. And this year I did IgE blood test and food allergy blood test. My IgE stated 73 IU/ML, I’ve checked with the laboratory person and he said that any number that’s under than 87 is normal. I’m also not allergic to any seafood or diary products.

    P.S.S. Please don’t suggest other creams that contains Petroleum, Mineral Oil, and Paraffin because I’ve had bad experience with moisturizer cream that have all these ingredients. I found out that those ingredients actually form an oily film that sits on top of the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating. It has a drying effect, it actually suck out the moisture of your lips/skin, which is why you have to constantly reapplying it.

    • ANSWER:
      seriously, go to a dermatologist. I did and it changed my life. (long tome acne sufferer)

Alcohol Fatty Liver Diet

Palm oil to date, is the richest source of the superior and highlyfavored form of vitamin E, that is the tocotrienols. Numerous studies have shown that these superior forms of vitamin E have unique biological activities that are beneficial to health, but are not observed with the other common form of vitamin, namely the tocopherols. For example, besides being more potent as anti-oxidants than alpha-tocopherol, tocotrienols have also been shown to possess anti-cancer, neuroprotective and also vascular protective activities.

Recently, Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) together with researchers from University Sains Malaysia and Hovid Bhd have demonstrated that the tocotrienols extracted from palm oil are effective in treating non-alcoholic fatty liver, a condition which to date has no proven drug treatment.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFL) and Palm Tocotrienols

NAFL is a condition characterized by accumulation of fat in the liver. If untreated, it may progress to liver inflammation and eventually to cirrhosis or liver failure. In fact, it has been reported to be the most common cause of chronic liver failure in the US. Like hypertension, people with NAFL have no symptoms of the disease and liver enzymes are not necessarily elevated in the blood. Therefore, it may not be detected using simple blood test. Diagnosis requires the use of a proper ultrasound scan. What is alarming is that, the prevalence of NAFL is quite high worldwide. Prevalence rate in the general adult population has been reported to be between 15% to 30% in Western countries, 21% in Shanghai, between 18 to 30% in Japan and about 14% in Thailand.

Previously, there’s no prevalence data on Malaysia. However, the research team from MPOB, USM and Hovid Bhd have recently published a prevalence rate of about 56% in adults with slightly elevated cholesterol levels, which is alarming. A cohort of about 60 of those adults (both gender) volunteered to participate in a double-blind placebo controlled study with half the number of subjects randomized to receive placebo and the other half to be given 200mg of tocotrienols twice a day. After one year, ultrasound scanning was repeated on all the volunteers. The results significantly showed that tocotrienol treatment was effective, with 50% showing complete remission after the one year treatment. The results are statistically significant (P < 0.05) compared to the control group. This work has been accepted for presentation at the Liver Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (ASSLD) to be held in Boston, USA.

Recent Research on Palm Tocotrienols

A human study on neuroprotection of tocotrienols is also currently being undertaken by the same research group. The findings, if positive, will further elevate the commercial value of the tocotrienols. Stroke and other neurodegenerative diseases are among the diseases that have a big impact on the healthcare cost. If tocotrienols can help to prevent or reduce the incidence of these conditions, a lot of money will be save. The study can be concluded by 2011 and an interim analysis will be available by end 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions

    diet for fatty liver disease?
    I have a reading of 202 for elevated gamma GT enzymes in the liver, it is not alcohol related; besides no red meat, oily fish, crustacean’s, is there anything else to avoid. I have been prescribed a pill to take at night for high cholesterol and I know I must lose weight and do more exercise, I am 70 years old so going mad at the gym is out!

    • ANSWER:
      You should avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice, butter, most prepared breakfast cereals (the ones high in sugar, anyway), sugary/starchy foods, carbonated drinks, anything fried/greasy.

      Your diet should be rich in vegetables, fruit (other than bananas…they have a lot of glucose in them), beans and legumes, whole grain breads, skim milk, high protein/low fat meats (chicken, low fat fish, turkey).

      Some doctors recommend a glass of red wine a day when and if triglyceride levels are normal. You may wish to ask your doctor about that.

    I might have fatty liver, i got a few diet questions?
    My doctor found high alt and ast enzymes in my blood and she said its most likely fatty liver because im vaccinated for hepatitis B and i’m 98% sure i dont have C or A.

    Anyway what changed should i make in my diet if i had fatty liver? my mom already said that’s it you should stop eating ketchup and don’t keep cooked food in fridge more than 3 days because it’s bad on your liver. Is this true?
    What else should i be careful with, not counting the obvious alcohol.

    p.s. im 5’5 and i weight 125 pounds 22yrs old

    • ANSWER:
      First: No one blood testing is 100% accurate. Many things can effect the
      results of these tests like: exercising before the test was done, an
      intramuscular injections, muscle injury, etc. Only one of the liver enzymes,
      the ALT is most specific to the liver itself because it is made mostly by
      the liver cells as the others enzymes can be made in other parts of the
      body also.
      More tests will be done to see if you truly have a liver problem.
      The blood tests would include the liver function tests and liver viral
      tests. Ultrasounds or Ct scan to look at the liver itself.

      Second: there are many causes of liver cell damage:
      alcohol consumption, medication toxification,
      chemical exposure, auto immune disease,
      mushroom poisoning, cardiac/vascular problems
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infections,
      viral or parasite infections, hereditary conditions,
      tumors/cysts/growth/cancer, fatty liver disease and
      So this may not be fatty liver…the cause of the liver
      cells have to be determined. If you look over this
      list then you might see if any of these apply.
      There is no vaccination for Hepatitis C, but they
      still have blood tests to check to see if you have it.

      Fatty liver disease also has many causes:
      weight gain or fast weight loss, malnourishment,
      diabetes, certain types of medications,
      high cholesterol/triglyceride levels, insulin
      resistances and others. The cause has to be determined
      here also. And of course alcohol consumption.
      It would be best to not drink alcohol now and not
      take any medications that are not approved of
      or prescribed by your doctor. (this includes
      over the counter, herbs, vitamins, minerals,
      supplements, etc)

      If this is a liver problem, ask to be referred to either
      a gastroenterlogist or hepatologist.
      You are not overweight because of your height.

      You do not state how high these levels are. The doctor
      may do more blood testing in a few months to see if these
      levels stay elevated. Some times they will return into the
      normal range. This is a more of a wait and see type thing.
      Best wishes. I hope this information has been of some help.

      Ketchup and cooked foods in refridge doesn’t have much to do
      with a liver problem. (though, keeping foods this long can make
      you sick if you eat them) Heptatis A can be caused by feces in
      the food or drink…unclean water, shellfish, uncooked foods, etc.
      Hepatitis B and C are usually contacted from body fluids and
      blood transfusion or contact with another persons blood.

    Fatty Liver and Small Nodule on CT?
    I went to the doctor about a month ago and they noticed my ALT level was elevated. 80 on a scale of 10-60. The dr sent me for a ultrasound and it came back as a fatty liver. I had been diagnosed with this before about 5 years ago but dropped about 25lbs and the functions went back to normal so I hadnt worried about it. I have since gained back some weight and wanted to see if that was an issue again. On the ultrasound they noticed a small area that looked like it could be a fatty build up. I was told to go for a CT Scan. That has come back showing a a couple of small nodules that was hard to detect. Radioligist said its not cancerous because of the way it imaged with the contrast and made a just a note. I guess this was caused by the fatty liver which they say is very fatty. Is this reversible with diet, weight loss and no alcohol consumption? By the way I am 29 year old male. About 6 feet and 205 lbs. I dont have a gut or anything, just pack on some extra pounds sometimes
    I have had all blood work done in the past. I have no hereditary diseases and I did not have Hep A, B or C on the last test. I am still waiting to hear back this time.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. But you must stay away from alcohol and Tylenol. Both are very hard on the liver. Also, take milk thistle. This is a natural herb to promote a healthy liver, and you can buy it at Wal-Mart. A friend of mine has cirrhosis, and was on the liver transplant list. She is now–several years later–off of the list, and working full time. She attributes this to stopping drinking, and taking milk thistle. All the best.

    What’s the best diet for an enlarged liver?
    My fiance has an enlarged liver & spleen…it was found on a CAT scan. We got the news yesterday and the doctor immediately ordered a bunch more tests and set him up with a liver specialist. I was just wondering what is the best diet for someone with a liver condition? Weirdly enough, there’s not much on the internet about diets for an enlarged liver (fatty liver, but not enlarged liver). Can anyone offer any advice? I know he needs to not drink alcohol, but don’t know much beyond that.

    Thanks for your help! :)

    • ANSWER:
      All liver patients are told, No alcohol. They are also told not
      to take any medications unless they are approved by or
      prescribed by there doctors (this includes over the counter med,
      herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc) The reason is
      because the medications go through the liver first, to be broken
      down, before going to the rest of the body. The doctor has to
      adjust medications according to how much damage may be done
      and there are, also, a lot of drugs under prescription and over the
      counter that could cause further damage to the liver, now.

      Most liver patients should eat the best possible foods that will give
      them the vitamins and minerals they need. This is things like:

      Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. (Wash all this before eatting,
      because people will pick over the fresh produce in the stores)

      They should try to avoid fast foods, those with preservatives, and
      prepackaged foods (these tend to be high in sodium, which is harder
      on the liver patient now…however, sodium levels have to be discussed
      with the doctor since they have to stay within a certain range in the body
      for the heart to beat in rhythm)

      Try to use good oils, like olive oil or canola oils. Try to bake, broil, or
      boil foods instead of frying them.

      Remove the skins from poultry after you cook it. Choose lean cuts
      of meat. Fish is fine but avoid all shellfish.

      You can drink some soda, but it is best if you stick with water, fruit
      juice, milk, and other drinks. (sodas are high in phosphorus and
      lessening this amount, helps the kidneys function better, since they
      are now trying to filter the toxins out of the body that the liver can
      no longer do, efficiently)

      Outside of this…it is best that they eat good. It will give the body
      more energy to try and heal. Until he may become in the advanced
      stages of this disease, he won’t really be placed on a very strick diet.
      It is important that he does eat well. If, there come a time when he cannot
      eat…ask the doctors which supplements he can use. They will look
      at his blood tests result and then recommend one that will help him.

      This is what happens when a person has this problem:

      There are many causes of damage to the liver cells.
      When the cells of the liver become damaged, the immune system
      of the body responds to this damage and causing inflammation
      inside the liver. This will cause the liver to enlarge in size.

      If the causes can be found and stopped, the liver cells may heal.
      Sometimes, the cause cannot be stopped. Therefore, it may
      progress to where the cells start to die off and form scar tissue
      inside the liver…(this is known as Cirrhosis of the liver)
      This scar tissue will block the flow of blood through the liver,
      on it way back to the heart. It will also block the flow of blood
      to the functioning liver cells, and they may continue to die off.

      When the blood cannot go through the liver well, it backs up into
      the vein that brings the blood to the liver: the portal vein.
      This causes pressure inside the portal vein…Portal Hypertension.
      The blood has to go somewhere, in order for it to get back to the
      heart. It backs up from the portal vein into tiny vessels that are
      not used to this amount of blood and they may have weak spots
      that can balloon outward and break open. These vessels are
      known as Varies. They are usually found in the esophagus,
      belly button, and rectal area. If there is ever any blood in the
      sputum, vomit, or rectal area…this is an emergency…because
      the liver is no longer able to, efficiently, make clotting factors to
      help the blood to clot. A patient can bleed internally or bleed out
      completely. The doctors can go in and band these vessels to
      stop the bleeding. The blood also backs up into the Spleen,
      which will cause the spleen to enlarge in size, also.

      To try to understand what may have cause the damage to the liver cells:
      he could look at this list and see if any may apply to him:
      alcohol consumption, medication toxification,
      chemical exposure, viral infections (like Hepatitis A,B,C),
      parasite infections, fatty liver disease, auto immune disease,
      hereditary condition where the body tend to hold onto too much
      iron or copper, growth/cysts/tumor/cancer, cardiac/vascular
      problems, mushroom poisoning, metabolic disorders,
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infection and others.

      It is best that he try to prevent getting any other illness now
      that may weaken his body more or cause him to take additional
      medication. Wash hands often. Use purell in between times.
      Wipe off..with disinfectant disposible wipes…shopping cart
      handles, door knobs, phones, tv controllers, and anything else
      that other people may touch. If someone, who is taking care of
      him, gets a cold…it is best to wear a mask (which disposable
      masks can be purchased at a pharmacy) and also wash their hands often. It is also best to avoid
      open salad/food bars where people can
      accidentally cough or sneeze into them.

      Here are some links on Cirrhosis of the Liver…if
      you would like to learn more about it.

      This enlargement could be coming from
      having Mononucleosis. The glands in his
      neck maybe enlarged, if this is it.
      However, since the doctor is sending him
      to a specialist…this may be what I mentioned

      I hope this information is of some help to you.

      {It seems that this site keep cutting off the lower
      part of my posts, so I have to go in and add
      the bottom part of it to it again}

    Is there any way to prevent liver disease other then not drinking alcohol?
    if a person chooses to drink alcohol are there any methods to prevent or reduce liver damage like taking milk thistle or other liver herbs and drinking water, exercise and healthy diet? My sister is a heavy drinker she is 24 and has been drinking ever since she was 19. She does not understand the consequnences of heavy drinking so she says she is not going to stop and will carry on partying through life I mean if she’s not going to stop I am sure I can’t force her to and neither can nobody else but she is young and naive and just living for todays and not tommorows satisfaction not thinking of the consequeneces of drinking too much, fatty liver, cirrhosis and all those liver dieases caused by high alcohol consumption. She says she will deal with it when it happens. Her doctor told her that she should only have one drink a day since this is the maximum that is considered safe for a woman but she ignores all advice and just does what she wants. I mean if she is not going to stop drinking are there at least some vitamins or supplements that can reduce her isk of getting liver disease from drinking? someone recommened please.
    P.S. I have told my sister that since she can’t stop drinking she might be alcoholic and advised her to at least give AA a try she refuses. I don’t know what else can be done. She says she is planning to drink and wont stop for nobody not even her 4 year old son.
    She also thinks liver disease is not caused by just alcohol alone. She thinks a person must have hepatitis c with alcohol abuse combined to get liver disease.

    • ANSWER:
      This question is about yourself, not your sister so why start lying about it now.

      As for liver disease, nothing can stop liver disease.

    my father was diagnosed with FATTY LIVER?
    my father aged 56,alcoholic from about 25 years (daily alcohol consumption is 300 ml) was suffering from some problem with his liver the symptoms were:
    abdominal pain (non radiating)
    vomit after meal
    lack of appetite
    he got himself checked from a liver expert.
    ultrasound was ok but it showed moderate fatty liver.
    endoscopy was fine with no ulcers n all…
    he is not obese ,not suffering from diabetes ..
    liver function tests were also ok…
    now his condition has improved and he has starting taking meals n dsnt feels vomit sensation….
    i want to know that what diet plan should he follow to cure this problem…
    is this problem fatal..???
    i am worried…
    plz help…
    he has reduces his alcohol consumption to abt one drink a day ,but cant quit it completely….

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I will try to answer your question as best I can. It’s very good that your dad had himself chcked out and that he is making an effort to reduce his drinking. Unfortunately, once liver disease has begun from alcoholism, it is progressive. The good news is that fatty liver disease is the first step in this progression, and it is possible to completely reverse the damage, but he will need to stop drinking entirely. The next step is alcoholic hepatitis, which is more serious, and then cirrhosis, which is life-threatening and is NOT reversible.
      I actually have a bit of personal experience here; I am a recovering alcoholic myself and have been sober for over 2 1/2 years. The reason that I am mentioning this is that I know it IS possible to stop completely. He feels that he cannot; that is part of the disease of alcoholism. He is down to one drink a day, which means that at this moment, he is not significantly physically dependent on alcohol. The problem is, his liver is already damaged. It cannot handle its normal functions the way a healthy liver would. Alcohol is very stressful on the diseased liver. The crazy part of this disease is that he and his family and probably even his doctor probably believe he is not an alcoholic if he can cut way down like that. This is not usually the case. Any alcohol in his system will most likely eventually drive him back to his old habits and beyond. This is why support from a group (such as AA or SMART recovery or others) can be so crucial. Therapy or counselling can help also. This is a genetic and chemical problem and has nothing to do with willpower or morality.
      As for diet, I would suggest a basic healthy diet, low in saturated fats, higher in unsaturated, higher in fiber, moderate in protein, lots of fresh veggies and fruits and whole grains. Milk thistle can be a good supplement for the liver. As always, I am not a doc and he should follow his doctor’s recommendations.
      I have a great deal of sympathy for him and for you. Alcoholism sucks, but your dad will hopefully discover that he is not alone and he can live sober one day at a time. It is very hard to quit drinking, and at first it may seem impossible and pointless, but eventually the rewards WILL outweigh this. Best of luck to you both!

    Treatment for Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?
    I am a 52 year old male who has presented with swollen feet, distended belly and abdominal pain last week. Following blood tests for liver function it was established that although albumen production was normal, the enzyme reading was not. An ultrasound scan revealed fatty liver disease. I was disturbed to hear a BBC Radio 4 documentary say that 20% of people with my symptoms do not live beyond a few months.

    I have stopped drinking alcohol and am taking lecithin and milk thistle and I have also radically changed my diet to exclude fat, sugar and nighttime carbohydrates and have been eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Despite this regime being enforced for more than two weeks, the pain continues, the belly is still swollen and I have not lost an ounce of weight.

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

    • ANSWER:
      Ann gave you a lot of good advice. Don’t believe that radio thing because it is simply not true. I had cirrhosis and had to get a transplant, but my disease was from an autoimmune problem. Whatever causes the cirrhosis, it still pretty much acts the same for everyone.

      You need to get treatment for your liver problem and find out what is really going on with it. You need more done that just blood tests. I don’t know how much fluid you are retaining, but that is what sent me to the hospital where I was eventually diagnosed with cirrhosis the first time. The next step is a CT scan to show if your liver is enlarged or shrunken and the size of your spleen. Depending on what shows up there, a biopsy would be next which is the one definitive test that will tell exactly what is going on.

      The fluid in your belly is probably what is causing you pain and that needs treated one way or another. There’s 2 ways to do it and they did both with me. My fluid was so bad that I could hardly breathe anymore so I had to get tapped to drain it out physically. Then they gave me meds (diuretics such as Spironolactone and Lasix) to try to keep it under control. Once I received treatment, the meds were able to control it until I received a transplant. That fluid can be quite miserable when it is pushing on everything inside you and it needs to be removed. You might actually continue to gain weight if left untreated no matter what you eat.

      Stopping the use of alcohol is the most important step you can take with this disease. Find yourself a gastroenterologist or hepatologist to treat you since they know much more than a regular PCP about the problems that come with liver disease. I was surprised at how little some regular doctors know about liver problems.

      You are on the right track with what you are doing, but now you have to take it a step further and find out more about your condition and get the proper treatment for it. Otherwise, you are probably going to be pretty miserable. Good luck to you and get help ASAP because it seems like that fluid of yours is not going to go away on its own which means it will just continue to accumulate. You also run the risk of that fluid getting infected and you never want that to happen because that is life threatening.

    I am having an enlarged liver, is that dangerous for my life?
    I have been diagnosed with an enlarged, fatty liver problem, is that dangerous? Could it lead to cirrhosis’s, and is there any medications to get the liver back to its normal size? I am moderately obese also, so if I reduce my weight more, could my fatty liver come back to its normal size? I also have a large abdomen, so if I lessened my abdomen size, could that also help? A couple of doctors have told me that usually all obese people will have enlarged, fatty liver problems, and that there is no medications for that, except to avoid alcohol. I also have changed my diet to eat lesser than before, and also avoid junk, oily and sugary foods most of the time. Could this type of diet change also help to solve this problem? I have heard that by following a healthy diet, the liver can get shrunk to its normal size, and become regenerated once again.

    • ANSWER:
      Please have Homoeopathic medicine CARDUAS M.——-30 potency & Q potency of SBL or any reputed make 30 ml pack each. Now take 30 potency medicine 1 drop in half cup water thrice daily till the cure of problem. Have Q potency medicine 10 drops in 5ml coconut oil mix it well & massage this oil to the right side lowest rib area twice daily. I hope that your liver will be in normal shape with in 15-20 days.
      Have dry FIGS 100 gm from market & chew 4 Figs at bed time in such a manner that there seeds are completely crushed then swallow them & drink warm water.It will also help to improve mal function of the liver.

    can the liver reduce in size?
    I’m in my early 30s and like most people during their college yrs and for the couple when they get out I did my fair share of drinking. Recently I’ve felt a slight discomfort in my right side and acn only assume this has to do with the liver. I’ve read that after abuse it can grow below the ribcage causing this discomfort. I decided in the last few months to quit all together and stopped drinking. I’ve read many different conflicting articles on the liver. One commonality seems to be that the liver has the ability to repair itself to a degree. I had my blood tested last year and was informed my enzyme levels were surprisingly fine. After no more alcohol, proper diet and exercise, can this ‘swelling’ of the liver and any fatty deposits go away? Aside fromt he discomfort from time to time, I’ve felt better and better since I stopped drinking. Any feed back would be great, thx

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve self-diagnosed that you have an enlarged liver. Given that your blood tests show normal levels for liver enzymes, and that now that you’ve given up drinking you are felling better and better, my advice is that you shouldn’t fret about your liver. If it was in trouble before, the evidence is that its mending itself nicely now.

      I assure you from personal experience that with a change in diet and exercise, fatty deposits in your liver can go away, taking elevated liver enzyme levels in blood tests back down to normal.

      Good to hear you’re taking good care of yourself and are feeling the benefits of that change of living habits. Enjoy life!

    Elevated Liver AST and ALT levels? I’m worried! ?
    I had blood work recently and my liver levels are HIGH. My AST is 40 (reference range is 10-35 U/L) and my ALT is 70 !!! (reference range is 6 – 40 U/L). I’ve had high levels before and did a sonogram and was told I had a fatty liver. But I haven’t done anything about it (like lose weight).. (MD didn’t take that very seriously, I stupidly have forgotten about it). Could this still be the case? I’m about 35 lbs overweight. Should I be extreemely worried? I’m awaiting my MD to call me. Does anyone know what this means? I have high blood pressure at times (slight) and a hiatal hernia which I take a Prilosec OTC daily. I must really get serious about dieting as my weight is becoming a health hazzard. I drink alcohol in moderation now but used to drink more in my younger days. Anyone have experience with this? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I’m going to give you a little information and
      see if that may answer your questions.
      Fat that develops inside the liver cells is a real
      problem It is like a room full of people and the
      walls are closing in. The people cannot get out,
      they start to lack oxygen, and they cannot get
      nourishment to them. They also have no where
      they can go when the walls close up. This
      is what happens in the liver cells also when
      fat build up. The fat is even known to push
      the nucleus of the cell out of place.
      Now, the cause has to be determined. There
      is non alcoholic fatty liver disease and also
      alcoholic fatty liver disease. The non alcoholic
      type is when a person has a fatty liver through
      hereditary conditions or weight gain…the alcoholic is just that, drinking and consuming
      alcohol. Depending on what the cause is,
      that is how the doctor will treat you.

      Usually, the first things that occurs in the
      liver is inflammation of the liver. Because
      as the cells of the liver are damaged, the
      immune system of our bodies is activated and
      respond and it causes inflammation to occur.
      If the inflammation is treated so that it
      decreases and the CAUSE of the inflammation
      is stopped, the liver cells can heal. All liver
      patients are told not to drink alcohol. If the
      doctor said you need to lose weight, it is
      very important that you try this also.
      Be sure to tell the doctor all medication you
      are taking: this includes the alcohol, over the
      counter drugs, herbs, herbal teas, vitamins,
      minerals, and prescriptions prescribed by
      other doctors. The reason for this is because
      all medication goes through the liver first to
      be broken down before going to the rest of
      the body. If the liver is damaged in anyway…
      then this has to be adjusted in strength
      depending on how much damage is done;
      all except for the alcohol which is not to be
      taken in at all.

      If the inflammation is not treated and the
      cause is not removed, then the liver cells
      may die. This is a progressive disease
      known as Cirrhosis of the liver…there is no
      known cure; the doctor can then only try
      to slow down the cells from dying off.

      It takes a simple blood test to check you
      liver function and maybe another ultrasound
      to confirm what is going on. To have that
      done might either caught this early on before
      the cells die off and it could bring peace of
      mind if everything turns out fine. Either way,
      I would consider necessary.

      I hope this information has helped you.
      The best doctor to be with is either a
      gastroenterologist or a hepatologist.
      Your tests above are only mildly high…but
      your blood chemistry changes constantly.
      Your doctor may want to repeat these tests
      just for accuracy sake.

    If one has Bilirubin levels at 1.3 does this mean that there is no way of decreasing it?
    I am a 33 year old male and I just found out that I have a bilirubin increase level of 1.3. My Doctor mentioned something about my liver enzymes being normal but with the increase of the Bilirubin at 1.3 it might affect my gall bladder if I do not change my diet immediately. Her suggestion to me was that I need to get on a healthy diet regimen followed by lots of exercise. I promise to do that now! However, I cannot help but read information regarding this on the internet, and to be honest, it’s freaking me out! I will honestly admit that the reason for this happening to me is due to heavy alcohol consumption over the years followed by a very fatty diet and lack of activity.

    I am not yellow in color or show signs of Jaundice in any way. But, based on my explanation can anyone tell me if exercise and correction of diet will decrease my levels back to normal or is my Doctor just not trying to freak me out? She wants to see me in 6 months.

    Do I fall in a category of liver damage with no hope or can do I still have a second chance? Someone please answer this question.

    Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Bilirubin is a substance that is made from our
      dead red blood cells. It is also known as a
      pigment because of its greenish/yellowish
      color that will color other things.
      The liver takes this bilirubin and converts
      it into a soluble form to become part of the
      bile. The bile flows from the inside of the
      liver, through tube like structures (ducts)
      to the gallbladder (located under the liver)
      to be stored and concentrated.
      When we eat and the food leaves the stomach,
      it goes to the first part of the intestines, known
      as the duodenum. Hormones then signal
      the gallbladder to contract and the bile/bilirubin
      is released into the common bile duct. It flows
      to the intestines to help emulsify the fats we
      eat so they can be digested and absorbed.
      Bilirubin levels can go higher in the blood…and
      if it reaches a certain level in the blood, it will
      cause the skin/whites of the eyes to turn yellow
      (Jaundice). It can also darken the urine.

      No one blood testing is 100% accurate. She will
      probably do more testing to see if this level returns
      to normal in a few months.

      Bilirubin can go higher if: the red blood cells die
      off too fast or are produced too much; If the
      liver cells are so damaged that it cannot convert
      the bilirubin into a soluble form to become part
      of the bile; If there is obstruction/malformation/
      infection of the bile ducts. In some people,
      they may have Gilberts disease. And a growth
      or stone in the bile ducts can also cause this.

      Alcohol can cause liver cell damage. This can
      happen in different ways:
      If you realize that the liver takes toxins from the
      body and converts them to a non toxic form..then
      you will understand this…
      1) overconsuming alcohol over a short time period,
      doesn’t give the liver time to convert it to
      acetaldehyde, then acetate, and then to C02 and
      Water. If not converted completely, the alcohol
      becomes toxic to the liver cells.
      2) consuming alcohol over a long time period can
      cause fat to build up inside the liver. The liver
      is surrounded by a tight membrane capsule.
      The fat can damage the liver cells…the immune
      system may respond to this and cause
      inflammation inside the liver, then. This will
      cause the liver to enlarge in size. It is then,
      no longer “simple fatty liver” it is
      Steatohepatitis. Steato means fat, hepat means
      liver, and itis means inflammation. Both
      the fat and the inflammation can damage even
      more of the liver cells.
      3) some people are more sensitive to alcohol than
      others are. Some are even allergic to it. That is
      why some people never have any problem and
      others develop it right away or over time.
      4) Taking alcohol with medication can cause
      such an interaction between them, that it can
      instantly damage the liver cells.

      There are more than just one type of blood testing to
      check the liver:
      1) the liver enzymes give an idea if there is liver/biliary
      cell damage.
      2) the liver function tests give an idea of how well
      the cells of the liver are able to perform the functions,
      the liver does as a whole.
      3) the liver viral tests will show if a virus has entered
      the liver and is using to liver cells to replicate itself.
      4) the liver blood cancer test known as alpha feto protein.

      I truly believe that the doctor is going to order more
      blood testing to be done. However, I think you should
      get a second opinion from a gastroenterologist or
      hepatologist (who specializes in the field)
      An Ultrasound will show if the liver is enlarged, if it has
      any growth, if the blood is flowing well through the liver,
      if there are any problems with the gallbladder and
      biliary ducts and more.
      If a problem is caught early on and the cause of the
      problem is stopped completely…then there is a good
      chance of the problem being reversed and the liver
      cell being able to heal. If it proceeds to where the
      liver cells start to die off and form scar tissue inside
      the liver (liver cirrhosis)…then it becomes a progressive

      I think that, for now, she may considered you to have
      the starting of fatty liver disease. So, stop all
      alcohol consumption and follow the diet and exercise
      should help.

      Best wishes to you. Hope this info is of some help to you.

    nutrition question , plz help?
    Karen Bauman is a 27 year old employed in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Lately, she has reported feeling fatigued. But, she feels her long hours and hectic schedule are the main contributors. Her past medical history includes type I diabetes. She returns to her doctor due to abnormal lab results from her last physical.

    1. Karen is surprised to be diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Which laboratory values would you expect to be elevated?

    a. Potassium b. Triglycerides c. albumin d. essential fatty acids

    2. Her doctors explains that she will need to:

    a. Control her blood glucose b. Have gastric bypass surgery

    c. Increase alcohol intake d. Start TPN

    3. If she does not follow her physician’s recommendation, all of the following may result except:

    a. cirrhosis b. cancer c. hepatitis d. ascites

    4. Which of the following statements is true?

    a. Rapid weight loss is encouraged to treat fatty liver disease

    b. Elevated liver enzymes are a good indicator for liver disease

    c. Metabolic syndrome is not a risk for liver disease

    d. Hepatomegaly includes liver inflammation

    5. To improve her health status, Karen will need to:

    a. Adjust her diet and exercise regimen

    b. Adjust her medications

    c. Change her job

    d. A and B

    e. B and C

    thanks :)

    • ANSWER:

    please help me iam scared..what this could be?
    ultrasound shows Liver normal in size..Its echogenecity is uniformly increased…spleen,kidneys,pancreas rest all are in normal size…Impression -Fatty Infiltration of liver…I met 3 doctors (in which two doctors are gastroenterologist..they did blood test(complete blood count,platelets count,serum creatinine,urine test etc..all were normal..i dont know about the rest of blood test..they have put me on diet and exercise & all 3 doctors say it will go away after 3 months..i have never drank any alcohol or other things..just little bit lazy & has been on sedentary life(no exercise for past 4 yrs)…but im really afraid of it…many say there are four stages in fatty livers…can any1 tell me im in which stage with the above information?

    • ANSWER:
      DO NOT WORRY man fatty liver is due typically your life style as you discribed and when you change your life style by bit of exercise and balnced diet low in fats ,it is going to be alright , but you must have will power to change life style for longer days to come.Good luck.

    Is it too late for me to get back to a healthy lifestyle/be physically fit?
    I’m 20 years old and I’m overweight but I don’t smoke or drink alcohol.My height is only 5’4 ft and I weigh about 105kg. I always get deprived of sleep since I’m totally busy with schoolwork like projects and other stuff since I’m already in my 3rd college year. I manage to get about 4-6 hours of sleep(sometimes only 2) a day since I’m really busy not only with school but also because of our family business as well and I usually get to sleep around 2am(sometimes 1am if I’m lucky) in the morning, and I try to sleep if I have free time during the day to make up for it. I also discovered that I had high-blood pressure and also a fatty liver when I got AH1N1 virus last year and I know 20 is an very young age to have high-blood pressure and me and my family also has a history with asthma. I really want to workout but because of my random schedule in school and here at home I usually don’t have time to set a proper sched on what time I should work out/exercise doing the day and when I do have time I’m usually already tired or my laziness gets the best of me. Because of this I just walk from home to my shool in order to make up for it but I highly doubt it’s enough. Is it too late for me to change? I really want to change my lifestyle, I want to be healthy and I’m determined to make a fixed schedule for me to exercise(around 2hrs daily), get enough sleep at night and I’m also willing to change my diet just be healthy. I don’t want to die young and there’s still a lot of things I want to do with life, a lot of things I want to try out.. Is it still possible for me to change?

    • ANSWER:
      Since you’re not smoking or drinking, it’s definitely not too late to change. That’s not to say you have plenty of time since you’re already suffering from hypertension and are quite a bit overweight for your height.

      I understand perfectly the problem with both the random schedule and letting “laziness” allow you to blow off doing a workout. I often have to force myself to do a workout and am usually happy I did so afterward.

      I’m in definite agreement with another responder that you’re going to want to become more organized in order to achieve your objective of getting healthier.

      Here’s some info I hope will help:

      Losing weight is a function of calories in and calories out. There’s very little mystery to it. It used to be thought that a pound of body weight (or 2.2kg) was equal to 3500 calories but recent research suggests that’s not a hard and fast rule. Consider it a rule of thumb. Do a web search and you’ll be able to determine your approximate basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn each day just by being alive and breathing). I’d guess that your BMR is probably in the 1500 calorie range. So, if you consume less than 1500 calories per day, over time, you’re likely to lose weight. However, if you were to starve yourself (equivalent to consuming anything less than about 600 calories/day), your metabolism is likely to slow down and the differential between calories consumed and calories burned is likely to narrow significantly.

      You can increase the number of calories you burn with vigorous exercise. Brisk walking, jogging, running, aerobic exercise, bike riding, time on an elliptical trainer, etc. is likely to burn about 10 calories per minute. Using the 3500 calorie benchmark, to burn enough calories to lose 1 pound (2.2kg), you’d need to do about 350 minutes of exercise (or about 6 hours). So about an hour a day of vigorous exercise will help you increase your calories expended to lose about a pound a week (assuming you consume fewer or the same number of calories as your BMR).

      Several things will help to increase your metabolism along with the vigorous exercise – eating many small meals over the course of a day (6 or so) keeps your digestive track engaged so it’s working harder to work through the food you’re consuming. The more times you eat, the more calories get burned trying to digest the food. Be sure to eat soon after getting up each day so your metabolism gets going.

      Adding weight training to your exercise regimen to help build lean muscle tissue will help to increase your metabolism. Muscle maintenance burns more calories per day than the body uses to maintain the other tissues in your body. Drinking about 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day will help your body flush the “ashes” of what it’s burning through your increased exercise.

      Stick to lean proteins (egg whites, turkey or chicken breast, fish, etc.), whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and avoid most fats. Your body needs some fat in order to metabolize and digest the rest of the food you’re eating. You can get that amount of fat from the chicken or turkey breast and/or fish. Limited amounts of olive oils, very limited amounts of almonds also can provide the little bit of fat that your body needs. Limit alcoholic beverages and other sugars as they have little to no nutritional value and will increase your calorie count significantly.

      Attempt to limit calorie intake to about 1200 per day while doing your at least 1 hour of vigorous exercise. Assuming you don’t overconsume on relatively higher calorie foods, you can have virtually unlimited fruits and vegetables – they’re so low in calories and high in bulk, it’s likely you won’t be hungry. Try to avoid processed foods.

      Good luck!

    I am doing a Spanish oral exam and i really need help translating this.The online translators are rubbish help?
    Please could some one translate this into spanish? There are several paragraphs. Thanks :)

    I have a healthy diet. I normally eat meat, vegetables, fruit and cereal. I really like eating fruit because it is sweet and healthy. I think that it is important to eat a healthy diet because if you do not you can become fat.

    I really like doing sport and exercise, because it is good for you and a great way to keep fit. To keep fit I run, play tennis and do horse riding. I am sometimes stressed but to stop my stess I play tennis.

    None of my family smoke but some of my friends do. It is dangerous if you smoke because it can destroy your lungs and heart. I do not agree with the smoking ban because if someone smokes it is their choice.

    My friends do not drink alcohol. Alcohol problems such as liver damage, aggression and brain damage. Alcohol causes many bad problems but in my opinion smoking is worse.

    When I am older I will not drink alcohol and I will try not to eat as much fatty foods. I would like to learn how to ski. I want to be more healthy so that I can live a long and happy life.

    In my opinion I hate drugs because they are very bad for you. They can cause lots of mental illnesses and even kill you. They are also very addictive.
    Please can you not use an online translator it does not work.

    • ANSWER:
      Tengo una dieta saludable. Normalmente comen carne, verduras, frutas y cereales. Me gusta mucho comer fruta, porque es dulce y saludable. Creo que es importante comer una dieta saludable porque si no lo haces, puede convertirse en grasa.

      Realmente me gusta hacer deporte y ejercicio, porque es bueno para usted y una buena manera de mantenerse en forma. Para mantenerse en forma que correr, jugar al tenis y hacer paseos a caballo. A veces me destacó, pero para evitar que mi stess juego al tenis.

      Ninguno de mis familiares de humo, pero algunos de mis amigos lo hacen. Es peligroso si usted fuma, ya que puede destruir sus pulmones y el corazón. No estoy de acuerdo con la prohibición de fumar, porque si alguien fuma es su elección.

      Mis amigos no beben alcohol. Problemas con el alcohol, tales como daños en el hígado, la agresión y daño cerebral. El alcohol causa muchos problemas de mal hábito de fumar, pero en mi opinión es peor.

      Cuando yo soy más viejo que no va a beber alcohol y no voy a tratar de comer tanto los alimentos grasos. Me gustaría aprender a esquiar. Quiero ser más saludables para que pueda vivir una vida larga y feliz.

      En mi opinión, odio las drogas porque son muy malo para ti. Pueden causar muchas enfermedades mentales y hasta la muerte. También son muy adictivos.

    What are the benefits of coconut oil and virgin coconut oil? ?
    Hi! I’m Racquel. BSE student.These are some of the information in my research.

    Read the facts below to discover why the Coconut Oil is now referred
    to as the “Healthiest Oil in the World” because of its unique health-
    giving properties. Studies demonstrate that of all fats and oils,
    coconut oil is not only nutritious, but has the most health benefits.

    FACT No.1: Coconut oil is the best and richest natural source of the
    immune-boosting lauric acid among all the vegetable oils.

    Among the vegetable oils traded in the world, coconut oil is
    the best and richest natural source of lauric acid which makes up
    about 50 percent of its healthy fat content. All other vegetable oils
    are completely deficient in this. Lauric Acid, an important component
    of breast milkis also the primary saturated fatty acid found in
    coconut oil.

    Lauric Acid is the most important essential fatty acid in
    building and maintaining the body’s immune system and has a powerful
    antimicrobial effect that can kill a wide variety of infectious
    organisms. Among the saturated fatty acids, lauric acid has the
    maximum anti-viral activity.

    Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA), which has
    the additional beneficial function of being formed into monolaurin
    in the body. Monolaurin is the anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-
    protozoal monogllyceride used by humans or animals to destroy lipid
    coated viruses, such as HIV, herpes, influenza and pathogenic

    FACT No.2: Coconut oil is rich in plant-based, healthy type of good
    saturated fats which is very different from the animal-based
    saturated fats. Coconut oil has no cholesterol.

    Coconut oil is rich in plant-based, healthy type of
    saturated fats. It is 92 percent highly saturatedfat. Not all
    saturated fats are created equal. Just like polyunsaturated fats
    which are sub classified into omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, saturated
    fats are also sub-classified into short chain, medium chain and long
    chain. The dramatic differnce is with the fatty acid composition and
    is fully documented by years of scientific research. In contrast with
    animal fats (long chain fatty acids-LCFA) which contain cholesterol,
    coconut oil, which is from the plant-based source has no cholesterol.
    The fatty acids of coconut oil (medium chain fatty acids-MCFA) are
    easily assimilated – they are not stored in tha body like animal

    There are good fats and bad fats. Our diet needs to include
    the good tyoe of fats such as the saturated fats from coconut oil as
    they play an important role in our body chemistry. Sixty percent
    (60%) to eighty percent (80%) of our brain tissue and our nervous
    system are made of very rich complex of fats. we can live without the
    bad fats from red meat or animals, but good fats, such as the fats
    from plant-based coconut oil and fats from fishes like salmon and
    sardines are essentilaal for good health. We dont necessarily need a
    low fat diet. we need a good fat diet.

    Goods saturated fats, such as from the plant-based coconuts,
    enhance the immune system. The fats around the heart muscle is
    highly saturated. The heart draws on this reserve of fat ion times of
    stress. Saturated fats also protect the liver from toxic effect of
    alcohol and drugs. Fifty percent (50%) of cell membranes also
    constitue saturated fatty acids. It gives our cells necessary
    firmness and integrity. Saturated fats also play a vital role in the
    health of bones. At least 50 percent of dietary fats need to be
    saturated for calcium to be effectively incorporated in the skeletal

    FACT No.3: Coconut oil is composed predominantly of the health-
    boosting Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA).

    Coconut Oil is unique. It is unlike most other dietary
    oils. The secret behind coconut oil is that it is composed
    predominantly of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) or Medium chain
    triglycerides (MCT). It is the MCFA’s which give it its remarkable
    nutritional and medicinal properties. Coconut oil has the most or
    largest concentration of MCFA’s (64%) compared with the other oils
    and fats.

    The majority of the fats in our diet, whether they are
    saturated or unsaturated comes from the plant or animal, are composed
    of long-chain fatty acids (LCFA’s). Soybean oil, corn oil,canola oil,
    olive oil lard, and chicen fat as well as most all other fats and
    oils in our diet, are composed entirely of LCFA’s. Some 98 to 100
    percent of the fat you eat each day consists of LCFA’s. Long chain
    fats take longer to digest and will tend to to be stored as stubborn
    fat you can’t get rid of . The medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA’s) from
    coconut ol have completely different effect on us than do the long -
    chain fatty acids that are more commonly found in our food.

    • ANSWER:
      Coconut oil is the best oil to cook with, even better than olive oil, because the fatty acids don’t turn to trans fat when heated.

      It also contains Caprylic Acid which is great for killing candida, the pesky yeast that causes yeast infections and thrush.

      I know a few people that have lost weight using coconut oil, the medium chain fats can speed up your metabolism. Which is why it is recommended for hypothyroidism.

    Can you Translate this Text into good french for me please?
    I think I live a healthy lifestyle as I do lots of sports and have a fairly healthy diet, I don’t always eat my five a day but don’t eat too many fatty foods. I play rugby twice a week and often play football with my friends. All my family are none smokers so I am not around smoke. I do not drink alcohol either as it causes liver damage. I usually eat cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and fish for dinner. I used to eat lots of unhealthy food and exercise little but now I eat healthier and exercise regularly. I will try to focus on eating five portions of fruit and vegetable every day.

    • ANSWER:
      Je crois avoir un mode de vie sain puisque je pratique plusieurs sports et que mon alimentation est relativement équilibrée. Je ne consomme pas toujours mes 5 portions de fruits et légumes par jour mais je ne suis pas un grand consommateur de cuisine rapide.

      Je joue au rugby deux fois par semaine et joue souvent au football avec mes amis. Tous les membres de ma famille sont non-fumeurs je ne suis donc pas exposé à la fumée secondaire. Je ne consomme pas d’alcool puisque c’est mauvais pour le foie.

      En général, je mange des céréales au déjeûner, des sandwichs pour dîner et du poisson au souper.

      Auparavant, je consommais beaucoup de mets mauvais pour la santé et faisais peu d’exercice mais maintenant, je m’alimente sainement et fais beaucoup d’activité physique. J’essaierai donc de manger les cinq portions de fruits et légumes recommandés chaque jour

    Can someone please give feedback?
    it’s an essay of who’s responsible for obesity in america… need help concluding

    America, Home of the Fat
    America, home of the free right? Wrong. America is one of the fattest nations in the world. We would think that one of the most productive and developed countries would be the healthiest. The truth however, is we are not. The question that is presented then, is who’s to blame? People always find it easier to point a finger and blame someone else. Americans are suing fast-food companies for “making them fat”, and such lawsuits are becoming more prevalent each day. Blaming the fast-food industry for obesity is like an alcoholic suing an alcohol company for giving them cirrhosis of the liver. Caesar Barber of Bronx, New York “filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Bronx Supreme Court, naming McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken” () because he didn’t it was unhealthy. What has happened, to self control and personal responsibility? The individual and the parents are the ones to blame for American’s obesity.

    It is a parent’s responsibility to care for their child and therefore they are also responsible for their health and what they consume. A parent would not let their child do drugs, so why do they allow them to overindulge on soft drinks and unhealthy food if they both harm your health. In The Battle Against Fast Food Begins At Home Daniel Weintraub states, “It is a parents – not the government, not the fast-food companies, not the video-game manufacturers – who are responsible for teaching kids healthy eating and exercising habits” (Weintraub42). Parents much teach children how to how to exercise and get involved in physical activities. If they fail to do so they are setting their children on a path of lifetime health problems. Many parents allow and approve their child’s sedentary behavior without thinking about the consequences. Eating junk food and playing video games everyday is not benefiting them in any way, and who is responsible to get them off the couch and shooting hoops? McDonalds, Burger King, Carl’s Jr, Jack in The Box? No, of course not. It is parent’s duty as the one who cares for the child. Some people may think companies lure kids into buying food with cartoons, truth is parents need to teach children how to look out for these marketing strategies companies use because that is something they will need to know when it comes to important choices in life, like choosing auto insurance, credit companies and so forth. If children obesity

    An adult individual unlike a child can make independent decisions but Americans often make the wrong decisions when it comes to managing their diets. A trip to the market could save you money an unneeded calorie intake. You can cook your own meals and know what you’re eating and manage your caloric intake but Americans simply have become addicted to fast- food, and it is their lack of discipline that has made them so obese. Sue Widemark conveys in her article Reason for Obesity, that an attitude Americans seem to have is that of “Eating is some kind of pastime…and if we feel that we are denied a bit of this fatty and very unhealthy food which we crave, that we have no quality of life” (Widemark1). Folks simply do not know when enough is enough. In Obesity Epidemic: Overeating is to Blame Mark Fergusson explains “To return to the average weights of the 1970’s we would need to reverse the increased food intake about… 500 calories a day for adults.” An individual has nothing to blame but their carelessness of what they eat and their deficiency of self-control when it comes to how much they eat. Fast-food would not make anyone obese if it was eaten in moderation. Everyone knows that too much of anything is bad. David Zinczenko in his article Don’t Blame The Eater argues that when it comes to food “Advertisements Don’t carry warning labels the way tobacco ads do” but when do Americans plan on becoming responsible for looking for this information? Certainly people who follow healthy lifestyles would ask for calorie information about what they are going to consume and the rest must learn to do the same. Over-eating is definitely a main factor of American obesity. Now, combine A lifestyle of daily fast-food and inactive behavior and you are well on your way to becoming obese.

    A person, who is not willing to stay active and yet, constantly eats fast food, cannot expect to be thin. Your body needs exercise not only to look good on the outside but to be healthy on the inside as well. No one neglect their body in a way that would damage their health, but that is exactly what they do when they gorge on greasy fries and soft drinks and do not exercise. Michael Lemonick in his article “How We Grew So Big” writes that “Fully two-thirds of US adults are officially overweight and half of those have graduated to full blown obesity” he

    • ANSWER:
      Thank you for your article. I was not knowing it earlier

7 Day Liver Cleanse Diet

We all are wanting a quick cleanse to help rid our bodies of toxins and fat buildup, but what is the best way to detox and quickly loose weight? You have many 7 day detox options to choose from, this article is going to touch on just a few of your choices.

The term detox refers to a process of ridding the body of toxins and unneeded waste. These toxins accumulate in our bodies as we live our daily lives and can lead to problems such as a weakened immune system, chronic pain, lack of energy, and sickness.

Although there are many 7 day detox diets to choose from, they all have the same result: extracting the harmful toxic waste that is unhealthy. Compare your options and choose a detox diet that will best fit into your lifestyle.

If you want to go for more of a home-remedy type of diet, you can purchase a book that includes recipes and food combinations to cleanse. Many of these recipes and meal plans require you drink more liquids and eat more fiber, and also cut out the processed foods that don’t have many nutrients. These weight-loss detox plans also include lots of natural foods such as produce, nuts and beans. The advantage to choosing an eating plan is that it can be more than just a 7 day detox diet, you can implement these eating habits into your regular diet as long as you would like.

If you want to amp up your 7 day detox, there are many natural herbal products that you can choose from. These detox herbs can be taken in different forms such as pills, drinks and/or tea. Choosing to use herbal detox products is one of the easiest ways to detox, because you can quickly remove toxins by simply taking supplements with your meals. Herbal 7 day detox products will quickly cleanse your body and remove the harmful toxins that are making you sick. Some studies have also shown that herbal detox products will help to cleanse the liver and gall bladder, rid the body of parasites, and improve digestion by strengthening the muscles of the intestine.

Frequently Asked Questions

    what consists of a liver cleansing diet?
    i would like to know what to eat on a 7 day liver cleanse

    • ANSWER:

    Colon/body cleanse?? GNC 7 day body cleanse? help…..?
    I have been thinking about doing a cleanse for awhile, but am now seriously considering it because I wanted to start a diet (I am going to be in the wedding of a very close friend soon) and was told the best thing to do before starting a diet is do a cleanse. I was told it will kickstart the diet and get rid of any junk that shouldnt be there and you cant get rid of from dieting. I went to GNC and was directed to their 7-day total body cleanse (the woman said her daughter did it and lost some weight and noticed a difference, also many people she said come back for it several times, and she was planning to buy it for herself. Someone else told me to try Colonix. I am a little weary of that one for some reason. Would you try the 7 day cleanse from GNC (its supposed to be for kidneys, liver, circulatory and colon.) or does this really not have any benefit? does it interfere with any other meds…such as birth control??? just thinking because its got some herbal stuff in it….?

    Anyone use one that they like? any comments? Thanks!!!

    Just wondering.

    • ANSWER:
      Me and my friend are starting the Master cleanse on Friday which consists of nothing but liquids. There are three different liquids you must conserve in a day. It really works. My auntie tried it and lost 15 lbs. Its a two week process. If you want to take this one into considersation you can email me at Hope everything works out fine.

    which diet is better? both are harmless!?
    i’m planning to do a diet nx wk,preferably sth to cleanse my body and fix my hormonal problems. it can be up to 7 days and on the other hand,it would be sth good to do before the start of a new school term.
    thought of two diets,1)the GM diet and 2)liver cleanse
    most importantly the diet must be effective in losing at least 10 pounds and helps my face(skin) condition. (help me get rid of those ugly red spots on my face! ): mb its due to blocked pores..SIGH )

    • ANSWER:
      fruits and veggies

    Are Detox/colon cleansers just a myth?
    After reading detailed reviews about people taking colon cleansers and seeing various sci-fi like things come out of themselves, I’m wondering if detox is really useful or not. I once took a 7 day Cleanse program from GNC, and I felt better after using it, but I don’t know if that had more to do with my healthy diet and exercise. I saw all these pictures of intestinal goop and while most research says that the liver can do just fine detoxing the body, what about the goop? All of that stuff can’t be good in the colon, but does it present dangers to ones health to take all that fiber and who knows what else? Technically, what would that in depth, complicated colon cleanse offer that say, a dose of Metamucil couldn’t? All those reviews said they got flatter stomachs, better sleep habits, etc etc etc… What is happening here? I find myself oddly interested in a program, but I don’t want to just be in the bathroom all the time, especially at work.


    • ANSWER:
      The goop is the colon cleanser itself. Those cleansers that advertise those horrific pictures of what was lurking in your bowels basically contain kitty litter which absorbs water, binds together, and forms a nice cast of your intestine.

      I have no doubt that totally evacuating your bowels might feel good for a short while and that rushing food through without allowing it to be digested may cause you to lose weight, but I am dubious of any long term benefits.